Monday, November 1, 2010

NA ME 07. Finally In

Martin," Captain, Do you like riddles? I love riddles. Try and guess this one. What has 2 legs, goes in a group of 5, carries a gun and stalks others early in the morning?

Captain White," Hahaha, why dont you guys come inside. Lets talk about this later, go on, go take a bath 1st."

Luke," What? You said something? I CANT HEAR YOU!"

Kevin," Wait wait wait, Luke wait, chill. Lets talk Captain, lets talk now, right here right now. Tell us, why did you send out your man to stalk us? Were you curious? wondering what these few kids can do? or is it fun? sending out your men to go and watch a few kids suffer? Watch if anyone die, or gets eaten alive? Is that what you were doing?"

Captain," No, NO! Dont get it wrong. I sent those men out there just to make sure- "

Luke," Make sure of what! That we die or something?"

Captain," NO. Alright, alright... a few KM from here there is a group of bandits that had taken over a few of the buildings and has been stealing, killing, and all kinds of shits ok. I had to make sure that you were not one of them. If anything were to happen to anyone in this place, i would not be able to do anything. "

Luke," What the hell are you talking about?"

Martin,"Wait, so all this while you dint trust us? You couldn't trust a bunch of kids? "

Captain," I had to make sure!"

Kevin," We may be kids... .... But we ain't stupid. Martin, Luke, lets go."

Jey," Wait what about Cherrie!"

Luke," Shit, Where is she!. Answer me! Where is she!?!"

Kevin," Luke! Relax! Captain white, Please give me my friends back."

Captain," Hey Hey, Im sorry ok. i know what i did was wrong alright. Just come and stay here till everything is ok. Anyway, your friend is in no condition to travel."

Martin," After what you did, i dont think we can trust you this time."

Captain," Please, we really need your help in this place. Alright, what can i do to gain your trust, if thats what you want."

Martin," OK, ok.. how about this.. hmm, For lying to us, stalking us, and not helping us at all, you give us the whole third floor. And for the food, clothings and medicine... we will give it to you, But in exchange, every information that come to you, must come to us. If you dont, we would just not be able to trust you"

Jey," Why the third floor?"

Martin," Thats my lucky number."

Captain," Alright. consider it done. But i need a representer, because i cant be telling all of you at the same time. We have our Protocol."

Jey, Martin, Luke, Mel," Kevin!"

Kevin," Why me?"

Captain," Alright, Kevin come with me. I got some things I need to show you."

Kevin," Martin come with me."

Captain," No Actually-"

Kevin," He is my witness, just to make sure you dont pull something off."

Captain," Fine, come with me, You three over there, help those guys take all the things in. You there, get 4 men to Alpha, 2 at Bravo, 2 at Charli. NOW!."

Captain White's Office. 15 minutes later.

Captain white," Would you boys like anything to drink?"

Kevin," Lets see, I would like to have you cut the crap and talk to me seriously."

Captain," Wha.what you mean?"

Kevin," Tell me, Who is in charge of this safe zone?"

Captain," I am in charge of this zone, why?"

Kevin," Stop acting, you act like shit. Tell me the truth, who is in charge of this zone!"

"I am." a man said as he walk into the room. He had straight white hair, a thick mustache and a scar on his right hand from his elbow all the way to his fingers. He was smoking a cigar as he entered the room.

Captain," I am the real captain. Captain White from the second division of Utah's military base. You have a sharp eye for a kid."

Kevin," Well then captain, why don't you start explaining about the things you made us went through. and why the hell did you have to use a guy like his to act as you?"

Captain," Hey James, get back to G2 and start fixing the thing. hmm.. Well kid, I cant let anyone know that I was the one who is in charge of this zone or else those rogues will keep on coming after me.. Having someone as weak looking as James helps in making those rogues look down on us."

Kevin," Then explain why you made us go and gather all those supplies?"

Captain," Wait, Who is the captain here? Me or you? so why is it that you are the one questioning me?"

Kevin," You used us! you made us go through all that! how can i not ask why!"

Captain," You don't have the right to question me. KID, why don't you go back to your mummy."

Kevin," Oh yes yes... i would love that. Too bad some asshole government had to leave us KIDS behind. And by the way, the 'previous captain White' promised us that every info they know, they will tell us. "

Captain," What makes you think that the new captain White is gonna do that?"

Kevin," Well, lets see. What can a group of Asian kids do to make the whole Asian survivors here do to some American Soldiers. hmm.. Martin, tell me what you've got so far."

