Thursday, September 16, 2010

Na Me 06. Operation Recon

Martin makes a call

Martin,"(Kevin)... Tell Luke, Its time to go recon."

Kevin,"(luke)... lets move."

While Kevin and Luke Slowly sneak up to the top floor, Martin made his way down to the lower ground floor. On his way down, Martin looked around and counted the numbers of zombies as he tried to memorize the place. Doing his best, he avoided all the zombies as he tip-toed towards the staff room. Quickly he open the door and raised his gun as he look around the room. Upon seeing two zombies sitting on the floor, he quickly tap his gun and shot the zombies. As he step in front of the power generator, he took out his phone and called Kevin.

Martin,"(Kevin)... You guys ready ah?"

Kevin," (Martin)... Wait wait wait! Give us 5 minutes!."

Martin," hello? Hello? Hel~lo? ish.."

Kevin and Luke was running at that moment. they went and hide in the toilet somewhere on the second floor. Panting and sweating as they were, they pushed themselves up and sat on the sink.

Luke," That was dam STUPID la."

Kevin," You la, go and bang the rubbish bin for what? Made me run like hell."

Luke," Hahaha. *pant*. What did Martin say?"

Kevin,"Wait, *pant* *pant* He *pant* asked if we ready or not."

Luke," What the hell *pant*, so fast he reached down there?"

Kevin," please la, he only went one floor down. we have to go to the top floor, we still have two floor above us."

Luke," *pant* AH! damn it la.. lets go.. the sooner we reach up there the better."

Luke went and switch off the toilet light and slowly open the door. He move his head and peep, seeing no zombie running or finding them, he went out and made sure the place was safe. After looking around, he called kevin out and carefully they made their way up.


Jey's phone rang.

Jey," OH Fudge! *shocked* I tought I silenced my phone. eH? wheres my phone? *search* oh dam... left it in front."

Quickly he came out from the back of the truck and went in front and took his phone,"

Jey," Hello?"

Mel,"(Jey)... Hey Jey, can i go to the toilet for a while??"

Jey,"(mel)... What the hell? Why you asking me?"

Mel," I don't know.. so can I??"

Jey," Er.. i think better wait for Martin first then only go."

Mel," Need to wait for him ah? haiz.. ok ok... nevermind"

just as Jey was about to end the call, he Look out the window and at a far distance he saw something move. Thinking it might be a horde of zombies, he quickly got out of the truck and went searching for binoculars. He went shop by shop searching for it while avoiding the zombies. Once he found the binoculars, he quickly went back and use it to see what was moving at that far dictance.

Kevin,"(Martin)... Ok, you can off the power now."

Martin,"(Kevin)... Finally, ok.. I'll meet you all up soon."

Martin looks at the power generator and slowly off the power. Martin quickly went out of the staff room and slowly try to recall the position of all the doors, wall, even the area where the zombie was. The lower ground floor was very dark, Martin was barely able to see where he was going. He was lucky that he tried to memorize the way and everything else.

After walking awhile, Martin remembered that from where he was, there were 3-4 zombies on his left. He took his gun and simply aim at the direction, quickly he tap the gun and made a few shots. To his supprise, the shots actually hit one of them. But the other zombies saw the fire and started running towards it. But Martin quickly ran towards another area and and started shooting the area that he ran from. He did this a few time until he could not hear anymore footstep. Once he felt safe, he slowly made his way up to the ground floor.

Martin," Ahh~. I see the light!"

The ground floor was not as dark as the lower ground floor and Martin's eyes got used to the darkness. Being able to see a little clearer, Martin started eliminating the zombies one by one. Store by store he went and clear the place. Once he cleared the area where he was, he went back to the truck where Jey was.

Martin," Jey."

Jey," Oh Fudge!!Don't sneak up on people like that!."

Martin," If I was a zombie, you would have been dead by now. What the hell are you doing anyway?"

Jey," Huh? oh.. er.. before that, Mel says she wanna go to the toilet."

Martin," Don't care about her."

Jey," What de.. I just found out something."


Luke," Ready? 1. 2. 3!"

Both Kevin and Luke rush out from a corner and made a few shots but the zombies quickly ran towards the fire from the shots. Knowing not what to do, they quickly ran back to the corner and hide.

Luke," Shit, theres a lot of them. whats worse is that they can see the fire from the gun. If only i had a silencer or something."

Kevin," OK. I got a plan, Luke go find me 2 flashlights and come back here ok?"

Luke," For what?"

Kevin," I'll show you later."

