Saturday, January 22, 2011

NA ME 09. The Journey Home

Kevin," Whos coming? Larry? Who is COMING?"


Larry," Shhh... Don't let them hear you!"

Jay," Can you at least tell us what is going on?"

Larry," Can you wait?"

Suddenly there was a loud footstep outside the hall. It kept walking around the place and making unpleasant sounds. Luke and Kevin went behind the bed and pinpointed their guns towards the door. Jay and Martin went towards Larry and pinpointed their guns towards the window that was behind Luke and Kevin.

As time went by, the number of foot steps continued to increase. The room felt hotter and hotter. It was almost 12 a.m. when suddenly they heard an explosion.

Jey whispers," What the hell was that?"

Martin slowly walks towards the window and peeks out of it.

Martin," What the.. Kevin come look."

When Kevin went and peek out the window, he saw the whole street filled with zombies and a car that had exploded. He quickly moved away from the window and told Martin to stay away from it.

Jey," Whats going on?"

Kevin," There are hundreds of zombies out there. Don't let them find us."

It was getting really late and the guys were getting tired. The guys then took turns to watch the night as the rest went and sleep.

5 APRIL 2010
10.00 a.m.

Larry," OK guys wake up. The sun is up and its time to go!."

Jey," Huh? What? What time is it?"

Kevin," Eh Luke, get up."

Once everyone has woken up, Larry took out some bags of snacks and gave it to them.

Larry," Ok heres is the thing. The Zombie here are like vampires, they only come out during the night. One thing you should know is Never Ever Open ANY Door! All those zombie you saw yesterday are mostly from this building so be careful when going through dark corners."

Jey," If most of the zombie are here, why are you staying here?"

Larry," Stay close to your friends but stay closer to your enemy!"

Luke," That is shit talk."

Kevin," Eh, enough la, lets just go."

Larry," Wait Kevin, There is a girl somewhere near here. We should take her with us."

Kevin," A girl? Where?"

Larry," Ermm.. its about 30 minutes walk from here."

Jey," Hey Larry, take this mask with you, you will need it later."

Larry," for?"

Luke," I don't know why TAR-C is so clear, but outside this area is full of toxic gas."

Jey," Lucky I brought 2 mask mask and came."

Larry then lead them out of the building and went to the car.

Larry," A kancil? nice"

Everyone stared at him before for a brief moment before entering the car. Jey followed Martin to his bike and met up with the rest near the building.

Larry leaded the way and they pass through a highway. Not long later, they reached a road block.

Larry," oh yea, there was a road block here."

Martin," Eh, i don't think the car can go through. There whole road is blocked by car beyond this point. So far there was no Zombies walking around, i think its quite safe to wake there."

Luke," Can we like leave her and go back ah?"

Kevin," Jo, do the right thing."

Luke, Larry and Kevin got off the car and started walking up the highway. Martin continued riding the bike up the building that Larry told them about, while taking down the few zombies that were wondering around. When Martin and Jey finally reach the building, they wondered around to make sure it was clear of zombies. Jey took out his walkie-talkie and told the rest that they found the building. Larry replied them with Kevin's walkie-talkie and told them that the girl is on the 11th floor, but was not sure of the room. He also told them to be careful when going up the stairs. Martin and Jey the slowly walk to the entrance, and as soon as they open the main door, an awful odor filled the air.

Jey," What the hell is that smell, Can i like wear my mask?"

Martin," No, save it, we din't bring extra filters, we have a long way back home."

As they enter the building, they saw the whole place filled with rotten corpse. Jey then used the walkie-talkie and asked Larry about corpses. Larry told them that the last time he went there, there was no corpses. And when Jey asked when was the last time he saw this girl. Larry replied that it was only two days ago.

Jey," So this happened liked recently only, was there like a fight between zombies or something?"

Martin," Yea, i think so, look here, their eyes are yellowish in color." as he look closely at one of the corpse.

Jey," There is no shot wound or anything, looks like something was eating them."

They then slowly walked up the stairs till they reach the 11th floor. Martin saw a broken table on the floor, he took it up and went to the first door.

Martin," Jey, if anything comes out from this door, shoot it."

Martin hold the wooden piece tightly against him and slowly open the door. As soon as a zombie ran out to attack Martin, Jey shot it down with the shotgun. They kept doing this till they found the girl. Her name was Tracy, and was starving without food. As they were taking her down the stairs, they saw Larry and the others down there.

Larry,"That was Fast."

Jey," No, its just you slow."

As they went back to the ground floor, they heard a weird noise echoing around.

Luke," What the hell was that?"

Kevin," Jey, Take the girl and Larry out of here now. Luke..."

Luke," Ok, got it."

As Jey was taking Larry and the girl out, the building started started to shake. Martin quickly took out his MP5 and looked around to see what was happening. As soon as Kevin tried to run out of the building, the upper floor broke and fell onto the entrace, covering it. And from the Broken whole, zombies started running down.

Luke," Kevin! Get back! FAST!"

Luke quickly run towards Kevin while shooting at the zombie. Martin Quickly ran to a corner and started shooting the zombie, But suddenly from one of the pathway, zombies started running it. Martin then turn to the other side and shot the zombies that were running towards him. Luke and Kevin went towards him and started shooting any zombie that came near.

Jey,"~ Martin! what is going on?"

Martin,"~ Go back to the car! There is zombie everywhere in here."

