Thursday, December 10, 2009

The perfectness of our inperfections..

HAHAHA... the perfectness of the inperfections of my friends.....

lets roll dice... who.. 1st... oh... kk...

Here we go..... Our Lucky number 1 issss......... Lip Ton.. i mean Lip Yong... or William Ho..

loli believe i can fly~
hahaha... my almost perfect friend..

the 1st time i met him was in my 1st ELD
class i think... he came in late and sat beside me.. dunno he remeber or not.. LOL~ =)

turn out to be the smartest among the gang.. haha..

sporty and eat alot too.. 0.0

a man you can always ask questions..

the Five qualities of him..

1. Smart

2. Friendy

3. Kind

4. Active

5. Fun

haha.. ur the best man.. Dont think can find any1 like u..
haha,,... the pic HE TAKES DAM GAY..LOL.. hahaha
suka minum kopi dan makan chocolate.. lol
kena jadi facebook freak d...
but a raally good fren.
AND our lucky number TWO isssssss........ Winnie...

I oni ACT cute... Dun play play~


smuggling~ LOL


hahaha... winnie~~! dai ka jie..

the number 1 most respected geng member.. lol

1st time meet here wan during our discrete maths trial class.. haha... i still remember she had 2 pony tails... cute but yet funny... hahaha...

SHE is also ms Annie's pet. LOL~ ops..

haha.. She is also 1 of the greatest person to talk to...


five qualities of Her

1. SUPER effecient... lol

2. Kind

3. Humble

4. friendly


i guess WINNIE is also 1 of a kind person.. She is oso a he.. LOL

anyways.. good luck in ur life wei.. hope u meet ppl just like us if u go overseas to study.. haiz..


some call him babi, some call him retard but most of us call him "DEI, FELLER!!", or just a simple "JUEN SERN!!!"

take a good look at this guy... TRUELY 1 OF A KIND.



I am handsome. Wan my number??

HAIZ!!!... this feller ah... 1st met him on the trip to cryocord..

he came to me and said," erm.. Are you reading the paper? can i borrow it?"

DAM LAME WEII.... but now when come tell me something, he will say

" EH! FUCK YOU!! BITCH!! @#^%$" etc.. NOW this is the real juen sern we know!! ^^

HE is our gang's number 1 RETARDED BABI..

the modern comedian of our college time..

the best guy to be with at all times...


anyways... the five qualities of HIM.

1. funny

2. retarded



5. and retarded... HAHAHAHA

anyhow, we will meet again man.. come we go screw kw next time.. LOL

take care man..



kissing air... LOL

WUHU~~~~~wenn wif cake~

WAH... all the guys wan take pic wif her... LOL

Wenn ah... is our gangs SHORTED MEMBER.. but also


I MET THIS GIRL in ELD class.. hahaha.. Wenn, u remember??

it was during eld's 1st assignment... the " pros and cons of school uniforms" hahaha

thats oso the time i met KIT YENG...

During our assignment, Wenn was like SOOOOO quite.. speak the time oso very soft...

BUT NOW, when speak the time dunno is shout or she use mic.. LOL.. jk jk..*scare she kill me*

wenn is also our gangs most fregiled person.. easy get bruise... haiz...

five qualities of HER.





5. RETARDED.. hahahaha

Wenn ah.. we all gonna miss u~~

especially your laughter!! dam funny wan... pls do take care ya....


THE REST IS TO BE CONTINUED!!!! * take too long to upload pic...* =DDD

Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 6. Strength versus endurence

Somewhere out in the forest of Pheonixia.

"AHHH!!!" Sev swings his sword towards Drake. But as fast as the wind, Drake avoided the blade that pass near his troat. "I see. So is this why you came here? is it? just to see the difference in power between us?" Drake asked with a serious look on his face.

"Hahaha, what other reasons do i have coming to your land?" said Sav.

"Leave this land while you still can."

Sev then started swinging his sword again towards Drake. " If that is what u want, then let it be." Drake then use his left hand to grap the sword and his right hand to punch Sev on the chest.

"So you still havent lose your strength to fight." said Sev. Suddenly, there was a stop in the movement of the wind. " What are you tryinh to do Drake? Do you think by putting a barrier around me will keep me away from you?"

"Dont think wrong of me, i did not put a barrier around you but a barrier us. This is to prevent you from running away from me." Drake then took out his metal gloves and put the on.

"Now, its my turn to return the favor." Drake then dash towards Sev and punched him in the gut and on the left chest. And so they both kept fighting. Drake gave Sev a punch to the face and Sev gave Drake a cut on the hand.

They kept on fighting non stop for almost an hour. Sev then started getting angry," Ahh.. damn you! why everytime a cut you, you still fight back!! AHH!!" Sev then started using his powers to fight, his sword went then blazing with fire as his eye turned red.

He swings' his blazing sword towards Drake while burning every thing it touches. He kept on swinging his sword and burning the trees around them. The trees and the grass burned with red flames and created black smoke to fill the air.

Drake," THATS ENOUGHT!!" suddently. all the flames got frozen and the black smoke vanished in an instant. " This is a fight between you and me, dont put the lives of this forest in harm!"