Luke then went store by store finding for flashlights while Kevin went to the stationary store and took some sticky tapes and some cardboard. Quickly he went back to the corner and waited for Luke. In the meantime, he cut the cardboard into certian shapes. Once Luke came, Kevin quickly took the flashlight and tape it to his shotgun and Luke's MP5.

Luke," Dei jo, wont that attract more zombies?"

Kevin," Not if I do this."

Kevin then took the Cardboard and cover the sides of the flashlight and the tip of the guns. While properly taping the cardboard, Kevin explained to Luke that by covering the sides of the flashlight, light is only reflected directly to where its pointed.

Luke," And hows that gonna help?"

Kevin," You should have stayed in the One Acedemy... since light is reflected at one direction, only those who are in front us can actually see the light from the flashlight. As for those around us, the first thing they will see is the light reflected on the wall, not the flashlight. SO, the first thing they will do is run towards the wall, making it easier for us to kill them."

Luke," OWH! not BaD ah! Fuyoh, One Acedemy Student! Haha."

Kevin," Shh. Keep your voice down."

Kevin and Luke slowly walk out of the corner. They then made their way towards the escalator, and switch on the flash light. Luke pointed his gun towards the closest wall while Kevin pointed down the escalator. Just that instance, zombies started rushing towards the light, and so did Kevin and Luke started shooting the zombies.

At the truck...

Martin," hmm..I See, ok, Lets go clear up this place first."

Jey," Go? I'm suppose to guard the truck right?"

Martin," From what? Zombie thiefs?"

Jey," What the hell, but you said to..."

Martin," I said you, Sarah and Mel to guard the trucks so that those 2 girls wont get hurt. I said what i said so that they will stay there.. not you though. Go to Sarah and take the ammo Bag from her, then meet me back here.. oh and take this, give one to Sarah."

Martin pass 2 walkie-talkie to Jey and went searching for Mel. On his way, he saw light flashing around on the top floor and a lot of gun fire sound. He then quickly ran towards where mel was and shot any zombie that he encountered. Once he saw the truck, he quickly went and took the bag from Mel.

Mel," Eh Martin, can i go to the toilet?"

Martin," no not yet."

Mel," But I"

Martin," ok fine, go to the one near the second entrance. And Mel, STOP PLAYING WITH THE MASK!!"

Mel," Haha.. Okie."

Martin," Mel, wait, take this with you."

Martin then gave a walkie-talkie to her. He put on his bag and quickly ran back to the third truck.

Martin," Jey! Change of plans. We going up straigth to the top floor. From the sound of those gun fire, i dont think they have enough ammo left with them. Come lets go."

Martin and Jey then quickly ran up through the nearest escalator. It was only the second floor but Martin and Jey were already panting and sweating badly on the floor.

Jey," Why *pant* Is this bad *pant* so freaking HEAVY!!"

Martin," Shut up la... My bag is heavier that yours ok."

Jey," AHH! I cant Go ON~"

Martin," Whatever la, I'm gonna leave you behind."

Jey," EH EH! Wait."

And so they continued their way up. Once they reached the top floor, they quickly made their way towards Kevin and Luke. Shooting zombies while carrying a heavy bag was not easy for them, it slowed them a little but they managed to reached there in one piece.

Luke," I'm on my last Clip! Shit.. "

Luke started shooting again. Just as he was shooting, Martin came in the line of fire.

Martin," HEY HEY!!! Watch your fire!"

Martin quickly crouch and went towards kevin and luke.

Luke," What Are you doing here?"

Martin," I could see you flashing the light everywhere and the spamming sound of the fun fire!"

Kevin," I'm using a shotgun so yea. its impossible to spam a shotgun."

Luke," Hey there were a lot of zombies ok."

Martin," Anyway, i brought the ammo bag. Try not to waste all of it."

Jey and Martin quickly filled up the MP5 clip while Luke and Kevin continued shooting the zombies that kept coming. Martin then took Jey's shotgun and started shooting the zombies. Suddenly Out of nowhere one of the zomble grap Jey by the leg and ran away from the others.

Jey," Oh FUCK! HELP!! SHIT! HELP!HELP!HELP!!!!!!!!! "

Everyone was shocked to see Jey being drag by the zombie. Quickly Martin ran after him but the zombie was fast. He dragged Jey to a corner and quickly he ran down one of the escalator with Jey's face hitting the floor of the escalator. Martin ran as fast as he could but the zombie out ran him. Martin ran and ran till the point where he could not run anymore. realizing the zombie kept running down, Martin quickly look around to see if he could find anything or think of anything that could save Jey. Martin Looked up and saw the chandelier above him.

Martin," Oh God,Please let this work."