After a while, the zombies stop and started to run away.

Luke," What the hell just happened?"

Kevin," I don't know. Something is not right. Keep an eye on the place, there should be another way ou..."

Just as Kevin was about to move to the other corridor, a huge zombie trashed through the wall and swing his hand onto Luke, hitting him all the way to the other side of the wall. Martin Kept shooting at it while running away from it. No matter how many times Kevin and Martin shoot at it, nothing happened to it.

The zombie was 7 feet tall and was almost twice the size of Kevin. It had Spikes coming out of its back and had an iron bar on its hand. It was so big and frightening to look at, Kevin had no choice but only run around trying to give Martin enough time to carry Luke away. The Zombie kept chasing after Kevin, Breaking through any wall it passes through. The zombie Then Roar and threw the iron bar towards Kevin, but it missed only by a few inches. Mean while, Martin took Luke up the stairs. Thinking that maybe They could leave the building through the roof. Martin did his best to support Luke all the way up to the top of the 16-floor building. When they reach the top, Martin used his Gun to Hit open the Lock and lay down Luke at the side of the wall.

Martin,"~ Kevin, Get up to the roof! There is a building nearby, i think we can jump it! "

Kevin," I'm coming,I'm Coming, You go across first!"

While Kevin ran up the Stairs, the huge zombie ran after him and destroying everything behind it. Meanwhile Martin went and look around for a proper place to jump. He went to the right side and climbed over the fence and saw a path of the roof of the other building with sandbags on it. He called Luke over and they both Jump to the other side of the building.

Kevin,"~ I'm almost at the top, Which building are you guys at?"

Martin,"~ To the right, To the right!! over the fence. from there you can see us on the other side of the building!"

Once Kevin reached the roof of the building, he quickly climbed over the fence and with all his strength, he jump over to the next building. His Legs couldn't take it, and he missed the edge, but Martin Quickly Grabbed on hold of his hand and pulled Kevin up. They then hid behind the walls and the huge zombies was running around finding for them.

Luke," * panting* What.... the... Hell.... was... That... ?"*pant*

Martin," *panting* We... *pant* we got to tell captain White!"

Kevin,"~ Jey, where are you guys?? Are you guys ok or not?" *pant*

Jey,"~ Yea, we are at the car. What the hell happened just now?"

Kevin,"~ I can't explain now, Drive the car through the other road here, I think Luke fractured his leg while jumping from the roof."

Jey,"~Wait what? Roof?"

Martin,"~ Jey, just hurry up, we got no time!"

Martin then took out his phone and took a picture of the zombie. He then supported Luke down the building while Kevin was in front of them making sure the place was safe. Once they reach the ground floor, Martin took the bike with Luke on it to the place where Kevin told them to go. While they rode the bike there, Kevin ran there. about 20 minutes later, they saw Jey Driving the car towards them. When the car stop near them, Kevin and Martin quickly carried Luke to the back seat. Martin then called Jey to follow him back with the bike. Before Leaving, Jey gave the two gas mask to Larry and told him to wear it till they enter the Base. He then got onto the bike and they went ahead. Kevin then entered the driver seat, Put on his mask, and drove off to the Base.

Martin and Jey were first to reach the Base. As they pass through the entrance, they saw 2 armored trucks with heavy gun above. As they got out of the bike, they saw Captain White rushing towards them.

Martin," Captain, We got our friend back and on the way, we saw this huge ..."

Catain," Ok, Listen here, the Higher Command has Ordered a Team to explore a special compound somewhere in the rain forest. (*whisper* I need the both of you to join them in this Mission. I don't trust them. Help me keep an eye on what they want and what is this compound they are talking about. Investigate as deep as you can but blow your cover). So will you help me out and join this team?"

Martin," Is it dangerous? How long will it take?"

Captain," I might get. and this project is about 6 month."

Jey," 6 Months? Are you like serious?"

Captain," I am, will you help me out? i will owe you a great deal if you do."

Jey," Oh my gosh, for 6 months? When does this "projet" starts?"

Captain," In 5 minutes."

Martin," In five minutes? what about the rest?? we wont have enough time to pack out things!!"

Captain," Leave everything behind. Just go with them, they will have everything you need with them. About the rest of your friends, Im sorry but they wont be able to wish you good bye in time. This Is Ghost, The number 1 man in the black ops, he will be guiding you with your mission. And don't worry, he is one of us."

Jey," Martin, this is ridiculous la. Where can la we leave the rest just go away?"

Martin," Jey, Listen, I know this will be hard for us, but think of it. Maybe this compound is the cure for this Bacteria, or maybe it could be something that can be used to start a war. Dei, its only for 6 months.there is a lot that we can learn in 6 months, just trust me in this."

Martin and Jey then Followed Ghost to the armored truck where they met up with the rest of the team. Among them were 2 doctors, 4 scientist and 4 quad units. 3 minutes later, the truck left the place and headed towards their destination.

Awhile later, Kevin and the rest reach the Base. They quickly took Luke out of the car and asked for a medic to help. Kevin later introduced Larry to the Captain and Brought Tracy into the Base. Kevin told the captain about everything that happened in detail and about the Huge zombie they faced. He told the captain that Martin took a picture of the zombie but then realized that Martin was not there. And so he asked the Captain.

Kevin," Captain, Where is my brother?"

Captain," He has gone away for 6 months."

Kevin," What?"

To be continued...