Sev," Its just trees, why are you getting to worried about it?"

" Fine, fine.. then i shall not use my flames. Instead, i shall show you my special weapon. Hahahaha."

Drake," Huh?"

Sev then went towards his horse and took his shield." here is where the real battle begins!"

Sev then dashed towards Drake and cut him on the chest. " What the hell?" [ what on earth was that? his' speed, strength, are different from before. where is this power coming from?"

Sev then to the back of Drake and bashed his head with the shield."ahhh!" shouted Drake with pain. Drake then started breathing heavily. [ What is going on? he is not even breaking a sweat!] He then dashed towards Sev to punch him, " too slow" said Sev and blocked the punch with the shield. Suddently spikes came out from the shield and pierced Drake's hand," ahhh!!" he shouted in pain.

( Its the shield that he holds on his right hand.) Said a voice inside of Drake's head." Who are you?" Drake asked.

Sev then started looking around and then asked" who are you talking to?"

(Have you forgotten me? I am you, The dragon that is within you.Now Listen, you need to release your power.) said the voice.

( But if i do then it wouldnt be fair)Drake said in his mind.

Sev Suddently attacked Drake, wounding his leg.( Look, cant you feel the difference in him? That shield is an ancient artifact of Ezra, The Lord of the Sun. That shield only can be weld by the Ezra's blood lines. And Sev, is the last of her kind. That shield grants the welder great strength and speed, but the most powerful thing about this shield is that grants the welder the greatest endurence known to man. If you dont release, he might even kill you.)

( How can i trust your word when you cant even tell me your name?) Drake asked

( I am the Dragon of the Zodiac, The White Dragon of knowledge. I am of no name for i was not given one. I was born for one purpose only and it is to guide the black dragon till he is wise enough to be on his own. That Black Dragon is you.)

( If thats so, then i shall call you Felix.And i hope to learn more about my true identity from you after this fight) said drake.

(Very well. Felix it shall be then) said the voice.

Sev," Why are you not fighting back? Do you really want to die?"

Drake," I was just thinking, which is more powerful? My strength or your Endurence?"

Sev," what?"[ damn how he know about the gift endurence?]

Drake,"Well then, I guess I too shall show you something Special that no one had really seen except Azgard. Get ready to feel what pain really is like." Drake then pushed his sleeve up his hand and took out the two cuffs around his wrist. On his right hand where the cuff were was black marking with the symbol of dragon. Eriukia he said and the marking went off.

Suddenly, the barrier around then disappear and the winds started blowing roughly. The clouds started gathering above them. Drake's eye started glowing in blue.

" Damn it! Drake is getting serious now. This is bad, call everyone to return back to the castle. I'll go there and try to stop the fight." Azgard Shouted as he saw the clouds gathering.

Suddenly Drake dashed in such speed that not even Sev could see. He then punched Sev on the back and on the head. " gah!! Ahhh! hahaha! so that is all you have? it felt like an ant bite. Such pity.. HAHahaha!" Sev laughed.

(He is stronger that i tought, i better hit him till he gets worn out.) said Drake in his mind

( No! With the amount of power you are using, he will never get tired! release all you power! And one more thing, do you remember the sword that your father once used?) asked the voice.

(Yes, he said i am the only one who saw it that is still alive.)

(That is true, a part of the that sword was cast into your body when you were born. Your father did that so that you could use part of the power of that sword if ever that sword was lost. Just try to remember how exactly did that sword look like, try to feel the sword with your hand and focus your power onto your hand. If you succed, the sword will appear in your hand.)

Suddenly, Azgard Dashed towards them and tried to stop the fight.

" Move!! This is our fight!" Sev Shouted

" No! Stop this fight now!!" Azgard shouted back

"Get away or i will kill you."

" Mind your words fool. Remember well that the likes of you will can never even touch me in battles."

" Damn you!" Sev shouted

" Azgard, stay out of this please. I will finish this fight soon. Dont worry, i'm not going to kill him. I will just make sure to take him out in just one blow." Drake said his breathing returned to normal.

" Hey YOU!! Dont talk so high about yourself! As if you can talk me out with just one blow!" Shouted Sev with all his voice.
" Just now i only released 10% of my full power, now i shall use 60% of it. Get ready for this."

Suddenly The whole right hand of Drake was covered with black marking," This is the seal that supresses 60% of my power. And now you will be the first to see my power to this extand."

" HA! Then i shall use my full power to distroy you!" Sev's sword then started blazing in fire again, but this time, it was burning like wild fire, the armour the he worn even changed shape, at the back of his armour, a pair of wing with flames appeared. Even the shield he weld was burning with flames. The ground around him became dry and the trees turned to dust.

[Damn it, at this rate he will burn the forest soon. I have no ting to waste] Shi Kah Ria Bahl el Eriukia Drake said and the seal turned to dust. Suddenly, the ground became as cold as ice. Snow started falling all over the lands of Pheonixia. the power in Drake was bursting out of Drake in such force the ground around him started to crack and break. The sky turned dark and Drake's eye turned to the shape of a dragon.

