Sunday, June 27, 2010

Na Me 04. The Plan

The moment Martin enters the house.

Martin," Oh my GOD! What Happened to you!!"


Mel," She had an accident remember??"

Martin," HUH? With what? The hair drier? I mean look at Sarah's hair!"


Sarah," EH! What the hell!. I just took my bath la!"

Jey comes in.

Jey," OH MY GOD!"

Martin," Yea i know! The hair is just too much for me!"

Jey," NO! i mean, this is the 1st time there were no screams from Cherrie!"

Martin," HEY! Yea! Now only i realize! What the hell."

Mel," Eh, People injured here and you guys keep making fun of others."

Luke,"HAHA Good one Jey!"

Jey closes the door and both he and Martin took off their mask and goggles. Using the medicine he brought from the Mall, Martin treated Cherrie's wounds but the medicine could only do little. She had many cuts on her face and hands But that was nothing compared to the broken bone on her hand and her finger.

Martin," We need to take her to a hospital or something. We cant just keep her here like this."

Just as Martin was about to finish, a girl came out of the room.

Jey," WHO's this?"

Cherrie," This my friend. She was with me in the car."

Sofy," Hi, My name is Sofy. Sorry to disturb you guys."

Martin," Oh. Hi."

Kevin," OK.. its already 9 p.m. Jey help off all the lights except the computer room. Sarah can you go online and check if anyones there or is there any gathering anywhere near here? Martin, Jey go take a bath, Luke and i will be talking about what to do next at the dining hall, so you two come here later and help plan. Sofy, you help take care of Cherrie ok?"

Martin,Jey,Sarah,Sofy," OK."

While Jey went and switch off all the lights, Martin went and took a bath. Sarah used Martin's Desktop and search through 'Facebook', 'google', 'yahoo', etc for any info. Kevin went to the Kitchen and took 2 candles, light them up and place them on the dining table.

Kevin," Oh yea. Got Candle in the kitchen, in case if you need."

Martin," Thinks! After I enter the bathroom Baru only you tell."

Mel," EH!! So what do i do?"

Luke," Do what ever you want."

Mel," Hmm.. Anyone hungry??? wan me to cook something.??"

Martin, Jey, Sarah, Sofy, Kevin, Luke, Cherrie," Yea."

Mel," What de."

Kevin," Got lots of magi mee in the store room. Just make that la.."

The Dining table...

Kevin and Luke started the discussion on what to do next.

Luke," How about if we go to the airport? There should be planes and choppers coming by right?"

Kevin," No la.. The airport dam big. we dunno how many zombie will be there, and we dont even know if they gonna land there or in specific areas to avoid the zombies."

Luke," Hmm.. How about we go KL? since its the main City."

Kevin," Whats what i was thinking but Where in KL are we gonna go? And the explosion did happen there so should'nt we be avoiding that place?"

30 minutes later...

Martin and Jey Join in the discussion. Mel was done cooking so she join them after serving the Mee to everyone.

Martin," So what did you plan? "

Luke," Nothing... So far everything we try has a bad outcome to it."

Jey," I think we Should wait till Sarah gets Something. Surely got someone who will pose about a safehouse or something."

Martin," Yea but Cherrie wont last long in her current condition."

Kevin," I also think we should wait for Sarah but.. We need to do something fast, before things get worse for Cherrie."

Martin," Ok oK.. bout Cherrie's bone, I think i can keep in from hurting her muscle and getting worse but i dont know what other injury she has. But I think Maximum she can last 1 week, that was how long a female survived in a jungle with a broken leg bone. But for Cherrie's case, its a prediction so if anything starts to get worse, we straight make a move ok?"

Kevin," Kk.. so the time limit for Sarah is 1 week. Now for plan B in case if we dont recieve anything."

Jey," I think we Should move North."

Luke," North? Why?"

Jey," I mean WE should just keep moving in one direction. It can be north or south. Anything."

Luke took out his laptop and went on google map.

Jey," Eh? i thought your laptop was at your house?"

Luke," we went to get it just now."

