Sunday, May 30, 2010

NA ME. 02 The Evacuation

Martin," I'll explain to you later. Meet me at the old school in 15 minutes. Oh and bring in any documents about this virus from you dad. Bye"


Jey," Wait wh- "... Even before he could finish talking, Martin cancelled the call.

Martin then took some chocolate bars and sweets with him. "I'll be back in a few hours" he told his mom as he took the car and drove off. 15 minutes later, he reached the school and found jey sitting in the guard house with a bunch of books and files. He then walk towards the guard house and started looking at the files.

Martin," Is this all of it? "

Jey," yea... i think."

Martin," oh yea, damn fast right you came here."

Jey," Please la, i leave like right beside this freaking school! And i'm always early when it comes to going out!"

Martin," I got ask ah? Eh, come... lets go to the chem lab."

Martin took some of the books from Jey to ease him a little and went to the chemistry lab. He later opened up the books and searched for facts about this virus.

Jey," What you trying find?"

Martin," You want to know the truth?"

Jey," EH! you already brought me here right? mind as will tell me right?"

Martin,"The truth is, this is the first time something like this ever happened on earth. So I thought, why not act like some heros like.. you know,.. the movies.. like some kind of survivors trying to save the planet by killing these viruses and all."

Jey," WHAT THE HELL! eh, how can you be so excited at a time like this! and i thought you found something interesting like.. you know, things that can actually SAVE us!"

Martin," Eh chill la.. its not like you're doing anything at home right.. Anyways, where did your dad get this? I don't understand anything at all.. in this file are the chemical properties that makes up the virus right? But, these properties are kinda odd. I don't think there is such properties in the periodic table at all.. there are chemicals that are high in mass as well as chemical that are in between some known chemicals. ahhh... these graphs are really hard to understand."

Jey," Huh? in between? Thats impossible right? i mean atoms tend to move either to one side or the other... right? oh and my dad's fren emailed it to him"

Martin," himm.. i don't really understand at all but yea.."

Jey," Why not we take a look through the mocroscope?"

Martin," Haiz, i wanted to but this freaking school don't have any electronic microscope! You la!! make me come here..."

Jey," EH!! ish.. nevermind... lets go to SunRoad University."

Martin,"Oh YEA!!! SunRoad!! come lets go!!"

Jey," EH!! i was just joki-" Martin quickly ran out of the lab and quickly entered the car.

Martin made Jey drive to SunRoad as he kept on looking at the notes and files as well as the books. It took them quite some time to reach there because they had to pass through many cars that was just left on the Highway, they also had to pass through a number of toll stations before reaching SunRoad. The moment they reached the University, they took the books and files down to the lower ground floor where the biology lab was. Since the door was locked, Martin used his legs to kick open it and left the books on the desk. Martin took out some sweets and chocolate bars from his pocket and gave some to Jey as he put the rest on the table. While Jey went looking for the electronic microscope around the lab, Martin took some cell samples from the dead fish as well as a water sample from the aquarium that was at the left corner of the lab.

When Jey found the microscope, he quickly took it and set it up with the lab computer. Once he was done, martin took the water sample and place it in the slide.

Martin," Hmm... I don't see anything." he kept on searching for the virus

Jey," Try zooming in."

Martin," ok.. entering 50 x Ocular and ... hmm.. still nothing.. nevermind, i'll just keep going till i see something."


Martin," HA! i see something! But, eh? what the hell?

Jey," What? ... WHAT!!?"

Martin," Wait la!, something is wrong.. i don't see any virus.. but i see becteria."

Jey," Huh? Let me see!" - Jey pushed Martin away and looked through the microscope.

Martin," Eh wait, what is the size of that cell?"

Jey," Er.." Jet then measured it throught the computer. " its about 0.25 µM."

Martin," Are you serious? that like half the size of a mycoplasma. AND THATS suppose to be the smallest!" He then transfered the images into the computer. " Hmm... there no cell wall, no cell... ... ... Hmm.. by the looks of it, I don't think these cells are affected by ant- ..."