The moment the zombie reacthe ground floor, he looked at Martin and slowly drag Jey. The Zombie Kept on looking at Martin while walking towards the centre of the that area. He took jey and threw him on the floor, he walked towards Jey and when just about to put his hand on him, Martin quickly Shot the Chandelier with the MP5 until it droped and hit the zombie. Lucky for Jey, the chandelier did not pierce him because the zombie was above him. Martin then quickly ran down to the ground floor. He moved the haevy Chandelier aside and then kicked the zombie aside.

Martin," Jey, Jey! can you hear me? Jey... Damn it."

[Kevin](walkie-talkie)" Martin, you there?"

[Martin]" yea i'm here"

[Kevin]" Did you Find Jey?"

[Martin]" Yea i did, but he is unconscious."

[Sarah]" Hey! What happened?"

[Mel]" what happend to Jey!?!"

[Martin]" I'll tell you later. Sarah, go to Mel now. I'm bringing Jey over there."

[Sarah]" OK "

Just as Martin was about to pick Jey up, he saw the zombie move his hand.

Martin," This is for causing me all this trouble"

Martin took the shotgun aim it at the zombie's head and shot it. Once he finished reloading the shotgun, he picked Jey up and carried him on his back. Slowly he walked till he reached the truck where Mel and Sarah was. The moment Sarah saw Martin with Jey on his back, she ran towards him and help him get Jey down. They then took Jey and placed him at the back of the truck.

Sarah," Oh my God. His mask is cracked!"

Mel," What happened la?"

Martin," He fell from escalator."

Sarah," Oh my God."

Martin quickly took off his mask and exchanged it with Jey's Mask. Martin then search Jey's body.

Martin," No cuts, no sign of broken bones. Swelling on the back of his head, blue-black marks on his back, elbows and his left leg. Hmm.. He should be alright. Sarah, go to the pharmacy and get any Methyl Salicylate spray or cream and apply on the swelling, and if you can, get some pain killer cos when he wakes up, he's gonna feel a lot of pain. Mel, take care of him. and if he wakes up, tell me. ok?"


Sarah ran to the pharmacy and got a spray and some pain killers. Martin Then went back to the top floor where Kevin and Luke was. As he walked up the escalator, he realize that there were no light flashing around.

[Martin]" Kevin, Luke. where are you?"

[Kevin]" Shhh.. come in Sushi Queen."

Martin then ran around the place but could not find the restaurant.

[Martin]" Hey, er.. where is Sushi Queen?"

[Luke]," How could you not kn-. nevermind. Come down one floor near the Ice ring. Sushi Queen is right beside the escalator so yea."

Martin then went toward that area and went down the escalator. He ran into the restaurant and saw Kevin and Luke filling the clips. Martin went and help them fill while Looking outside just to make sure the place is safe. Once done filling, they went and flashed their flashlight around and shot every zombie they encounter. They kept shooting and shooting till that floor was clear, then they would move on to the lower floor.

Martin,"Hey i got to tell you something."

Kevin," What?"

Martin," Just now, that was the first zombie I've seen that would grap someone and run till he feels safe."

Luke,"That was freaking scary man."

Martin," Din't it feel like he purposely grap Jey to seperate us?"

Luke," What? A Zombie? please la, zombie are brainless being that goes after anything that moves."

Martin," I would'nt say that. Just now, When he drag Jey to the ground floor, He looked us to me. He walked to the centre of the hall staring at me."

Luke," Just because he can see you does not proof anything."

Martin," He smiled at me before trying to eat Jey."

Kevin," what?"

Martin," He smiled at me as if he took jey on purpose."

Luke," Are you saying that these zombies are somehow smart enough to make some kind of plan?"

Martin," I am saying that there is a possibility that zombies are capable of learning and understanding."

Kevin," If that is so, lets just keep it to ourself for not. Don't tell those soldiers in the safe house nor to Mel and Sarah. Ok?"

Martin," Speaking of Them, i got something to tell you."


[Mel]" Martin! Jey wake up adi!"

[Jey]" What the hell happened? *cough*"

[Martin]" You don't remember?"

[Jey]" No... the last thing i remember was filling the clipsmwith ammo, then i woke up with pain all over my body."

[Martin]" You fell from the escalator."

[Jey]" What!? Are you serious?"

[Martin]" Yea."

[Jey]" where are you guys? Im coming to find you."

[Martin]" Don't. We are almost done here. We'll be there in 15 minutes."

[Jey]" What so fast? What time is it?"

[Luke]" its already 7a.m... Cant you see the from there?"

[Jey]" Oh my GOSH.. I dint realize the place was bright."

[Kevin]," you guys rest for awhile Because when we are done, you all are gonna do the dirty work. haha"

[Luke]," Yea! No Mercy for you guys!!"