[whe-what is this power? this power is so dense that i cant even breathe. Why cant i move? Why is my heart beating so fast when i look onto his eyes?] Azgard said in his mind.
Sev's eyes became red like the fire around his sword. His wings was burning even brighter and the clouds around him became red and motioned in a circular path about Sev. The heat around him then became so dense that it started forming illusions.
The Sky was split into two,one side was moving fast and vigorously while the other was moving slowny but firmly. " Prepare youself a grave while you still can." said Sev as he rush up towards Drake for the first strike. " Come on! Come out already!" Drake shouted impatiently and got wonded by bu Sev.
(why is it not working?) Drake asked while trying to evade Sev's blade.
(You need to concentrate. it takes time.)
(how can i concentrate with him swinging his blade towards me all the time? i dun have time to be patient!!)
"Stop runnig u coward!" Shouted Sev as he blew out an inferno out of his mouth. Both of them were dashing in a flash that even Azgard finds it hard to see. The wings around Sev was burning the forest and the swinging of his sword made things worse.
Suddently flame around Sev's sword vanished and the sword turned gold in colour. "Since cutting you does not really work that well, I shall do this" and he dashed towards Drake and swing his sword towards the ground and caused an explosion from within the sword.
( Drake, calm your mind. remember the times that you were at your most happy moments, and at the same time remember the sword your father weld. remember, you need to calm your mind.) said Felix.
And so Drake did just as the dragon told him to. Then he put his hands togather and stood in a sword fughting stance. Suddenly he felt something in his hand, but he saw nothing in his hand.
( I see, the sword is not prefect but i think you can still use it to fight.)
Then as Sev dashed tpward Drake, Drake counter-attacked him back with the sword. Sev then looked down and saw his plate mail fall apart. "What was that? "
" something to help me ent this fight" reply Drake as he dashed towards Sev, but Sev used his wings and flew to the sky.
" I dont know how you did that but I am going to ent this now."
Sev then flew higher and higher till he reached the clouds. His body started to burn with fire, " I shall strike you like a meteor striking earth. And end your like right here, right now. Endom'liek !!" He shouted as his body was then fully covered with fire and he starts flying towards Drake with great speed, forming a giant fire pillar that is falling down like fire from heaven.
But Drake just kept quite and closed his eye. suddenly, it felt like time just stoped. He could hear the trees crying, the wind screaming, and the earth's fear. All these sound filled his heart and the spirits of the forest like white light dancing its way into Drake's heart.
And when he opened his eyes, the ground below him broke due to the intense power that was flowing out of his body, the air around him started swirling and formed a whirlwind. He then shouted like the sound of a dragon's roar and the ground below him became frozen.
Drake jumped up toward Sev and Shouted," Gerard!!" Suddenly his hands saw shining a light so bright that it blinded everyone in the kingdom even those whom were in the castle. And as They both cross swords, a big explosion of light came out and covered one-third of the kingdom. The clouds in the sky was blown away by the explosion.

Saturday, December 5, 2009



Its too soon to say good bye......

During the 1st month of coll, all i wanted to do was go back home.
But now all i wan to do is go back to coll to be with all my friends.

Time is like a Dream,
Which Moved too fast.
The bond that we now had will slowly fades in a beam,
Which is like the ripping of a coconut husk.
If only i can rewind time from now to a far,
Just to hold on to what i recently found.
In Which is the word friendship and all that is fond.
Just to have another chance with you whom i call friend.
If only i understood the bond we had togather,
Then i would have spent our every moment better.
If only we had more time to be togather,
Then i would have not cry with my heart broken and bitter.
And there is only one thing i can do for now,
Which is to hope and pray that we would once more be togather.
And there is one thing i will keep in my heart to take away my pain and sorrow,
Which is the love and happiness that we had shared togather.
And now till forever,
And forever till forever.
The memories we had togather,
Shall i forever remember.

This is a small poem for all my dear friendz....
and the girl i love - who thinks she is fat ( actually she too thin )..

Hope we could be togather again soon...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Part 5. The return of Sev

The city of Pheonixia,
Drake was in the castle having a meal with his family and friends, as well as some of the guards.

Drake,'' Ahhh... its been a long time since we ate togather like this. Hahaha...Guards!! come join us and eat!!"

Guards," No my lord, we cant. We are just servents for you my lord, we do not deserve to feast with the King."

Drake's face suddenly turned serious, " Aaron ( his military comander ), are these guards new?"

Aaron," yea.. they started about a year ago if not mistaken."

Drake," Listen, in my castle there is no such word as servants, only the word family. All who work here in my castle treat this place as their home. As long as you dont go against me nor my people, you are always a part of our family. Now, came eat with us."

And so the guards joined then in the feast, all eating and drinking with joy and laughter. They ate and ate till they could eat no more. They were stuffed so much that they could not move, so they started chatting while sitting togather. Some of them started to tell stories about their family, some talked about the event that happened in the city and some spoke about unusual stings that happened.

One of them said that he saw a group of bandits giving away the things that they once stole to the poor people outside the city. Then one of them said he saw a man geared with a dark silvery full plate armour holding a very big shield on his right hand, and that the man was rounding the land of pheonixia saying someting about Katash wei' vorki.

Suddenly, Azgard and drake got suprised and stared at the guard.
Azgard," Did he tell his name?"