Martin," Well, there are 8 of the guarding the 3 main area, the roof, the south-east and the south west of this building, 4 more guarding the entrance. and I'm guessing there should be about 24 plus of them taking care of the building and the people here. The first floor and second floor is packed with people.. I'm guessing there should be at least 100 Survivors here. I already told Jey to find for Cherrie and Sofy. thats all la i guess."

Kevin," How long will it take to get those guys to spread some rumors about out nice Captain here?"

Martin," Don't need to, they are on loud speaker here on the walkie talkie. Just say the word and we will have a mob by the end of this day."

Captain," Blackmailing me huh? not bad, not bad at all. Well then, I guess i'll be telling you everything then. But, don't think its because of that blackmailing cheap scape plan of yours. I'm gonna tell you because I think you have a good potential in helping me out when i need you. Well then, the reason i made you kids go get the supplies was because, I know that a kid would not be having weapon with them unless they are able to think straight, to understand, to accept, to not compromise. And to make sure that you have those in you,i sent my men to go see if you had it in you. And yes, I was correct. When you guys off the lights and made your way up to the top floor, you were thinking straight. By using the guns properly, you showed understanding on how a gun was suppose to be used. You also showed understanding on how to make things better when you tape that flashlight on your gun. You all accepted the fact this was an extremely dangerous mission but you did it for the sake of your friend. You kids made sure the girls were in the safest place and even after one of your friend were down, you did not stop. I must say, I am quite surprise that you kids manage to pull it off. But i was most surprise when that lil kid there shot down that chandelier to save his friend."

Martin," Your men saw all that from all the way the other side of the highway?"

Captain," Hahaha, No. i had a few of my men on top of that mall just to make sure nothing bad happen to you kids. In fact, my Men was about to snipe that zombie before you shot down that chandelier ."

Kevin," So this was all your plan?"

Captain," Most of it is. Anyway, i have a proposition for you. Work for me, and i will share all the info i get with you."

Kevin," How about this, I'll work with you, if you give me all the info you have."

Captain," Hmm... alright... Alright. You work with me and my quad, and i'll share all the info I get."

Kevin," Tell us one info that you know right now."

Captain," Alright. Have you heard the news about the whole incident that happen about this virus thing?"

Martin," Yea we did, just a while after the incident happened!"

Captain," Well, don't believe a shit that bitch said kids. It all ain't true."

Kevin," What you mean? Whats not true?"

Captain," How should i put this down for you kids. hmm. Firstly, the Virus that had spread out is actually a bacteria"

Martin," Yea, i did some experiments and already found out it was bacteria."

Captain,"Owh, Then did you know that this Bacteria was actually found in an egg-shaped rock in Turkey. 150KM deep below the Temple of Artemis. Now here is something that even i was not suppose to know. This rock was found to be a rock from space, but scientist did not want to believe it was from space because of its flawless smooth surface."

Martin," Are you saying this is some alien bacteria we are fighting against?"

Captain," That I can answer, but if does have some unknown properties. One more thing, about the spreading, this bacteria does not spread fast. So fr it has only the whole of KL and Selangor. The rest of the country has not been infected yet. The news you heard was only cast in KL and Selangor."

Kevin," What the hell. This is Bullshit! how can these stupid bacteria turn people into zombies??"

Captain," Thats a different thing.Apparently the gas bomb they use to kill this bacteria did the opposite and started mutating them. You know what.. Mike, Get the professor here."

The soldier then went out and brought a man into the room.

Professor Sam," Hi, Er.. i'm Sam. Er .. lets get to the point, shall we? ok.. About the bacteria, apparently, CHLeAu... gas acted as a mutagen and cause the bacteria to mutate in a rapid speed. While i was in US studying this Bacteria, This gas did actually manage to kill the bacteria, that was until recently we found out that this bacteria was mutating due to a Sub-mutagen, which is the dead nerve cells in the human body. Somehow this Process was able to achieved when-"

Captain," Thank you Professor. I dont think continuing from that onwards is gonna help them understand."

Kevin," So you are saying that the nerve is somehow able to cause the bacteria to mutate?"

Professor," Actually, The bacteria somehow manage to fuse with the nerve cell due to the presence of-"

Martin," Wait, It fuse with the Nerve? So by fusing with the nerve, it somehow manage to gain control of the nerve system itself?"

Professor," Exactly! but by fusing, the body loses all memory, except the processes of the body. Bu-"

Martin,"But if gain control if it, it means that now they are acting on instinct."

Captain," Thats right, Hunt, Kill and eat."