Jey," What de....."

Luke," ok.. lets see.. If we go North, we will head towards Ipoh, then Perak, Pulau Pinang, Kedah then we would reach Thailand. But if go South, we would reach KL Then move towards either Shah Alam or PJ then to Seremban, Melaka, Johor Then we would be in Singapore."

Jey," Eh Mel, Say la something... just keeping quiet only.."

Mel," What la... I was listening ma."

Kevin," Where do you think we should go??"

Mel," If me means i choose South lo. Cos Ipoh, Perak, Kedah all are more into hospitality and all.. so they maintain all the old buildings and all... Er mean... its not as advance as the South lo.. South we got more chance finding a good doctor and all.. "

Luke," Hmm.. But we will still pass by KL.. Is it ok?"

Kevin," I dont know.. but i guess we got not much of a choice right."

Jey," Eh wait... Why do we need to pass KL? We are in selangor but the south part of it la! What de hell."

Luke," O-K~. Then we got no problem la.. haha."

Kevin," Let me take a look... kk.. so we go through this path then go through nilai then seremban.. But still.. Thats only if Sarah cant get anything.

Luke," Theres one more thing we need to do.. We cant just go around like that."

Jey," What you mean?"

Luke," If we go south like how we are now, we will just be attacked by zombies. So i suggest we armed ourselves with weapons. Theres a police station nearby, i bet they have some guns that we could use."

Martin," You sure we should do that?"

Kevin," We have to do everything we can to survive. That includes fighting back and looking after each other."

Luke," We should Get the guns as soon as possible."

Kevin," Erm.. Then tomorrow we go la. Mel you stay here with Sofy and Cherrie ok?"

Mel," Oh... eh.. adi 12.45 a.m. i wan go sleep la.."

Martin," Sarah, found anything??"

Sarah," Nope. nothing at all."

Martin," Kk.. nevermind. You go sleep 1st."

Martin went up stairs and took all the mattress and put it in the hall. Jey and Mel went and help take the blankets and pillows down. Once they were done, they all slept togather in the hall.

Some of them could'nt sleep, while some were fast asleep. Martin got up and went to the study room and search online for any survivor but no one was online, no new poses were found , nothing at all.

The Next Day.....

Luke," Ok.. we will go here, here and here" as he points on the map in his laptop.

Kevin," 3 places?? KK.. nevermind, Sarah, you stay here with Sofy and Cherrie. Try your best to get any info and all."

Luke," Oh yea.. we gonna take 2 cars. I, Kevin and Martin in 1 car. The two of you in the other, Mel you drive. You follow us from the back. OK?"

Mel," Oh."

They then put on their mask and google as well as long sleeves T-shirts and gloves. Martin then took his Baseball bat while Jey took a Parang from the store room. Kevin and Luke took out a big hammer with them each while Mel took a small and light hammer that she could handle.

Martin," Don't forget to change your mask every half an hour. These mask are freaking cheap, compared to the one Jey's dad gave."

Mel," I sure will forget wan."

Martin," Take this" he pass his sister's watch to her. " Set the alarm every 30 minutes."

Right after that, they took the cars and drove off to the 1st police station. Once they reach there, they quckly took down all the zombies that was outside the station. After taking care of the zombie, they slowly walk towards the entrance. While Martin and Kevin waited near the entrance, Luke Went in to see if there were any zombie. " Clear." He said and both Martin and kevin went in. Jey and Mel were near the car making sure that outside is clear for the escape.

Inside the station were three doors. Slowly they open the 1st door and entered the meeting room. Seeing that the room was free from zombies, they quickly search the room for the Guns but in the end, the room was empty. They then went to the next room, Martin slowly open the door and finds 5 police zombies there. He swithes off the light and quickly hit them as hard as he could, one by one he took them out. After knocking them out, Luke switches the light back on. This room were the locker room for the policemen. Using the hammer, Kevin and Luke quickly open the locker one by one.

After 25 minutes of searching, Martin told them to change mask. after breaking the last locker, all they found were 10 semi-auto pistols and 40 ammo clips and 20 small boxes of bullets.

