Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Martin," Haiz! I's so bored!" He shouted as he walked towards the hall to watch TV with his dad.

And yet another boring friday it was for Martin, all he did was sit on the long wooden chair watching an old chinese drama that his dad turn on to. His brother, Kevin, spent the whole day playing an online game called ' Command of Devoir" With his friend Luke.

As usual, Martin's mom was laughing and making fun of Kevin as he shouts into the microphone "Capture Brovo!! Go go go!". As for Martin's sister, she played the piano as loud as possible like a deaf girl trying to hear.

Everything was as usual as every other friday, that was until "BOOM"

Martin," What the hell was that?"

Suddenly, Kevin's earphone started screaming out loud Frequencies."Ahh! What then hell" He shouted as he took off the earphone and threw it to the ground.

The Chinese drama was then switched to the daily news.

TV," Minta Maaf, Kami ingin memaklumkan bahawa sebuah fesiliti Kimia di Kuala Lumpur telah meletup beberapa minit yang lalu. walaupun faktor peletupan fesiliti tidak ditentui, Diraktor fesiliti itu telah mengumumkan bahawa sebuah eksperiman Virus baru telah diuji di fesiliti itu. Letupan tadi bukan sahaja menjejaskan virus itu ke dalam udara tetapi juga menyebarkan virus itu ke seluruh Kawasan Kuala Lumpur And Juga Selangor. Virus ini dikatakan akan menyebar ke seluruh Semenanjung Malaysia Dalam masa 5 jam dari masa letupan. Virus ini adalah amat berbahaya dan dikatakan boleh membunuh seorang lelaki dewasa dalam masa 10 minit. Kami mendapati imagi kawasan Kuala Lumpur dua minit yang lalu dan dapati bahawa virus ini telah membunuh sebahagian besar penduduk dekat sana. Perdana Menteri Dato Nazib Budian menasihatkan rakyat-rakyat supaya menyembunyikan diri and keluarga dalam rumah dan menutup semua tingkap dan juga pintu. Maklumat lanjut akan diumumkan selepas mesyuarat PM dengan presiden-presiden dunia. Sekian terima kasih."

Martin's mom," Oh my God! What is going on?"

Suddenly, all the neighbours started screaming and Shouting. Their screams were mad, horrible and petrifying. The screams were so horrible that it even made their very bones shiver in fear. Martin and his family were so afraid that they quickly ran and close all the doors and windows.They all then sat in the hall togather praying that the scream would stop. The screams went on and on for about 20 minutes then died out. For a brief moment, Martin felt a little relieved that was until a thunder storm came.

Kevin," What kind of STUPID news channel is this? What the hell are they do telling us after the virus spreaded here."

Martin," Wait, since the virus were already here, why are we still alive?"

Kevin," Yea huh.. hmm."

Martin," Ma, can you call grandma and see if they are alright?"

Martin's mom then took the phone and made a call while kevin went back to the room to see if the internet was still working. " Damn it, the storm is disturbing the line!"

*Ring~* Kevin's phone started ringing.

Kevin," Hello?"

[Luke]," Dei! What happened la? Don't tell me something like the movie ' Mummy Ground ' or the game ' Resident Gone Mad ' is gonna happen! Hahaha"

Kevin," Dei, how can you joke at a time like this la? anyway, how is everyone there?"

[Luke]," Everyone here are ok, but there were loud screaming and shouting everywhere. I don't even know if my dog is fine. hmm.. I wonder how i survive, maybe is my super cold Air cond! Hahaha!"

Kevin," What de... Dei! stop joking around la. Anyway, stay indoor and take care. Don't forget to keep in touch. Chao."

[Luke]," Chao"

Martin's mom," Thank God. Grandma and the rest are all fine."

Martin," Now that you say that, I'm more convinced that the reason we survive is because of our gene's immunity."

They then waited and waited for then news to turn back on but nothing was on. As time went by, one by one, they fell asleep.

26 MARCH 2010

Martin's sister," MA!! I'm hungey. Is there anything to eat at all?"

Mom," No, we ran out food supply this morning. I knew I should have bought something yesterday when i had the time. Such a waste"

Kevin," Thats it. I'm going to 66 Speedy Mart. I need to get some stuffs anyway."

Mom," Don't. Dint you listen to the news yesterday?"

Kevin," I reather die by this virus that by hunger."

Martin," I'm coming too!"

Mom," What have i done to have children like these."

Kevin and Martin then ran into their car and drove off to the Speedy Mart. On their way there, they saw many dead bodies lying on the ground. Man, woman, child, dogs, cats even birds, lying there withn their eyes wild open. Martin was feeling very uneasy, he felt that their eyes were staring at him.

After a few minutes of driving, they reached the store. They then got down from the car and looked around to see if anybody was there. " I guess no one is around huh... Well thank God that the store was kept open, at least now we dont have to worry about breaking in."

Martin," Okey... I shall go get the MagiMee and some bottles of water... i don't trust the sink anymore."

Kevin," Then I shall go get some snacks and some of these and some of that..."

The two of them when all over the place looking for the things they wanted. As soon as Martin finished putting the items into the car, he ran back in and took a few highly concentrated chlorine detergent and as many mosquito spray as his hands could carry.

Kevin," Why are you taking that ?

Martin," Huh? Oh, just in case."

While Kevin was deciding what else he wanted to take, Martin took his time observing one of the worker's body. He was trying to find anything that is abnormal about it. He saw that the veins on the head were moving and he realize that the hand moved a little. He then stared at the hand for a while to see if it would move again.

Suddenly, a Huge Cockroach jump out from the hand and started flying around. Martin fell to the ground as the cockroach flew towards him.

Kevin," What the hell... Out of all things, the cockroach had to survive."

Martin," Lets go back! I have a bad feeling." He said as he looks around to find out where the cockroach went.

They then quickly entered the car and drove off. While in the car, Martin's Cellphone started ringing. He wondered who it was and saw the name JEYSHAAN on the screen.

Martin," Hello?"

[Jey] ," You're ALIVE!!!!! Where are you?"

Martin," Stop shouting through the phone. I'm on my way back home. What are you doing alive?"

[Jay] ," What the hell is that suppose to mean? Anyway, my dad gave me some jabs and it Worked against the virus!"

Martin," I don't think it was the jabs that saved you."

[Jey]," Huh? What you mean? anyway, what are you doing of the house? din't you listen to the lews yesterday?Oh and my dad says that this virus can transmit through every possible way."

Martin," Do you know that you are like my mom? Geez, since you are alive, call me if anything happens. bye"

[Jey] ," Wa-..." *beep* Before he could finish, Martin canceled he call.

The moment they reach home, Martin's mom ran towards them and told tham that the news came back on and that they were told to gather at the specific school given for every reagon in 3 days time to come.

Martin," What? In 3 days time to come?"

Mom," They said that there is a 50-50 chance that the virus lifespan reduces through every generation.

Martin's mom then helped take in the things. They even started packing the stuff they wanted to take with them.

Mom," why did you bring back so many mosquito spray?

Martin," Don't ask."

Martin then took his cellphone can made a call.

[Jey]," Hello?"

Martin," I need your help."

[Jey]," What? And what help do you need?"

Martin," I'll explain to you later. Meet me at the old school in 15 minutes. Oh and bring in any documents about this virus from you dad. Bye"