[Sarah]" Eh what the hell do you mean by dirty work?"

[ * no reply * ]

[Sarah]" Eh! dont give me the silent treatment! I slap you that you know!"

Jey," Hahaha... forget it la.. they wont reply you."

Sarah," Damn those guys!."

20 minutes later...

[Kevin]" Jey! come here quick! we are beside the Ice ring! Come faster!!"

[Jey]" Huh? Wh- wha- What?? What happened??"

[Kevin]," Martin! He fainted! Luke is trying to get him off the ice ring. Come and help."

[Jey]" How he fainted?"

[Kevin]" How I know? He just fainted. Faster come!"

[Jey]" KK. i coming adi"

Jey quickly got down from the truck and ran to the Ice ring. Once there, he helped Luke take him out of the ring. Jey could not see Martin's face because water droplet was coving the whole screen of the mask. Jey took off his gloves and put his hands on Martin's neck.

Jey," He's having a high fever. I think I better take him back home since the air here is contaminated."

Kevin," Jey, take him to the toilet. The toilets are not contaminated. Especially the one near the saloon on the second floor. The door was Close when we went there and we tried taking off our mask there. the whole toilet is filled with a really strong flowery smell. and yea.. We dint feel anything."

Jey Then carried Martin up to the second floor and took him to the toilet. He took off his mask and Martin's mask. He then took off Martin's glove and cap. He then ran to the nearest store took a few bottles of water and then ran back to the toilet. He opened one bottle and poured the water on Martin's face.

Martin,"*cough* Shit. *cough* guess I over worked myself. Haha *cough*"

Jey," Dei, you ok or not?"

Martin," Yea yea... I'm fine. Just let me rest here for a while. You go and help Luke they ok."

Jey," You sure or not?"

Martin," Yea.'

Jey," Ok then. You rest here for a while la."

Martin," Ah Jey, before you go, can you get me a bread or something?"

Jey," Owh.. Ok."

Jey ran to one of the store, took some bun and chocolate then took it back to the toilet and gave it to Martin. Martin passed his MP5 to him as he open the bun wrapper. Jey took his shotgun and put it on his back, he then went out of the toilet and look down at the ground floor to see where Kevin was. Once he found Kevin sitting on a chair beside a food store. Quickly he ran down and went toward Kevin.

Jey," So how Much more to cover?"

Kevin," Cover? What you talking about?"

Jey," You know, still where got zombies to kill?"

Luke," Haha. The Job is done man."

Jey," What? So fast??"

Luke," Haha.. Who ask you sleep so long?"

Jey," Dei! I was-"

Kevin," Ok Ok! I'm tired... Jey go call Mel and Sarah to start loading the trucks."

Jey," Er.. ok.."

Kevin,"Eh.. wait wait.. nevermind."

Jey," Huh?"

[Kevin]" Mel, Sarah go to the Guys toilet near the saloon on the second floor."

[Sarah]" Eh eh, what guy toilet all ah! Why cant go girl toilet wan ah?"

[Kevin]" Cos Martin is in the Guys toilet resting."

Kevin," Jey. He is in the guys toilet right?"

Jey," Then?"

[Mel]" Hey, er which saloon ah?"

[Jey] the B-Saloon there. the toilets is leftside of the saloon."

[Mel]" Ok Ok."

Kevin and Luke carried the ammo bag and went to the toilet, Jey followed them behind. On their way, Kevin went to the book shop, took a box of pen, a few notebooks and a bag.

[Sarah]" EWW! Grose! How can you people stand looking at all these dead bodies on the floor."

[Luke]" once you see those zombies chasing you, you would probably feel much comfortable seeing them laying on the floor."

[Sarah]" Its still grose."

After a while, Mel and Sarah reached the toilet. They took off their mask and sat beside Martin.

Kevin," OK.. we have come this far now. Whats left if filling the trucks. So the Main things we need is Food, What else?"

Jey," Clothes?"

Kevin," Ok clothes. what else?"

Martin," Medicine."

Mel," Kitchen ware?"

Kevin," Ok. anymore?"

Luke," Laptops and games!"

Kevin," Dei, dont joke."

Luke," I'm not Joking."

Kevin," Ok, now its my turn to plan. Sarah, you go and take as much clothes as you can and fill up your truck. Luke will Help you."

Luke," Eh. i thought its their turn to do the work!"

Kevin," If you want to go the safe house as soon as possible, I suggest you help out as much as you can. OK, Mel, you and I will go take as much food as we can fill in you truck. Jey, go with Martin, I Dont know much about medicine so you guys take whatever that you feel is importaant and anything that can put to good use. There arn't much things you can take so once you got everything, we'll fill up the excess space in your truck with food."