Martin," But if it is fused to form a new cell, that means the cells will eventually build new memories."

Kevin," They will eventually get smarter."

Professor," Captain! I though you called me to explain things to them. Did you call me here to make fun of me or something!"

Captain," Watch your tone Professor! Its not my fault that these kids understand things fast!."

Kevin," I cant believe I'm actually hearing this. There was not suppose to be such things as zombies or anything. What the hell."

Captain," Ok. Thats all for today. Now is your turn to do me a favor. Get your friends together, tell them what i told you, then choose among your friends those who can help you and form a team. Once everything is settled, you come and find me, ok? Then only will i give you work to do. Now get out."

Martin," We still get to keep the whole 3rd floor to ourselves right?"

Captian," GO!"

Kevin and Martin then went out and head towards the 3rd floor. They walked around till they found the rest of the gang. They were at one corner of the hall, there were nine rooms on both sides of the hall. As Kevin and Martin walk down the path, they saw Luke removing things from one of the room and shouting that it is his room . Walking further down, They saw the rest sitting around Cherrie.

Martin," Cherrie! You ok or not??"

Cherrie," MARTIN!!~~~~~~!!!~~~"

Kevin," yea, she is."

Martin," Hows your hand?"

Sofy,"The Doctor said she was lucky to have come here in time. And yea, she had a fractured rib, and a few ligaments torn. But she will be alright in 2 to 3 months."

Kevin," Owh... LUKE!! COME HERE!!!."

Luke," What? what?"

They then took chairs and sat together. Kevin then told them everything that Captain white told him. They were confused, frustrated and shock to hear what Kevin told them. After talking and discussing for almost 3 hours, they finally got tired and hungry.

Kevin," OK, ok. We will talk about this tomorrow. Now, about the room, we are only gonna use the room on the right as our room."

Luke," I'm taking the 1st room!!"

Kevin," OK, luke is gonna take the 1st room, i'll take the second room, then Mel third, Cherrie gonna stay here the fourth room, then fifth is Sofy, Sarah in the sixth, then Martin and then Jey in the eight room."

Jey," Why am I in the last room?"

Martin," Cos there will be things that i need to discuss with you from time to time. Its easier when you are my neighbor."

Jey," Oh cool."

Kevin," OK.. Luke's room will be, R1, mine R2, then so on. the 1st room on the left we will keep our Medicine and the medical instruments there. the second room, we will keep all the Food supply. The third room, i was thinking we make it into out kitchen, we can put all the electronic stove all, know what i mean or not? The fourth room we will use to keep all our ammo supply and all our extra weapon. The fifth room will be our meeting room."

Martin," I want the sixth room to be the training room."

Kevin," What?"

Martin," I'll explain to you later."

Kevin,"and again, the room on the left will go on as L1, L2, L3 and so on. ok?"

Jey," OK."

Sarah," So... what are we gonna do tomorrow?"

Kevin," Tomorrow we just rest."

Mel," Hey, where is the toilet ah?"

Sofy," oh, behind that door."

Sarah," Lucky every room there is a toilet, If not, i dunno what I'm gonna do."

Sofy," Hey, Are we gonna be here for a long time?"

Kevin," I think so, sorry... i dunno how long it will be. but i promise, we will get out of here safely.. ok?"

Sofy," I hope so."

After awhile, they all went to their rooms and started doing their own things. Martin and Kevin then went to the meeting room. Kevin switched on the lights and locked the door.

Martin," Why you lock the door?"

Kevin," I don't want anyone to disturb us."

Kevin and Martin then started arranging the things in the room. Once finished, they sat down and started discussing.

Kevin," I want to talk to you about the team thing. What you think we should do?"

Martin," I knew that you were gonna ask me about this so yea.. I think we should have everyone in the team, unless they don't want to la."

Kevin," I don't think we should have the girls in the team."

Martin," I know what you mean but think about it, we don't even know what kind of things they want us to do. There might me some things that might not need them to so out where is dangerous. And think about it, if we don't let them in, they will think we don't trust them or something. It would feel like we are being separated."

Kevin," hmmm.. Before I left the Captain's room just now, he ask me to put each of us into different categories or something like that."

Martin," Yea, I heard it from outside the room. Don't worry, I got some ideas to help out la. Got paper and pen ah?

Martin then took out a notebook and a pen from his bag. After writing down everyones name, he wrote down the categories they could fit in.

Once he was done, Kevin took the book and look at it.

Kevin," What the hell is this? You want Jey to what?!?"