Guard,"N-no, erm.. but i saw the shield he hold had a crafting of fire and a bird."

Azgard," Was there a symbol of a cross with a shield in front of it and a pair of wing behind of it on his left side of the chest plate? "

Guard," yes there was, oh.. there also was the symbol of the city of Eldam on his garment."

Drake," So it is him... That fool... "

Azgard," Drake, so what now? do you wan me to send some men to find him? "

Drake," No.. let that fool be. Let him rot and die, there is no use for people like him."

Azgard," dont you want to know why left all of a sudde-.."

Drake," stop it.. dont speak about him to me anymore. i'm going to my room."

Drake then left and went to his room.

Guard," why is the king angry? who is this man?

Azgard," Hmm.. Have you heard about the armour of God?"

Guard," what? the armour of God? Is it the armour that was given to save men from the evil one?"

Azgard," Yes. The armour of God is not an artifact, not magic and it not really an armour. The Armour of God are people, people whom are chosen and taught to only save lives. I am one of those people, i am known as The Boots About His Legs and the man you saw was known as The Shield about His Hand. Or in short, he is the shield of God. Just as I am the boots of God, i was blessed with great speed."

Guard," But what does our king have to do with him?"

Azgard," Drake is The Sword of God. Both of them are different from the rest of the 'armour'. Boots, plate, belt and more are worn as an armour, but shields and swords are weld as part of the warrior's armour. Just as that, the rest and I have abilities to do a certain thing, but a shield can be also be use as a weapon and a sword can be use to protect. Our abilities have a limit but at different optimum levels. Most of us has a limit as high as the tip of the castle but those two's limit is as high as the peak of the mountian haieko ( the largest mountian ). The reason why Drake hates him is because that man once had a lust for power. He did many bad things, he was like a shield that has fallen from the Hand."

Guard," if they were to meet togather, they would probably try to kill each other?"

Azgard," That is why we must keep an eye on them."

Suddenly, one of the guards that went to look for Drake came running in," My lord, the king is missing!!! I cant find him anywhere!!!"

Azgard," What!!! damn!!." [ if they start a fight, it might not be their lives alone at risk] he said in his mind.

Aaron," Hurry, sent everyone on an all-out search NOW!! "

Somewhere out in the forest.
" Well well.. so you have found me. Hahaha."
" What are you doing in my land, Sev." -Drake
" Is that how you greet a friend?" - Sev
" You have no right to talk. Be gone." - Drake
" Hahaha.. why dont you make me" - Sev, he suddenly swing his sword towards Drake.


Oh no.... A Fight??
who will win?? strength or endurence??


Well.. i guess this pose is also kinda short... -____-
anyways... Thanks for reading...

another word~ любовь - go try and see how to pronounce.. lol

A word a day~ =)
quiescent - Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; inactive.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 4. New Memories

And so, it has been more than a month since the time the Heros annihilated all the demonds from the northen lands of Sun'dlawah. many things had happened in that one month and many had even change since that time.

Drake had returned to Pheonixia, the land of the moon, his home. He spends his time in the castle with his mother and sister, having the wondrful feeling of home that is filled with love and joy. But Drake cannot forget about the things that happened after their mission in Sun'dlawah.

The heros went back to Nerbana to tell the Eldars about the event that took place, the Mid-rune kingdom. But as they arrive at the Great Hall, all the eldars showed expressions of Fear and Sorrow. The whole hall was surrounded with an unpleasent aura.

Baron," What is wrong? what is with this face of yours!"

Mela," Did something happen?"

The Eldars," ... ... "

Sora," eh, what happen to you all? Answer us!!"

The eldars ," Forgive us for our rudeness, but it seems that Gale has planned an attack on all the cities that we had tried so hard to gather!"

Vin," What!? When?"

Xiles," How do you know if the planning an attack? "

The eldars," hmm.. Guards, bring her here."

Then a Lady entered the Great Hall.

The Eldars," This lady here is Valkjaria, The only person that we know of who can walk through the human world and the demon world. She is like a spy that had gain the trust of Gale. Every plan of Gale goes through her."

Valkjaria was a tall thin lady with a slighty tinted skin. She had long hair and a strict face.

Ganz," Valkjaria?"

The elders," Yes, Valkjaria. She has found out that Gale has beed planning this for a while now. Not only that, there has been some demonic activity going out recently around Kul'ru , Denya, Zha'krul Sha as well as Sauroraz. Armies of great numbers had gathered there, if its not an attack then why bring out their army?"

Drake," This is not good, do you know when they plan to attack?"

Valkjaria," About three weeks from now. If i am not mistaken, they plan to attack after the Baphomet festival, the festival of the soul reaper."

Azgard," Don't tell me he is planning to summon Baphomet!"

Valkjaria," That i dont know, but i don't think he is planning to do so.. why summon the reaper in a scattered battle?"

Drake," Baphomet is not something to worry right now, the most important thing right now is the lives of the people.

The eldars," That is right. You all are to head to these lands and prevent the attack from reaching the cities, but you are not allowed to take the Nerbanian army with you."

Zybuza," what? why? you crazy ah?"

