Monday, October 12, 2009

Part 3. The land of snow

Drake:" What the HE... y-you, WH-what are you Doing HERE!!"

Vin:" sorry Drake we have no time, we need to get moving.. hurry.. i will tell you everything on the way.. Right now the rest are waiting for us!"

Vin had travelled with Mela to search for Drake as something was going wrong in one of the land in the northen City.Their face were serious and Mela was having an uneasy feeling when they saw Drake.

Vin then lead Drake towards the north to a place called Sun'dlawah also known as the land of snow. And once they reached there, they met Baron, Xiles, Sora, Victor (Xiles' Witch Hunter), Zybuza ( known as baby face, Baron's first-hand comander), Darren the Baberrian ( Baron's second commander) and Jaker Ganz ( Vin's greatest archer other then her).

Drake was wondering what was going on, and so he asked Baron " What is going on?"
Baron:" A Demon lord has been awoken, it sems that it is summoning minions onto the land."
Xiles:" We cant let this go on! If it keeps summoning, it will disturd the time-space continuem and will change the future!"

And so without a word they started walking through the Frozen land, step by step, beside each other. whle walking, Vin hit an ice crystal and fell on to the ground. She then quickly stood up as if nothing happen and everybody started laughing.

Suddenly, a large number of minions started attacking. They all fought back as hard as they could, Mela using her CHARM in the eagles to fight for her as she stood from a far and made almost no movement on the battlefield. Vin eventhough she was using her bow, she was already in the middle of the battlefield. And with no shield and sword with her, she was as defenceless as a lion in a cage. Minions kept attacking her, and a while later, Caleb ( Sora's friend from the eastern country) came riding on his horse with his spear on his hand. He ran over the minions as if it was trash and fought the minions.

Baron was using his shield and guarding those that was behind him but was pushed to boulders and was barely able to move. Suddenly a misterious Lady came from the back and fought the minions. She then hold Baron's hand and lifted his to his feet on where he had fallen.
that lady kept protecting him. Baron wanted to help her but got both of them injured instead.

Sora kept staring at her from a far. Drake then asked:" Who is that?"
" That is Baron's "LOVER" there...." said Vin
" Sore you got no chance la, stop staring la!" said Xiles

Sora then turned his head and started staring at Mela as if her charm that was ment for the eagles was working on him.
" Eh, concentrate la !'' shouted Ganz
" yea la... dont be so horny la!!"said Darren

And so they continued fighting and making their way towards the demon, but the demon had frozen their feet onto the ground. Then came Azgard as fast the wind, sliced the arm of the demon off. the others broke free their legs from the ground and even with such intense pain, they pushed themselves forward and slayed the demon.

The frozen ice that surrounds the land then shatters and formed snow. The cloudy sky then became clear and the sun's ray filled the whole land. Everyone's heart was in ease and one of their problem was solved.

The group of frens then started their way to the nearest town while having fun disturbing each other.

"I'm HUNGRY!~!!!" shouted Darren
"NO!! i dont have much money! I should not have gambled my last gold coins!" shouted Ganz
"There is a Bar near here, lets go there and EAT!!" said Baron

And so they went to the bar and ate, Ganz, Azgard and Drake did not eat but they did enjoy a good drink. Ganz drank so much that if filled his whole stomach and could not stop drinking. After awhile, Azgard and Drake went out to talk.

Once everyone finished their meal, they started their journey back to to the city of Nerbana. Drake then joined them on their journey back. Azgard had went to the city ahead of them to inform the Eldars about the event that took place.

------------ to be continued -----------

ok ok..
dun say anything..

Vincent = victor
Teong Guan = Jaker Ganz
Darren = the baberrian ... lol
zi hang = Zybuza aka baby face ( if call baby sounds weird)
Caleb = kai siang
oh and

Misterious lady = you know la.... hahaha

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Part 2. Journey back to home

And so after being fustrated by the Queen of Zha'krul Sha, Drake starts riding back to the East to his kingdom, The city of Pheonixia.

" AHH!!!! its three long days to home!!! i'm getting bored!!" said Drake while traveling through the forest.

It is almost night, Drake gathered some wood and started a fire and built a camp for the night. He then lay on the floor and started gazing at the moon.

The moon was full and bright like a mirror reflecting the ray of the sun. How beautiful it was, it reminded him of Pheonixia, just like the moon that city was. Full of beauty and light, the city of the moon it was once known.