Just as Martin was about to tell something important, Jey's phone started ringing. Jey took out his phone from his pocket and saw his dad's name. He then quickly answered the phone.

Jey," Yes Papa? what...? why...? now...? You serious.....? ok ok... bye"

Martin," Why your dad called?"

Jey," yea, er about that... we have to back NOW..."

Martin," Huh? what? why?"

Jey," Well, erm.. Every survivor from our area are already gathering at the evacuation zone now.. And when i said survivors, i mean like around 400-500 survivors at our zone.. And thats a hell lot of people.. you know the policy right? first come first served. i really doubt they have choppers enough to take all 400-500 of us. We need to move!"

Martin," Are you serious? But they said the evacuation is in 3 days to come!!"

Jey," Apparently there were more survivors they they predicted. lets go."

Martin," Wait, just give me 5 more minutes.. just 5!"

Martin then took the fish cell sample and saved the images in the computer. He then took some cell sample from the inside of his cheek and save the images through the microscope and the computer. He then quickly put the samples in a test tube and placed the test tube in the chemical tester machine. He then save all date that he gotten from the machine and place all the data and images in a folder. He then takes out his pendrive and paste the folder into it. After removing his pendrive, both Jey and Martin Ran out of the University and drove back like a mad driver.While Jey was Driving, Martin called his mom and told her about the evacuation and asked her to bring his things along.

About 45 minutes later, they reached the school that was the evacuation zone. The place was crowded with people. They could see people pushing around just to get on the chopper, kids crying out loud, the elders sitting down praying while holding ther grandchildren with them. Martin and Jey got down from the car and searched for their families. "Jey, do you see them?"

Jey," No i can't. got too many people la."

While searching for their families, Martin saw a small crowd of people at a far end corner of the school waving at them. As they went closer, they saw both their families togather as well as Luke's family sitting and talking.

Jey's dad," Here take this mask and wear them."

Jey," Why?"

Jey's dad," just listen and wear."

Martin and Jey then wore the mask and sat beside Kevin and Luke.

Luke," Dei, where you went la? Eh, shit la. I left my laptop at home. Seriously Damn shit la!"

Kevin," your laptop all not important, just forget it.. and at least now you can't show off you games!."

Luke," Hahaha!! eh Martin, there a new game i got la. Graphics, game play and effects all damn nice, the game is called Sub 2033! you should try la"

5 Minutes later, the police told everyone to gather around and line up. One by one the people went up the chopper. After a long 55 minutes, it was finally our turn to enter the chopper. Martin, Jey Kevin and luke let their parents on the chopper first then they went up the chopper.
Police," Ok, yang lain sila balik rumah. datang balik minggu depan. Kami dah takde tempat lagi."

But at that very time, there was a mother with twin babies and an elderly woman just behind us. The woman was crying while the elderly woman was helping to hold the baby."

Martin," Eh, let them in la. Here still got place for 2 more people.. we can help carry the baby."

Police," Tak boleh, dah lebih dari limit berat."

Martin," Shit shit shit!! ish, Ma, you go ahead, I and Jey will take the next flight."

Jey," Huh? er .. yea.. er.. "

Martin and Jey then then got down from the chopper and let the woman and the elder in but the police still refuses to let the board the chopper saying that 4 people needs 4 others to be replaced. Martin got so angry that he shouted at the police. Kevin and Luke then got down from the chopper and let the women in. The 4 of them then went to the bus station and sat there.

Not more that 2 minutes later..
"hey!~ You guts still here? "

Kevin," Who is that?"

Martin," I can't see."

Jey," is that Mel?"

Out from field came one of their friend, Mel. Some were shock to see her alive, while some were shock to see that out of all the people that died, she had to survive.

Jey," what you doing here?"

Mel," WHA~T.. i was kinda late so yea... just came from my coll. I was dam scared la, my coll not more that 50 survive leh.. But i dam happy to see you all here.. haha.."

Luke," How unfortunate..."

Jey," yea... less than 50 people.. haiz.."