Luke," I've seen these guns online before. i think its called.. er.... Ge... er.. Oh.. Glock!.. Yea.. glock.. Haiz.. all if them also use the same gun ah? Anyway, There should be more.. At least better guns."

Martin," I'll take these to the car."

Luke and Kevin then both took 2 pistols each and went to the third room.

Martin," Eh what the hell.. Why taking two?"

Luke," Shhh... I'm trying to get into the 3rd room right?!"

Martin then took the Pistols and the boxes to the car. Luke then opened the third door, Slowly he move his eyes to see if there were any zombies in the room. After entering the room, they saw another door but the door was lock. They tried breaking the door but it failed. They then search the zombies from the second room to find for any keys that would fit. After a while, they finally found one with the keys, just as Luke were about to take the Keys, the zombie turned around and quickly tried to attack him. Kevin rushed towards him and shot the zombie.

Luke," Wow, thanks."

They then returned to the third room and open the door. In that room they saw 3 Shotguns in a glass container and 5 six inch boxes filled with shotgun shells. As they search every corner, they found 2 Bullet proof vests and a Box with 5 smoke granades.

They then took all the things that they could use and went back to the car. Luke took one of the vest and the other was given to Jey. Luke then took the shotgun and gave one to Martin and one to Jey While he kept the other.

Luke," Ok, here is the plan. Its already 3 p.m. so i suggest we split up and go to the 2 different station. Jey, Mel, you head to the third station. Meet back at the house at 5 P.m. If you don't come back by then, we will come find you. OK? "

Jey," kk"

And so they both split up and went off. After searching the second station, Luke, Kevin and Martin went back to the house. The time was almost 5p.m. but Jey and Mel were still not back. Kevin started to worry when suddenly Jey call.

Martin," Hello?"

Jey," Hey, Er.. Mel Is kinda busy with something right now... We'll be back in a while so yea.. sorry... ..."

They waited and waited, it was already 7p.m. but they were still not back. Around 7.25 p.m. they saw a car outside the house. It was Jey and Mel, taking all the things in and Kept saying sorry.


Mel," Haha, actually we ..."

To be continued..______________________

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Na Me 03. Things gone Wrong

Jey," Here, take this mask. Its the last 2 piece I got, keep it just in case." - He then passed the Mask to Kevin.


Martin," Wait. We still cant go out there la... the smoke will burn our eyes.!"

Jey," Eh Martin, the lab usually have those big googles right? can we use that.."

Martin," Oh yea we can.. ok ok.. wait.. i'll go get it."

Martin then tore his left sleeve and use it to cover the gaps between his the specticles and his face. The moment Luke open the door, Martin quickly ran out and up to the third floor where the lab was. He search the whole room and found the googles in a box. Quickly he took the whole box and ran back down to the room.

Martin," Shit.. my eyes are burning again.. got any water left?"

Mel took the bottle and poured the water on his eyes. As Martin open the box, he told them that the google does not fully cover the eyes and that it would not last long protecting the eye.

Mel," kk.. eh Luke, Kevin.. faster go.. after anything happen is your fault i tell you."

They then took the googles and put them on. Tearing part of the sleeves , they covered the space between the googles. Once done, the open the door and dashed out to the car. Kevin and Luke entered Kevin's car while Martin, Mel and Jey entered Mel's car. Then both teams went off their own ways.

Mel's car.......

Mel," Eh eh, go where 1st?"

Jey," Up to you."

Martin," Anything."

Mel," Weii!! Tell la..!!!"

Martin," Go Luke's house see la."

Mel," Ok."

Mel then drove to Luke's house but found the whole neighbourhood was destroyed by the bombing. They then went to Mels house But all the windows were broken and the rooms were all contaminated. Mel suggested that they stay at one of the neighbours house that was still in good condition but Martin and Jey refused saying they don't want to spend the night in a dead man's house and that they don't feel confortable. They then went to Martin's and was shock to find out that his house was left without even a crack or a mark.