The eldars,'' If you take the army, who is to protect Nerbana? not only that, no army from the seven great kingdom are to take part in this battle!"

Ganz," What! then how are we to fight?"

The eldars,'' that is not my concern, now leave."

They all then left the Great Hall and went to to bar for a drink." Those eldars are really wanting to die!!" shouted Baron.

Drake," Ahhh... forget about it.. lets take our time and see how mad they will be once we are finished."

And so these group of people took their time and had a little fun before the day of the battle. They gathered and made a suprise birthday celebration for Mela as well as Xiles. They got them cakes and gifts as well as a big feast to remember. They had so much fun having a game of cake-fight, they all were laughing with cakes all over their face and a warm feeling started to feel their hearts.

The time they spent togather may be only a while, but there memorries last forever. And so the time has come for the battle, each heading their own saperate ways, each fighting a different battle, but each carrying the same memorries. The memorries that keeps them fighting to live for.

Sorry for the lllllaaaaaaaatttttteeeeee pose.... i dam lazy online d... summore just finished exams!!

-Azgard = Jeyshaan
-Sev = Larry
-Elie = i hav no idea
-Sora = Kean weng
-Baron = Juen sern
-Mela = Zyu Wenn
- Vin = winnie
-Xiles = Lip yong
Vincent = victor
Teong Guan = Jaker Ganz
Darren = the baberrian ...
zi hang = Zybuza aka baby face
Caleb = kai siang
Drake = ME :)
OH YA Valkjaria's j is silent so it sounds the same as valkaria ...
i use this name bcos it starts with v= Vanita.. lol


Sorry this pose very short.. i just needed something to recover the last whole month... lol

до свидания(do svidanija)
= goodbye
{a word a day.. lol}

Monday, October 12, 2009

Part 3. The land of snow

Drake:" What the HE... y-you, WH-what are you Doing HERE!!"

Vin:" sorry Drake we have no time, we need to get moving.. hurry.. i will tell you everything on the way.. Right now the rest are waiting for us!"

Vin had travelled with Mela to search for Drake as something was going wrong in one of the land in the northen City.Their face were serious and Mela was having an uneasy feeling when they saw Drake.

Vin then lead Drake towards the north to a place called Sun'dlawah also known as the land of snow. And once they reached there, they met Baron, Xiles, Sora, Victor (Xiles' Witch Hunter), Zybuza ( known as baby face, Baron's first-hand comander), Darren the Baberrian ( Baron's second commander) and Jaker Ganz ( Vin's greatest archer other then her).

Drake was wondering what was going on, and so he asked Baron " What is going on?"
Baron:" A Demon lord has been awoken, it sems that it is summoning minions onto the land."
Xiles:" We cant let this go on! If it keeps summoning, it will disturd the time-space continuem and will change the future!"

And so without a word they started walking through the Frozen land, step by step, beside each other. whle walking, Vin hit an ice crystal and fell on to the ground. She then quickly stood up as if nothing happen and everybody started laughing.

Suddenly, a large number of minions started attacking. They all fought back as hard as they could, Mela using her CHARM in the eagles to fight for her as she stood from a far and made almost no movement on the battlefield. Vin eventhough she was using her bow, she was already in the middle of the battlefield. And with no shield and sword with her, she was as defenceless as a lion in a cage. Minions kept attacking her, and a while later, Caleb ( Sora's friend from the eastern country) came riding on his horse with his spear on his hand. He ran over the minions as if it was trash and fought the minions.

Baron was using his shield and guarding those that was behind him but was pushed to boulders and was barely able to move. Suddenly a misterious Lady came from the back and fought the minions. She then hold Baron's hand and lifted his to his feet on where he had fallen.
that lady kept protecting him. Baron wanted to help her but got both of them injured instead.

Sora kept staring at her from a far. Drake then asked:" Who is that?"
" That is Baron's "LOVER" there...." said Vin
" Sore you got no chance la, stop staring la!" said Xiles

Sora then turned his head and started staring at Mela as if her charm that was ment for the eagles was working on him.
" Eh, concentrate la !'' shouted Ganz
" yea la... dont be so horny la!!"said Darren

And so they continued fighting and making their way towards the demon, but the demon had frozen their feet onto the ground. Then came Azgard as fast the wind, sliced the arm of the demon off. the others broke free their legs from the ground and even with such intense pain, they pushed themselves forward and slayed the demon.

The frozen ice that surrounds the land then shatters and formed snow. The cloudy sky then became clear and the sun's ray filled the whole land. Everyone's heart was in ease and one of their problem was solved.

The group of frens then started their way to the nearest town while having fun disturbing each other.

"I'm HUNGRY!~!!!" shouted Darren
"NO!! i dont have much money! I should not have gambled my last gold coins!" shouted Ganz
"There is a Bar near here, lets go there and EAT!!" said Baron

And so they went to the bar and ate, Ganz, Azgard and Drake did not eat but they did enjoy a good drink. Ganz drank so much that if filled his whole stomach and could not stop drinking. After awhile, Azgard and Drake went out to talk.

Once everyone finished their meal, they started their journey back to to the city of Nerbana. Drake then joined them on their journey back. Azgard had went to the city ahead of them to inform the Eldars about the event that took place.

