Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part 9. The unseen road

And so, three days have passed. Deep in the Fezra forest, Azgard meets the old Shaman to begin his traning.

" You know Azgard, i have heard of Wizard (all rounder magic user), sorcerer ( forbiden/casting magic user), and warlocks (magic and sword master). But i have never heard of an Assasin magician. Tell me, how do you plan to combine magic with Assasin's combat pattern?"

" I don't really know myself. I left the Magister Magi Acedemy to search for the man who killed my family. And i din't even finish learning the basics of magic yet. Damn it, i'm such an idiot!"

" No, you are not an idiot, you are more of a hopeless, talentless, stubborn fool."

"You're NoT HELPING!!"

" Well since you only know the displacement spell, i will only be able to train you once you fully master your that spell. So, are you ready for what awaits you?"

"Yes, i will do my best!"

" Well then, you're first step is to cross the unseen road of the Nul cave. But I must warn you, there is not even a ray of light in there, and creatures and monsters awaits you there. And, the exit is a fortnight's journey... many of our people tried to cross it, but only a few evey made it out in one piece. Most of them lost their mind, and there were many who also died. Thats all i can say and do for you now, its all up to you, but its not to late to quite,.. ya know."

" No, i will not give up.... no now!"

As soon as Azgard said those word, he went into the cave.

"Hohoho... you can come out now... Emma."

Emma-" How did you know i was here?"

" I can smell that flower you always carry with you... haha"

" Ahh... Did he notice too!"

" No, that brat got too much in his mind.. which is what i'm worried about. This task was to make him clear his mind... if he dont, he might just go mad.. haha.. but don't worry, he is a strong boy, like his father. "

" Now then, shall we go home?"

Time slowly pass by a day at a time, Emma was getting worried as she feared something bad might happen. But the old Shaman continued his daily routine as if he had no concerns for that boy.

As time pass by, it finally came to the day which is fourteen after Azgard went into the caves. Emma rushed to the exit and waited for him to come out. She waited patiently till the sun rised above her head where she could take it no longer

" Where is that guy!!! what is taking him so long? Oh no! did something bad happened?"

She became even more worried and fear started menifesting her mind. She waited and waited, until the time the sun started to set.

Suddently Azgard came out of the Cave. " Azgard back!! Az...?!" as Emma look closely at him, his face showed no reaction nor did it show any emotions. Then he finally open his mouth and said, " I.... nee-d.. food!!~" and he fell unconscious..

" wahh!~ Azgard!! Get up!! don't just go around scaring people like that!!" She started hitting him with a rock.

"Haha sorry Emma, i guess fourteen days of no food really does take the life out of you.. HAHa"

" That is not funny!! get up!! its late already, we need to get back now!!"

He then slowly got up and went back home while hanging half of body weight on the girl's shoulder. As soon as they reach home, Azgard ran energeticly towards the dining table and grab all the food that he can eat and chew them like a wild animal. Emma and the rest of the family stared at him and lost their mood to eat.

" what with you guys? arn't you all hungry?"-Agard

" Can you eat proplerly?!? ish! thats the problem with guys!!"-Emma


"nrm... ( -____-)..."

After they finished dinner, Azgard went to find the old shamen.

"Hey grandpa.. when do I start the next traning?"

"Hoho... so you think you are ready to take the next step?"

"Well then, come.. if you can even touch hit me once, I will start the training tomorrow, But if you fail to hit me, you will have to stop and leave this place. understand?"

" If that is how you want it, then i have no choice"

Azgard dashed with such intense speed that his body could not be seen. He then ran to the back of the old man and made a punch but the old man moved his head slightly to the left just enough to avoide the punch and used hid staff to hit Azgard's stomach. Azgard fell to the ground as the impact was so great.

" Did you Think that just by running fast you can hit me? i'm blind you know.. but i am surely not deft... which means no matter how fast you run, i can hear your movement. not then, ' meltio pec - Acceleration' " that old man said as he cast a spell to give him great speed. He then dashed towards Azgard and punched him in the face and kicked him off the ground. While in mid air, the old man tried to use his staff to hit him on the chest. Azgard quickly put his hands togather to block it, but it was too powerful and it got him to hit the ground with greater impact.