Jey," Thank GOD! I was hoping for this place.. haha.."

Martin," woaw... are we like the luckiest people on earth?"

Jey," Well with 1/3 of the world's people gone, the probability of being lucking is very high! HAHA."

Martin," That was not funny."

Martin and Jey then got down from the car to open the gate when suddenly they heard a glass broke inside the house.

Jey," What the hell was that!?"

Martin," Shhh.. you have your baseball bat?"

Jey," No, it's in my car la.."

Martin took his skate board and Slowly walk into the house. He then stood beside the door of his brother's room. He raised the board and quickly enterd the room. The moment he enterd the room, he saw a girl with her hair down from the front.

Martin," Holy SHIT!"


She screamed so loud that even Mel who was in the car could hear it.

Jey," HEY!! I know That voice!!!!! SARAH!!!!!!"

Sarah," Jesus!! Are you trying to give me a heart attack??"

Martin." What the hell, you look like a freaking ghost!! Don't you know how to comb your hair??"
Sarah," Eh! Please.. i was picking up the the glasses la.. thats why my hair was like that!!!."

Martin," Ish... Damn Scary la you!!"

Martin then went and open the auto gate. Mel Drove the car in and she quickly run into the house. Mel was supprised to see Sarah but yet happy.

Martin," There is a lot of water bottles on the store room. Don't drink from the pipe.. And there is food and snacks there too. Jey close the Sliding Door."

Jey then closed the door. He also went and close any open windows and doors.

Martin," Sarah, what you doing here?"

Sarah," I just came back from a trip from Langkawi. By the time I reach here, My parents were all gone."

Mel," What the.. your mom never call you meh?"

Sarah," What to do.. anyway.. then i tot you might be in so i came over here and before you know it, everything was exploding out there.. So i just stayed here."

Jey," You could have given us a call right?"

Sarah," Sorry, out'a credit! By the way, whats with the mask?"

Martin," oh!" they then took of the mask.

Jey," *Sniff* Ahh~ Fresh air.. hahaha."

Martin," Hey Sarah, you see the red gas you there? its actually acidic and really dangerous especially when you are sweating.."

Jey," I Just realise we din't sweat at all... although we kept running.. "

Martin," I did But only my head.. but it was nothing compared to my eyes."

Jey," Eh.. I think we should go get some proper googles and mask.. Seriously, look at the mask.. the inner parts are turning red.. it wont last long.."

Martin," Hmm... yea... Come we go 1O1 Mall.. Eh mel, go take a bath if you want, its tank water so its ok.. oh and Sarah, can you help go online and see if anyones there.. Oh Mel Don't forget to call Kevin.. Jey come... I got some long sleeves T-shirts and caps."

Jey," whats the cap for?"

Martin," I Duno how long we gonna be there...mind as well just wear right.. unless you sure wont sweat at all.

Martin and Jey then put on the T-shirts and the cap. They wore back the mask and the googles and went to Martin's car. Martin then drove to 1O1 Mall and parked the car right infront of the entrance. They quickly went to the pharmacist and changed their mask. Martin took a box and pot in as many mask as he could and Took it to the car, at the same time Jey went to the sports equiptment shop and took all the swimming googles he could fine and kept it in the car.

Martin," Anything else?"

Jey," hmm... Gloves?"

Martin," Gloves??"

Jey," Yea.. i think the hardware store should have some good one."

They both then went to the hardware store and took some of the gloves and put it in a bag that they found.

Martin," Wait, why are we taking the gloves for again?"

Jey," Err.. cos We look cool like this?"

Martin," What the hell!?"

Jey," No la.. it was a joke!! Somehow we need to go somewhere to gather right? Places like where our parents are. I dont think its gonna be a short journey and we sure will sweat like hell wan.. ..."

Martin," KK .. i get it.. "

They both then wore a pair of gloves. Suddenly, a man that was laying on the ground near then started moving.

Martin," Hey are you ok??"

The man kept quiet but slowly he tried to stand. Just as Jey was about to help him, The Man attacked him and bit him on the hand.