------------ to be continued -----------

ok ok..
dun say anything..

Vincent = victor
Teong Guan = Jaker Ganz
Darren = the baberrian ... lol
zi hang = Zybuza aka baby face ( if call baby sounds weird)
Caleb = kai siang
oh and

Misterious lady = you know la.... hahaha

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Part 2. Journey back to home

And so after being fustrated by the Queen of Zha'krul Sha, Drake starts riding back to the East to his kingdom, The city of Pheonixia.

" AHH!!!! its three long days to home!!! i'm getting bored!!" said Drake while traveling through the forest.

It is almost night, Drake gathered some wood and started a fire and built a camp for the night. He then lay on the floor and started gazing at the moon.

The moon was full and bright like a mirror reflecting the ray of the sun. How beautiful it was, it reminded him of Pheonixia, just like the moon that city was. Full of beauty and light, the city of the moon it was once known.

Drake then tought in him mind ' I wonder how is Azgard, Mela, Vin and the others are doing... I hope that thay are alright. hmmm....I wonder what Baron is doing... That guy is capable of doing almost anything, even acting as a Gorilla in front of a city.. ahh!!! Its disturbing my imagination.. I wonder what Sora is doing?.. what would Sora usually do?? hmm..'peeping at the girls at the public bathroom' .... haiz.. that guy is such a pervert!!

He then smiled and kept thinging of the good times he had with his friends, all the small but yet good memories. And he fell asleep.

After a while, he started shivering while deep in asleep. He then started sweating and his body started burning.

Inside his mind was a dark dream, " You!" a voice shouted to him.

" Whose there?" Drake replied,

" I am you and you are me, we are apart but are ment to be One. I am the Dragon within your heart, You are my chosen successor, Find your weapon and then, We shall never be apart!" said the voice.

Drake suddenly woke up while still in fear and shock. " What the H.. huh? its morning already?" he askied himself.

" What was that dream? who was that? Ahhhh!! its just a dream, just forget it"

While Drake was packing his stuff, he heard footsteps. He turned his head around and saw somebody.

Drake:" What the HE... y-you, WH-what are you Doing HERE!!"

---------- to be continued --------------

ER... ok... Jean has been Modified to Mela....

It means Love BTW...

- thank you Jey for your contribution...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Part 1. the new journey

One year has pass since the last war between the eight Guardians and the Legion of the Damned. the leader of the guardians, Lord Drake Thyris Nerbana lead the armies of the eight great kingdom of nerbana against the Legion and he slit the throat of the Cain, The king of the Abyss.

But now it is heard that Cain has a son, his name is Gale. He lives in the deepest of hell, born from the womb of darkness itself. He had been watching the war all this while, and now to take revenge, he wants to distroy the world.

This news started to spread to the seven great kingdoms of Nerbana. when Drake heard of this, he was shocked and called the guardians to the great hall.

When the meeting was held, only five of the Guardians were there. the other two, Lord Sev Elna Ezra was no where to be found and Queen Elie was in the northen lands of A'shquir gathering information about the new Demon.

The Eldar of the inquisitor Julia told the guardians that only by joining force with the south and the east empire are they able to defeat the evil force of Gale, for their force is growing stronger than the army of cain as well as greater in number.

Drake then told Azgard (his sworn brother, the king of Fezra whom is also known as The Blood Fang), to head to the land of Heugah to have a deplomatic alliance with them, to ask help in the great battle that is yet to come.

Sora, one of the other Guardian was told to head to the land of Kul'ru, Mela ( once known as janice) the princess of Semaria was told to head to the land of Denya, Vin the queen of Shazerath was told to head to the land of Meran. Xiles another one of the Guardian was told to head to the land of Sauroraz. Meanwhile, Drake was told to head to the land of Zha'krul Sha. Baron was told to go to the land of Gloria.

Sora then said," HahahHA!!!! Dont Worry!!! I will Get their ALLIENCE..!! anyway i heard the ladies there have big boobs... hehe.. I mean the land there have big roads....HAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Baron then told Sora," Hay Mister Boner!! you dont need to yell it to our ears you know!! By the way, try not to have too much "man reaction." or you will feel a lot OF STRESS on your little piny ..."

" EH RETARD!!!!! SHUT UP LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Jean till walls started vibrating..

" OI, enough la. lets go" said Xiles

And so they went, each their own way towards the fortold lands.

And as time pass, Vin got to convince the king to join force but only after a hard deplomatic influence. Azgard was lucky that the land he was assign to was eagerly willing to join in allience with us. Xiles tried his best to ask for allience but the king told that he will only give an answer after he has finish thinking about his.

The rest of them had to go through difficulty just to gain an allience. And most of them never gave an answer to them.

What a week they went through. Drake had a really hard time with the queen of Zha'krul Sha. She just kept asking him questions to find out if he knows anything about her land at all..

Drake was angry as the queen kept interupting him when ever he tries to talk about the allience..

The war had not yet started but no body dared to talk about it, a war even the Guardians fear..

---------- to be continued --------------

ahhhh.... i typed too much d... haiz...