" What are you waiting for? use your displacement spell and fight me!!"

"AHH!!!!" he then swing his hand and cause the table to fly towards the old man. But the old man dashed away and kicked Azgard till he hit and broke the wall and fall outside the house.

" Haha, not bad boy. you dint event cast the spell and you could use it. but that type of dispalcement spell, is the most basic of all... telekinesis is just to slow of a displacement. Now then i shall finish you off with one blow ' el-ru-gral-enr-la melio simistri quang miona, Genla's earth spike' " The old man suddenly cast a spell and a earth type spike appeared infront of him

" I wont g-give up yet!! ' seven seals of the heaven, displace space and air, divine protection' " *cast barrier*

As the spike was shot off towards Azgard, it hit the barrier and exploded. pieces of rock flew everywhere. Suddenly Azgard appeared behind the old man to punch him.

" the same trick wont work on me twice" the old man did the same thing as before and hit him with the staff but Azgard disappeared when got hit.

" What! was he really fast enough to avoid it just a second before the staff hit him? N-no... that was a FAKE!!"

Azgard then appeared from the from ' Forced acceleration ' he then used a displacement spell on his hand. The spell caused his hand to move in such a speed that not even the old man could avoid it. His hands turned into a fish and punched the old man. The old man fell to the ground while shock to see what happened
" Hahaha,.. I see, first you cast the forced acceleration spell just below your elbow while holding it back. Then you release it all once you saw an opening,.. just like a bow and an arrow. The hand to hold the arrow and the string of the bow as the spell.. I am impressed. but what i don;t understand is why wsas i not able to detect you?"

" well, when the spike hit my barrier, it caused an explosion. As the rocks flew everywhere, i knew that motion was everywhere, so i used it as an advantage to distract your hearing. thus, barrier was not to protect me but to give an opening on you."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part 8. Desperation

And so, Drake was send back to the castle to pack all his needs and prepare a new journey for that awaits him. " So i guess i have no choice but to leave then. Ish... I still can't believe that I lost to him, What a fool I am. I wonder what awaits me." said Drake while he was sitting on the grass and gazing the clear blue sky.

" Even though I do not know what was going on, but I sall pray for your well being. I wish I could go with you but this is a road for you to walk not me. " Azgard told him while eating an apple.

" Well I guess you are right Azgard. I should leave soon before Felix falls into the wrong temper today. Hope to meet again soon, Dios le bendice my brother."

"Dios le bendice . Remamber to bring me back something when you return, hahaha." Azgard said as he smiled.

And so Drake went off toward the south-west with Sev. The people then stood and watch him go till presence vanished from his eyes.

(Yesterday when Drake and Sev fought, there was so must power. Yet to think I was almost as strong as them. Shit.. the gap between our power are too big. I don't even know how to use any elements, I don't even know if I have. I can't be left behind! i need to get strong, i need to be strong fast!! I deaperately need more power, More power!) - Azgard

" Well then Aaron, i guess i shall make a move to then."

" Where you gonna go Azgard?" asked Aaron

" I am going to my home place to train. I cant lose to Drake and Sev after all.. hahaha"

And so Azgard left Pheonixia as soon as possible towards the north, to the City of Fezra. The city of Fezra is a weeks walking distance from Pheonixia. Azgard had to go pass the forest Wrath vines which was a dangerous land where wild creatures only feast on fleah and blood.

Without food, he traveled through the forest and went up the snowy mountians and across the rocky field. Then finally, the city of Fezra. At first, then city people were a fraid of him ad did not know him as he was wearing a cloak with the hood covering his face. He then walked towards a tavern that was far off the main city. He then entered the Tavern and sat on the bench infront of the counter.

" Give me a drink old man." asked Azgard

" Sure thing. I see that you came back my boy."

" Its good to see you Uncle, its been 3 years now. how is everyone?"

" Haha, they are all fine. They will be glad to see you back here.. haha.."

