Monday, August 16, 2010


YO!! BEEN BIZ awhile now.....
and i dun really have the time to plan and write the next pose..



Lieutenant Den," General! we've finally got the intel that you have requested."

General Mark," Good... so what you waiting for? hurry up and show me."

Den," Yes Sir, the enemy's base that we were about to infiltrate was already infiltrated and destroyed by a group of 7, 5 men and 2 woman."

Mark," when did ths happen?"

Den," just 31 hours ago. I have other intel about the operation as well as the whom these people are. Steve, DO you mind."

Steve," Yes Sir!" turns on the screens.

Dan," On the screen in front of you are the pictures of these team and on the left are the pictures taken by satellite showing the evens that took place while the right screen shows the profile of these people. "

Steve," These two here are Larry and Cherrie, age 21 & 20. Siblings.Born is Malaysia. There arnt much intel about the girl but that guy is a machinary expert as well as ballistics and quantum physic. But there are no intel on where did he study nor how did he learn all these. maybe hes just born talented. Anyway, in this operation, they both were suppressors from the left and the right side of the entrance, which is here and here. Using homemade RPGs and a light machine gun, then pinned down the area throughout the whole operation."

Den," Moving on, This here is Melissa aka. Mel. age 23. Born in Malaysia. Just before the operation started, All cameras and detectors went out as well as false alarms. It is believe that its the work of this Women. Luckily we had a UAV sent there to record the operation. In this operation, not only did she hack the detectors and disrupt the camera, she also hack through the voice command Doors here here and here *points*.
And The one saving Her ass is this Guy, Luke. age 23. also born in Malaysia. He is strong Physically as well as mentally. Hes' a perfect Seal. Known well in Malaysia for his melee combat skills and tactical plans. In the operation, he was the Point man, taking the kills while protecting her. He ran in here drawing attention and Larry and Cherrie helped suppress the area for him. and from here, he went in straight to there then there. clearing out the place 1 area at a time, taking advantage of the higher ground and the thick walls, finishing the operation without even a scratch on his face."

Steve," And here General is the most dangerous one of all. His name is Kevin, age unknown, birth place, unknown. according to our recent intel, he is known greatest for his accuracy. Up until today, he has never miss a shot. He also has a great reflex and is an excellent martial artist. As you can see, he came in from the back where he was out of sight. took the shortest route and from what i heard, he got the most kills. And all he carried was a few knifes and 2 revolvers. He is the assasin in this Operation, taking out the main target without even being seen."

Den," We call this guy wolf. We know nothing abouthis name, his age, his birthplace, nothing. all we know is that he was in this operation. no matter how many times i check the UAV and the satellite pictures, i dont see him enter nor leave this place. But our intel says that he is the one that infiltrated the base and took the enemy's plan etc. the only proof that we had about him being there was the dead body of Antoneo, the drug dealer. Three shots to the heart, 1 cm away from each other. thats how he kills his main targets."

Steve," But. he could'nt have done it without the man behind the plan. This is your main guy general. Name Martin, brother of Kevin. Kind of disappointed that the picture of his face is blur. really wanted to know how he looked liked. Although he was the one that planned this operation, he was also the rusher in this operation. Now that i come to think about it, he could be even more dangerous than any marine and ranger we ever had. Reason for saying this is cos, everyone that he shot did not die, and not that he a bad shooter but that he shot then spots that could immobilize or paralyze then in a way. There are intels saying that he has experties in medicine and more. But this is still only an assumption and nothing more. "

General Mark," Are you trying to tell me that these KIDS did this? that these KIDS were able to infiltrate an enemy base that we are STILL planning? That These 7 KIDS went in and out with no one dead nor injured? That These KIDS overdid THE MILITARY FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?!"

Den," Sorry sir. but Yes, thats exacly what we are saying."

General," Send is Troops down to Malaysia now. I want eyes on Them 24/7. See if you can find out who is teaching these kids and supplying them as well. Now get out of here before I strip you of you rank!"

DEN, STEVE," Sir Yes Sir!"