-Azgard = Jeyshaan ]
-Sev = Larry ]
-Elie = i hav no idea ]
-Sora = Kean weng ]
-Baron = Juen sern } Ps.. dun angry ah.. just using ur characteristic to create
-Jean = Zyu Wenn ] the characters.......... so ya...
- Vin = winnie ]
-Xiles = Lip yong ]


wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!so long nvr open blog!!!!!!!!!

lol.... plan to restart blogging.... hmmmmmm ......

this is me praticing my drumming just before a mini concert....

drumming is not that easy btw.. especially with ur bro as the guitarist.. ==

AND......... FOOD !!!! hmm... satay, etc...

wah.. my bro take the pic not bad la...

AND this is my cousin's 21st B'DAY cake..

and i took the pic... better than his wan.. hehe

AND................ MORE FOOD!!!!!.............
my bro deleted all the rest of my pic!!!!!!!!!!!
haiz... today oral test crazy la... so unfair... purposely ask me all the hard question...
HATE THAT "CUTTER'' lady.... ish....
ahhhh... that all la...
BTW all my frens who knows about [JOC] ... well im thinking of doing the 2nd wan adi...
so... [JOC] will still be black and white on the book .. but
[you'll find JOC II around... o_<]
thats all/... BB...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I may not be able to go online a while so...

maybe no updated.... just like the past few days........ == haiz....

Monday, June 22, 2009


1. Answer the questions as honestly as possible.
2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 10 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have Fun!!!

1. What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
Ignore it.. but if it disturbs me, KILL IT!
2. What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?
turn on the sub-woffer!! Volume MAX!!
3. You want to speak to your crush badly. What is your pick up line?
hello!! LONG time no see! [ im bad at making conversations]
4. What do you do if all your friends hate a particular band that you love?
Kill them!! no la.. just ignore them.. [ they dont understand real music] XD
5. What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
ASK FOR HELP.... lol... just make sure i'm ok, then walk off as if nothing happened
6. You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homeworker..
DO it now la... haiyo.. like that oso dunno ah?!?
7. You have bad breath and someone speaks to you. How do you react?
just nod my head as if i understand everything [he/she] say and not say a word.
8. You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your underpants on the wet floor. What do you do?
== ... sure la i would pick it up.. then what? stare at it and scream like a little girl?!?
9. What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?
encourage people!!! -> not to take the quiz ... hehe
10. Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks:
Do you like it? How do you react?
i would be dam happy... and i would take it!!!
11.(Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?
yay... 1 more thing to fill my room with!!!!
12. A hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?

OK..... HMMMMMMMMM... I TAG JEYSHAAN, MEIYEEN. ahh... lazy tag ppl.. lol

What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it ... Dad


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


HahA... i updated my blog by telling that i have exam so will continue after EE.... lol...

Friday, June 5, 2009

sesat.. =.=


I'm so dead!!! physic gone!!!!! T.T

anyway. i just cut my hair not long ago...

1st day.. look dam cool
2nd day.. look dom weird...
3rd day... ignore my hair adi...

jeyshaan wanted to highlight his hair but dint...

1st bcos the colour he want is not lasting.. ( oni for 1 week - month)
2nd bcos min need 2 hours... so no time..
BUT he cut his hair... but look weird too...

HAiz.... miss all my frens from school....
want to go out wif them oso cannot... no time..

EXcEpT fOr JeY.. =.=

^ my band ^


^ Esther & I^ ops XD

^ MEl & I, getting ready for charoling after my drama^

HAIZ!!!!!!!!!!! the OlD days.... hmmm..... those were the good old days.. ya... XP

Monday, May 25, 2009


Well as every1 know, ADAM lambert lost... yup....

PPL OF MALAYSIA>>> dun be upset about this... u cant expect every1 to think like u...
if u do expect, u are being ethnocentric...

Anyway.. here is something for u to think..

> who won the american idol last year? ...
> And who came and visited malaysia?? ... hmm/...
> who is making more $$ and getting more famous?? HMM....

So if u think positively, being second is still not bad...
..-- ADAM & kris is a 50/50 thing...

so ya... i dun mind Adam not winning... hahaha....

Saturday, April 25, 2009


LOL.. hi ...

sorry.... computer just got repaired...

so ya...


first things first.. There is a guy in sunway college that is afraid of mei yeen!!

i mean seriously.. that guy even fell in the floor in his class trying to run away from mei

Oh ya... there is a guy in sunway coll that likes to wear a Bra outside his t-shirt.. just like superman, just that its a bra instead of an underwear!!
and he also wore a skirt once to collage.

oh ya... btw... there was a music festival in sunway today at 12.00
hear that it was done in the Monash University Sunway Campus Carpark..

ok... on the sports section..

43% of malaysian believe that Man Utd and Barcelona will face off in the Champions League final.

hope all SUNWAY PPL ARE ready for the games!!!

oh ya.. 99% of the sunway AUS MAT STudents are REALLY angry about the AUS MAT T-shirt!! Many complained about the horrible colour of the shirt and the MARCH INTAKE PPL ARE argueing bcos they did not get the chance to design the t-shirt!!!

on the weather report!! >< - Malaysia is finally feeling the heat after weeks of rain.. the temperature is almost 34 degree celcious at rtp. - however, there are times where it was raining ,.. =="

well.. thats all for now.. ==

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


HI Everybody..

well.. first, just wanted to let you all know, the reason why we say thanks to Yvonne
is so that she don't wack us for not including her in the crew at first
eventhough she dint do anything

The rumor about Mei Yeen stalking Aaron is in fact true.

she even admitted it
.. and the rumor about aaron having a GF is still unpredictable..