Luke," i was talking about us being found by here."

Mel," What D~e... eh so what now?"

Kevin," What, what now?"

Mel," You know, what to do now? you all oso kena left behind right?"

Luke," Very easy, we go my house take my laptop, then go kevin's house play game!."

Jey," yea la, go martin's house la."

Mel," Go there do what leh?"

Martin," Stay over at our place la.. you dam blur la. Our house there got lots of space and is quite near from here."

While they were planning what they gonna do for the week, they heard a loud buzzing sound.

Luke," whats that?"

They all were trying to figure out what was that sound, they walked around looking for it. Suddenly as soon as Jey looked at the cloud, he saw 40 to 50 planes flying in the sky.He called all of them and asked to look at it. The planes in the sky were small and hard to see but after a while, they sky was filled with things that looked like locus. The sky slowly turned dark and the buzzing sound became louder. Suddenly, an explosion happened near Jey, and a few more around the area.


Martin," BOMB!!!"

Kevin," Get in the school!!"

They then quickly ran into the school trying to avoid the explosions around them. They ran like there was no tomorrow, they ran and ran till they reached the computer lab. Just as luke tried to close the door, a man came dashing in. Luke then quickly close the door hoping that it would protect them from the explosion. Martin and Kevin then drag the lockers in the room and used it to block the door. They sat down togather in fear, wating for the explosion to come to an end. But the Bombing went on and on for almost an hour. They could hear the man that dash in praying at the cornor, Mel covering her ears, and the rest of them kept quiet.

After the explosion, the room was in total silence. Martin and Luke peep through the window to see what happen out there but the window was covered with cracks and dust that nothing could be see but the color red.

Martin," I'll go check outside."

The man," I'll come with you."

Kevin and Luke helpedmove the lockers while Mel and Jey tried calling their parents. Martin then opened the door and saw everywhere filled with red smoke. He and the man then slowly walk out trying to find anyone that survive. The man started coughing as they went deeper into the smoke.

Martin," Are you ok?"

Man," Yea, *cough cough* its just that my *caugh* throat fells *caugh*-" the man fell to the ground.

Martin," Hey, HEY!! Shit!!"

Martin was shocked to see the man fainted on the ground. He quickly drag him back to the room and tried to wake him up, but the man was already dead.

Martin," SHIT!! Is it because of the smoke? SHIT!! SHIT!! Why is it what someone just had to die in front of me!! DAMN IT!" Suddenly Martin started shouting," AHHH, SHIT!! my eyes!! "

Jey," Shit, Mel, give me your bottle of water!" - He quickly poured the water on Martin's eye and took some tissue and wipe his eye.

Kevin," Are you ok?"

Martin," My eye still hurt but not as bad as just now."

Luke," What kind of jacked shit things are happening la.. What to do now? how are we gonna get out of here?"

Mel," *cough* dam i think i oso getting it."

Jey," Drink some water and use this mask. Lucky my dad gave us the mask or else we all also kena."

Mel then drank some water and wore the mask. Martin told them to wait till the smoke clears out before getting out. While waiting in the room, they decided that they would stay in whoevers' house that is still in good condition. They waited for almost an hour when suddenly a Jeys phone rang.

Jey," Hello?"

... ," Jey, *cough* help me."

Jey," who is this?" - he then turned on the loud speaker

.. ," It's me Cherrie *cough* I'm Stuck in my friends car! Help me please.. "

Jey," What happened?

Cherrie," I and my friends were on *cough* our way to the place where we suppose to go *cough* but then *cough* suddenly something exploded in front of us *cough*. Please help me.. *cough*"

Jey," Ok Ok, just hang in there!! we coming now!"

Luke," What the hell, eh we need hurry before the same thing that happen to the man happens to her."

Kevin," Martin, take Mel and Jey go find which house still can use then call me and tell me. Luke and I will go get Cherrie."

Jey," Here, take this mask. Its the last 2 piece I got, keep it just in case." - He then passed the Mask to Kevin.

To be continued!~!~