Drake then tought in him mind ' I wonder how is Azgard, Mela, Vin and the others are doing... I hope that thay are alright. hmmm....I wonder what Baron is doing... That guy is capable of doing almost anything, even acting as a Gorilla in front of a city.. ahh!!! Its disturbing my imagination.. I wonder what Sora is doing?.. what would Sora usually do?? hmm..'peeping at the girls at the public bathroom' .... haiz.. that guy is such a pervert!!

He then smiled and kept thinging of the good times he had with his friends, all the small but yet good memories. And he fell asleep.

After a while, he started shivering while deep in asleep. He then started sweating and his body started burning.

Inside his mind was a dark dream, " You!" a voice shouted to him.

" Whose there?" Drake replied,

" I am you and you are me, we are apart but are ment to be One. I am the Dragon within your heart, You are my chosen successor, Find your weapon and then, We shall never be apart!" said the voice.

Drake suddenly woke up while still in fear and shock. " What the H.. huh? its morning already?" he askied himself.

" What was that dream? who was that? Ahhhh!! its just a dream, just forget it"

While Drake was packing his stuff, he heard footsteps. He turned his head around and saw somebody.

Drake:" What the HE... y-you, WH-what are you Doing HERE!!"

---------- to be continued --------------

ER... ok... Jean has been Modified to Mela....

It means Love BTW...

- thank you Jey for your contribution...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Part 1. the new journey

One year has pass since the last war between the eight Guardians and the Legion of the Damned. the leader of the guardians, Lord Drake Thyris Nerbana lead the armies of the eight great kingdom of nerbana against the Legion and he slit the throat of the Cain, The king of the Abyss.

But now it is heard that Cain has a son, his name is Gale. He lives in the deepest of hell, born from the womb of darkness itself. He had been watching the war all this while, and now to take revenge, he wants to distroy the world.

This news started to spread to the seven great kingdoms of Nerbana. when Drake heard of this, he was shocked and called the guardians to the great hall.

When the meeting was held, only five of the Guardians were there. the other two, Lord Sev Elna Ezra was no where to be found and Queen Elie was in the northen lands of A'shquir gathering information about the new Demon.

The Eldar of the inquisitor Julia told the guardians that only by joining force with the south and the east empire are they able to defeat the evil force of Gale, for their force is growing stronger than the army of cain as well as greater in number.

Drake then told Azgard (his sworn brother, the king of Fezra whom is also known as The Blood Fang), to head to the land of Heugah to have a deplomatic alliance with them, to ask help in the great battle that is yet to come.

Sora, one of the other Guardian was told to head to the land of Kul'ru, Mela ( once known as janice) the princess of Semaria was told to head to the land of Denya, Vin the queen of Shazerath was told to head to the land of Meran. Xiles another one of the Guardian was told to head to the land of Sauroraz. Meanwhile, Drake was told to head to the land of Zha'krul Sha. Baron was told to go to the land of Gloria.

Sora then said," HahahHA!!!! Dont Worry!!! I will Get their ALLIENCE..!! anyway i heard the ladies there have big boobs... hehe.. I mean the land there have big roads....HAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Baron then told Sora," Hay Mister Boner!! you dont need to yell it to our ears you know!! By the way, try not to have too much "man reaction." or you will feel a lot OF STRESS on your little piny ..."

" EH RETARD!!!!! SHUT UP LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Jean till walls started vibrating..

" OI, enough la. lets go" said Xiles

And so they went, each their own way towards the fortold lands.

And as time pass, Vin got to convince the king to join force but only after a hard deplomatic influence. Azgard was lucky that the land he was assign to was eagerly willing to join in allience with us. Xiles tried his best to ask for allience but the king told that he will only give an answer after he has finish thinking about his.

The rest of them had to go through difficulty just to gain an allience. And most of them never gave an answer to them.

What a week they went through. Drake had a really hard time with the queen of Zha'krul Sha. She just kept asking him questions to find out if he knows anything about her land at all..

Drake was angry as the queen kept interupting him when ever he tries to talk about the allience..

The war had not yet started but no body dared to talk about it, a war even the Guardians fear..

---------- to be continued --------------

ahhhh.... i typed too much d... haiz...

-Azgard = Jeyshaan ]
-Sev = Larry ]
-Elie = i hav no idea ]
-Sora = Kean weng ]
-Baron = Juen sern } Ps.. dun angry ah.. just using ur characteristic to create
-Jean = Zyu Wenn ] the characters.......... so ya...
- Vin = winnie ]
-Xiles = Lip yong ]


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