"Is grandfather here?"

" No, that old man is at home. Why don't you go there and have a rest."

Azgard then left the tavern and got out of the city and hearded towards a small town near the city. As he reach his old house, he took off his hood and suddenly all the kids around the area started screaming " he's back!! Brother is Back!!" and they ran and hug him while crying.

" Hahaha, you guys have grown a lot!! Look at you guys, crying for no reason. hahaha."

He then went into the house to meet his grandfather.

" So you came back. I know why you come here, I can hear the desperation of your heart, and I can Smell the Desire of power. I will help you, meet me in the Fezra forest in three days to come. One more thing, do not bring any emotions with you when you come, or else, that emotion will eat the very soul of yours." Said the blind old man who was cleaning his wooden staff.

" I see that your senses are as sharp as usual. Thank you grandfather, I will do my best."

"Don't thank me, because i will train you to the point where you will be barely alive. And if you are not prepared enough, it might be to the point where you will die."

"I understand. I will accept all difficulties that awaits me."

"Well then, go and enjoy the time you still have left with the family, it might be your last."

He then bowed as a sign of respect and left the room. And so he spent his time with the family and the people of the town.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part 7. The true Sev

As the bright light slowly fades away, the people were able to see Drake and Sev in a draw, where Sev was holding his shield against Drake's fist.

"So this is your power, not bad for someone whos is holding back. What the..." Suddenly the shield that Sev weld broke into pieces.

"No, that was just a distraction, this is my power." Drake then swing is right hand from the left side of his hip to the extend of hos shoulder. And suddenly a large flow of energy forming into the shape of a moon due to the swing was forced towards Sev with such a high speed and great intensity. Sev tried to do the same thing back but the impact from the energy of Drake's power was so great that even Sev's energy was back-fired towards him.

Drake's attack was very powerful and concentrated, and as it hit Sev, the flaming wings on his back vanished and a large wound was formed on his left chest till left leg. Sev then fell down to the ground.

Drake too fell down as his body got exhausted from the strikes he recieved from Sev. He the got up and walked towards Sev to see his condition.

"Why did you want to fight me? Would'nt it be better if you had just went away?" drake asked Sev as he sat beside him.

Sev suddenly got up and his wounds were healed in an instant. He wipe the dirt away from his body and said, " I am sorry but... you failed."

Drake stood up quickly in a combat position, with a shock on what just happened, he shouted," What the hell is going on?!!"

"Hmm... i was asked by the Grand Master and the Dragon of the Zodiac to test you. I even used a fake shield to fight you, but you got over exhausted even before finishing me off. I did not wanted to fight you but i had no choice, i am truely sorry... old friend." Sev answered as he dispell the barrier around them.

(Felix what is the meaning of this? i trusted you!!)

(You insignificant fool, you became too confident in yourself that you tought you could beat him. And how do you intend to be like your grandfather the greatest dragon Lord to rule the world? I am the oldest generation of the dragon clan, it is sad to see the bloodline of Exelus to be such a failure. You are nothing but a blot in a fine art work.)

"Hey old man, don't you think thats too harsh?"

"you can hear him talk? i don't get it! whats going on!!?

"Listen, that old man is just trying to make you regret your mistake and to improve yourself. he said the same words to me when he took me to train a few years back. Hahaha... but listen Drake, at this rate you wont even lay a finger on Gale. To tell you the truth, just now i was only using around thirty percent of my power. The difference between us is too great, much is to be done old friend."

(Stop calling me old man you filthy monkey! Hmm..I have no choice, Drake, tomorrow you will follow Sev to a special place. There, you will train my way until you are ready so that i can finish my job and leave you idiots!)

"Alright, I have learn my mistake, I will do my best to train hard. Please forgive me."

(Hahaha.. Hey filthy monkey look, at least this idiot has manners not like you!)

" Shut up you Old sack Bag!! I bet you are so old that you look more like a big fat fish than a dragon!!"

(Why you little..... nrm, i bet you master has a lot of training for you after today)

"Oh crap.. I'm donna die."