There are new rumors running around that
mei yeen is stalking Jenn Haw and Chun Ying!! OMG!!
but there are people saying that both the guys
are not desperate enough to wan to be with her.. hmm.

Hmm,.. there is another rumor about MSN

emails saying that MSN will need to be paid to be used is most

probably FALSE..

this mail has been going on for about a year now.

And if there is a sudden changes in msn,

they will directly send you a email concerning about it..

so ya

There are also people gossiping about ESTHER MAH
wanting to marry Mark Zuckerberg!!??
As the youngest millionare. even i doubt that he would even wan her.. ops..

ALSO, Rihana and lady gaga have made a duet!!
it is called "silly Boy"
JJ and Ean from the hitz morning crew was
wondering whether it was called "silly Brown Boy"

on the sports news,
- more and more people are starting to
hate liverpool!! [ why?? no idea]

well thats all for today guys!!

--pls update me oso!!!
-- if you know anything or have anything,
pls do tell or at least email me..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 APRIL 2009 ... lol

hahaha.. today was a funny day, well eventhough i was bullied just like in school, i had lots of fun...

The best thing that i did today was creating something called the "gossip Media"

kinda fun.. A few of us Made fun of Mei yeen!!!!!~

BTW [ mei yeen is suffering from love syndrome] so guys beware.. she is after all guys ... taken or not, she WILL come after you!!

fooling around with Danial was also fun
well we talk about he and .... .... ..
{dont ask who}

he was like 'booo'ing us all saying we got no proof and all.






Friday, March 27, 2009






Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pros and Cons of school uniform.. lol

School uniforms would save parents money.

School uniforms would save parents time. Kids in the morning would not have to make up their minds on what to wear.

Kids who's parents would not or could not buy them the newest fad, would not be embarrassed or harassed because of their cloths.

Kids social standing would be based more on individual character and less their economic status.

Lots of gangs use cloths to identify themselves and other gangs.

CON 5.1
Why not simply remove the gang members from the schools and place them in an alternative learning environment like a boot camp?

Some kids use baggy cloths to hid weapons and drugs.

School Uniforms are expensive and have no use out side of school.

School uniforms will do nothing but cut down on a students individuality. A uniform is not the way to cut down on school violence. the only thing that will cut down on school violence is if parents would pay attention to their children and keep their children out of trouble and give them consequences when they disobey and not to let them run wild. Submitted by Danyelle C. Swain
It is my opinion that school is in the 'business' of learning. School is the place where the next lawyers, bankers, CPA's and Doctors are given the fundamentals of working in this economy. One of the basics of our culture in the working world is conservative dressing, dress code, or even uniforms. What is wrong with sending our kids the message that they are in 'the business of learning' by enforcing dress codes, or even ascribing a uniform?

CON 9.1
School is also the place where the next actors, writers, artists, politicians, inventors, designers and and musicians are trained. School uniforms send a clear early-life message to students that conformity isimportant and creativity is not, that authority is allowed to abuse it's power and constrain our constitutional right to free speech and expression. Students learn from uniforms that their individuality,political opinions and religious rights are unimportant, as is their education: students are regularly suspended for non compliance to the uniform code even if their school work is excellent. Ifuniform-requiring schools were actually in 'the business of learning' this would not occur.----Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Costume Designer/Associate Professor Chair of the Theatre Department of University of Alaska Fairbanks Website: "The Costumer's Manifesto" at
PRO 10
Uniforms make it easy to identify kids who belong in the school and those that don't.

CON 11
Not everyone should be punished for other peoples crimes! Submitted by

CON 12
I am totally AGAINST school uniforms! One reason, of many, is Safety of the Students. For example: During a natural disaster (God Forbid) Earthquake, Tornado, etc,... How would a Parent I.D. their child? By the clothes that they were wearing, when they left home. What if a Senior decided to attack a 9th -or- 10th grade student. How would the victim describe the attacker? Let's see, Khaki Pants - Navy Blue Shirt - Brown Shoes. You get the picture. This was, is, and will ALWAYS BE a VERY BAD idea. Submitted by Randy

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Without the sun
there is no light,
without the light
neither can the moon nor star be seen.
Without the moon and star
night is just a shadow filled with darkness.

Without God
there is no love,
without Love

neither you and I can be seen nor can we see each other.
Without you and I
my heart is an empty shadow fill with darkness and sorrow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The keeper of my heart

I fall in pain where my heart is placed,
griefting of my weakness for i could'nt say,
the three simple words to the keeper of my heart.
Now that i know for sure,
She is my one true love,
May this word from my mouth,
reach up to her ears:

Give me one more chance
to mould myself up,
For i know you truely are
the keeper of my heart,
your love is greater that the Sun,
Not even the seas will keep me away from your side;
And with love from my heart, i say,
My heart belongs to you.