Martin," When taking food, make sure it has not been exposed to air and take as much water as you can."

Kevin," Ok, now for the most frustrating part. Here are some notebooks and pens. write down everthing that you take, the name, price and quantity. ok?"

Luke" For What?!? Wasting time la"

Kevin," thats why i ask you to help. By noting it down, lets just say its our insurance if anything was to go wrong in that place."

Jey," Blackmail them if they do anything against us huh? Not a bad idea. hmm"

Kevin," OK Dont waste anymore time. Lets go."

Martin,"Oh One more thing. There are trollies all around the big shops, please dont go and hand-carry everything."

Mel," Oh! I totally forgot about the trolley."

They then came out of the toilet and went their own ways. Martin quickly went down to the lower groundfloor and switched back the power.

[Martin]" At least now we have air cond. ahh~"

[Sarah]" Hey, so do I like just dump whatever I find into the truck?"

[Jey]," NUU! eh eh,.. dont forget to get clothes for kids and big people ok?"

[Martin]"Dont forget undergarments. I Know a lot of people dont DARE talk about it at all. Make sure u get all kinds of size and also for kids. And please dont choose things that only you like."

[Sarah]" Hey whats that suppose to mean. You think i dont know how to choose UN-der-wear. is it?"

[Martin]" You do? wow, im so proud of you. So where did you learn how to choose underwear?"

[Sarah]" Dam you Martin!"

[Martin]" Hahaha.. What no come backs?? "

[Sarah]," Im so gonna kill you dei!"

[Martin]" Hey hey hey.. I was Just joking."

Sarah and Luke were Lucky because most of the cloth shops were on the ground floor. They quickly ran around the place dumping whatever they find usable into the trolley and then into the truck.

[Mel]" Hey Kevin, the food all how leh? Have to walk up and down the stairs meh? Got so many in big big box somemore."

[Kevin]" Why You Lazy is it?"

[Martin]" Hey kevin, I got an idea. Just give me a minute."

Martin ran towards the escalator and looked up. He saw Mel on the third floor waving at him. He then ran into the furniture store took out as many thick carpets and soft pillows out. He went back to the escalator and place everything on the floor. He first put a few layers of carpets, then he put a layer of pillows and then he put a few more layers of carpets on it.

[Martin]"Mel, Now you throw down everything."

[Mel]" Sure it wont open or anything ah?"

[Martin]"Try and see la"

Mel then took a box of bread and threw it down on the carpet. The Box Bounce a few time but was perfectly in place. Mel and Kevin started throwing boxes of food supply down on the carpet. Martin then went back to the pharmacy and took every type of pills that he knew like pain killers, pressure pills, diabetic pills, antibiotics and more. He took lots of bandages and anticeptic cream as well as many other things.

Martin wrote down everything he took into two books. Once he finished his part, he went and help Kevin and Mel. While all Martin did was pick and write, Jey did all the carrying, pushing and lifting. Once he was done, he went towards where the carpets was and help move the things away so that more things could be thrown down.

[Martin]" Hey, Can We like take things for ourselves?"

[Luke]" Why Not?"

[Martin]" oh, ok then I'm taking a microwave and a mini fridge with me."

[Sarah]" Mind as well we take food for ourselves right?"

Its was already 12 P.M. Martin and Jey were filling in the last truck. All of them were tired and worn off. Their clothes filled with thick black blood and sweat, even their socks were socking wet with sweat. They all sat there as they tried to regain back their strength.

Jey," Oh my gosh! we have been filling the truck for 5 hours already!"

Kevin," I cannot adi la."

Mel," Can we go now?"

Luke," Wait la, give me 5 more minutes."

After awhile, they went back to the truck and drove their way back to the safe house.

[Martin]" Kevin, Luke. Remember what I told you about what Jey saw?"

[Luke]" YEa."

[Martin]" Better keep eye out."

[Mel]" Huh? Jey, what you saw??"

[Martin]" Its a guys thing."

Once they reach the Hospital, they parked the trucks near the entrance and then open the back of the truck. Soldiers from the hospital rushed out and carried the things in.

Luke,"Things that are in front and things in red bags belongs to use. Dont take them."

Captian White," AH! You guys are back. Good to see you in one piece."

Kevin," Good to see you too. So, hows your men, have they come back?"

Captian White," Sorry, i dont quite get what you are saying."

Martin," Captian, Do you like riddles? I love riddles. Try and guess this one. What has 2 legs, goes in a group of 5, carries a gun and stalks others early in the morning?