Jey," What the FUDGE!!!!"

Martin quickly took a Hammer and hit the man on the head. Jey's hand started to bleed a little. Martin then turn the guy over and saw that he was dead.

Martin," eh are you ok?"

Jey," What the hell. That Ass hole BIT ME!!!"

Martin," Something is not right. His veins and all black and his eye are turning green"

Suddenly, two more people walked into the store. Martin quickly grap Jey and hid behind the counter. Those two people had dark green eyes like the color of tree leaves. They slowly walked around while making weird noises. Martin silently move to a corner and peek at then. They slowly walked around and then just as they were about to leave, Jey's Phone rang.

Jey," OH Fudge!!"

The Two then quickly turn back and ran towards the the counter. Martin as fast as he could, took the hammer and started hitting their heads over and over till they died.

Jey then took his phone and answered the call.

Jey," Hello?"

Kevin," JEY! Where are you??"

Jey," At the mall."

Kevin," Get the hell out of there before its too late!! shit!! ([Luke] Theres too many of them.. Kevin just run over them.. Get us out Fast!). ..."

Kevin hung up the phone..

Martin," Jey, come lets go."

Just when they were leaving the room, they saw the ground floor filled with hundreds of them. They then quickly went back to the room. Jey made a call to Mel and ask her to lock the doors and only open it when either they or kevin and luke ask.

Jey," Dei... how now??"

Martin," We Cant go now.. they'll see us..Shit la... better we go back at night.. like that easier to get out."

Jey," Anything la.. as long as we can go back can adi."

Martin," Wait here."

Martin then slowly walk out of the store, looks at the left then the right. The area was clear, Martin then silently walk towards the stairs but quickly moved back when he saw a few zombies around the lower floor. He then went to the elevator and took the Emergency lift down to the lowerground floor. The Lift leaded him down to the back of the mall where the generator switches were. That instant, Martin came up with a plan and quickly went back to the 3rd floor. He then silently walked into the pharmacist and took some bandages and medicine and went back to the Hardware store where Jey was. He applyed the medicine on Jey's hand and wrap it with the bandages.

At 8 P.M. Martin Woke Jey from his sleep and slowly they both when out of the store. They then took the lift down to the lowerground floor and bypass the Guard zombies. Quickly they switch off all the power and waited till their eyes got used to the darkness. The whole lowerfloor was so dark that even they could not see anything, but a while of walking they saw an emergency door light and went towards it. The door lead them to the ground floor beside a toilet. The moon light lighten the place a little through the glass roof. After spending minutes in the lowerground floor, their eyes enabled them to see clearly under the dim light of the moon.

Slowly sneaking through the cornor, they reach the hall near the main entrance and just as expected, there were more than 70 of them walking around. The street lights were bright and most of the zombies were there .

Martin," SHIT! I parked the car right in front of the entrance. Shit la... how now?"

Jey," Oh yea.. i forgot about the car."

Martin," What the hell... OK OK.. think of something.. think of something! come on.. Think... Think... Think.."

Jey," OH! I got an idea."

Jey then sneak towards a Toy store and took a toy that would play a loud music when switch on. He then walk towards the digital store beside the toy store and took a disco light ball. They both then quickly tied them both togather and went to a corner where no zombies were. Jey switches on the light and the toy and he quickly ran and threw it far off to the other side of the hall. As soon as he threw it, all the zombies ran as fast as they could and tried to get the toy and the ball. Martin and Jey then dashed towards the car and drove off as fast as they could.

Jey," OH MY GOSH! i cant believe we got out of that place!"

Martin," Thank GOD!! but Shit man.. even on the streets we are being chased la.!!!"

Even when Martin was driving fast, Zombies were still chasing them. But after a few minutes of driving, the zombies were not able to chase them. Martin kept saying 'Thank God' all the way till they reach the house. The moment Martin open the auto gate, Mel Quickly opened the door and both Kevin and Luke helped take the things in.

The moment Martin enters the house.

Martin," Oh my GOD! What Happened to you!!"