Saturday, November 14, 2009

Part 5. The return of Sev

The city of Pheonixia,
Drake was in the castle having a meal with his family and friends, as well as some of the guards.

Drake,'' Ahhh... its been a long time since we ate togather like this. Hahaha...Guards!! come join us and eat!!"

Guards," No my lord, we cant. We are just servents for you my lord, we do not deserve to feast with the King."

Drake's face suddenly turned serious, " Aaron ( his military comander ), are these guards new?"

Aaron," yea.. they started about a year ago if not mistaken."

Drake," Listen, in my castle there is no such word as servants, only the word family. All who work here in my castle treat this place as their home. As long as you dont go against me nor my people, you are always a part of our family. Now, came eat with us."

And so the guards joined then in the feast, all eating and drinking with joy and laughter. They ate and ate till they could eat no more. They were stuffed so much that they could not move, so they started chatting while sitting togather. Some of them started to tell stories about their family, some talked about the event that happened in the city and some spoke about unusual stings that happened.

One of them said that he saw a group of bandits giving away the things that they once stole to the poor people outside the city. Then one of them said he saw a man geared with a dark silvery full plate armour holding a very big shield on his right hand, and that the man was rounding the land of pheonixia saying someting about Katash wei' vorki.

Suddenly, Azgard and drake got suprised and stared at the guard.
Azgard," Did he tell his name?"

Guard,"N-no, erm.. but i saw the shield he hold had a crafting of fire and a bird."

Azgard," Was there a symbol of a cross with a shield in front of it and a pair of wing behind of it on his left side of the chest plate? "

Guard," yes there was, oh.. there also was the symbol of the city of Eldam on his garment."

Drake," So it is him... That fool... "

Azgard," Drake, so what now? do you wan me to send some men to find him? "

Drake," No.. let that fool be. Let him rot and die, there is no use for people like him."

Azgard," dont you want to know why left all of a sudde-.."

Drake," stop it.. dont speak about him to me anymore. i'm going to my room."

Drake then left and went to his room.

Guard," why is the king angry? who is this man?

Azgard," Hmm.. Have you heard about the armour of God?"

Guard," what? the armour of God? Is it the armour that was given to save men from the evil one?"

Azgard," Yes. The armour of God is not an artifact, not magic and it not really an armour. The Armour of God are people, people whom are chosen and taught to only save lives. I am one of those people, i am known as The Boots About His Legs and the man you saw was known as The Shield about His Hand. Or in short, he is the shield of God. Just as I am the boots of God, i was blessed with great speed."

Guard," But what does our king have to do with him?"

Azgard," Drake is The Sword of God. Both of them are different from the rest of the 'armour'. Boots, plate, belt and more are worn as an armour, but shields and swords are weld as part of the warrior's armour. Just as that, the rest and I have abilities to do a certain thing, but a shield can be also be use as a weapon and a sword can be use to protect. Our abilities have a limit but at different optimum levels. Most of us has a limit as high as the tip of the castle but those two's limit is as high as the peak of the mountian haieko ( the largest mountian ). The reason why Drake hates him is because that man once had a lust for power. He did many bad things, he was like a shield that has fallen from the Hand."

Guard," if they were to meet togather, they would probably try to kill each other?"

Azgard," That is why we must keep an eye on them."

Suddenly, one of the guards that went to look for Drake came running in," My lord, the king is missing!!! I cant find him anywhere!!!"

Azgard," What!!! damn!!." [ if they start a fight, it might not be their lives alone at risk] he said in his mind.

Aaron," Hurry, sent everyone on an all-out search NOW!! "

Somewhere out in the forest.
" Well well.. so you have found me. Hahaha."
" What are you doing in my land, Sev." -Drake
" Is that how you greet a friend?" - Sev
" You have no right to talk. Be gone." - Drake
" Hahaha.. why dont you make me" - Sev, he suddenly swing his sword towards Drake.


Oh no.... A Fight??
who will win?? strength or endurence??


Well.. i guess this pose is also kinda short... -____-
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another word~ любовь - go try and see how to pronounce.. lol

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quiescent - Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; inactive.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 4. New Memories

And so, it has been more than a month since the time the Heros annihilated all the demonds from the northen lands of Sun'dlawah. many things had happened in that one month and many had even change since that time.

Drake had returned to Pheonixia, the land of the moon, his home. He spends his time in the castle with his mother and sister, having the wondrful feeling of home that is filled with love and joy. But Drake cannot forget about the things that happened after their mission in Sun'dlawah.

The heros went back to Nerbana to tell the Eldars about the event that took place, the Mid-rune kingdom. But as they arrive at the Great Hall, all the eldars showed expressions of Fear and Sorrow. The whole hall was surrounded with an unpleasent aura.

Baron," What is wrong? what is with this face of yours!"

Mela," Did something happen?"

The Eldars," ... ... "

Sora," eh, what happen to you all? Answer us!!"

The eldars ," Forgive us for our rudeness, but it seems that Gale has planned an attack on all the cities that we had tried so hard to gather!"

Vin," What!? When?"

Xiles," How do you know if the planning an attack? "

The eldars," hmm.. Guards, bring her here."

Then a Lady entered the Great Hall.

The Eldars," This lady here is Valkjaria, The only person that we know of who can walk through the human world and the demon world. She is like a spy that had gain the trust of Gale. Every plan of Gale goes through her."

Valkjaria was a tall thin lady with a slighty tinted skin. She had long hair and a strict face.

Ganz," Valkjaria?"

The elders," Yes, Valkjaria. She has found out that Gale has beed planning this for a while now. Not only that, there has been some demonic activity going out recently around Kul'ru , Denya, Zha'krul Sha as well as Sauroraz. Armies of great numbers had gathered there, if its not an attack then why bring out their army?"

Drake," This is not good, do you know when they plan to attack?"

Valkjaria," About three weeks from now. If i am not mistaken, they plan to attack after the Baphomet festival, the festival of the soul reaper."

Azgard," Don't tell me he is planning to summon Baphomet!"

Valkjaria," That i dont know, but i don't think he is planning to do so.. why summon the reaper in a scattered battle?"

Drake," Baphomet is not something to worry right now, the most important thing right now is the lives of the people.

The eldars," That is right. You all are to head to these lands and prevent the attack from reaching the cities, but you are not allowed to take the Nerbanian army with you."

Zybuza," what? why? you crazy ah?"

The eldars,'' If you take the army, who is to protect Nerbana? not only that, no army from the seven great kingdom are to take part in this battle!"

Ganz," What! then how are we to fight?"

The eldars,'' that is not my concern, now leave."

They all then left the Great Hall and went to to bar for a drink." Those eldars are really wanting to die!!" shouted Baron.

Drake," Ahhh... forget about it.. lets take our time and see how mad they will be once we are finished."

And so these group of people took their time and had a little fun before the day of the battle. They gathered and made a suprise birthday celebration for Mela as well as Xiles. They got them cakes and gifts as well as a big feast to remember. They had so much fun having a game of cake-fight, they all were laughing with cakes all over their face and a warm feeling started to feel their hearts.

The time they spent togather may be only a while, but there memorries last forever. And so the time has come for the battle, each heading their own saperate ways, each fighting a different battle, but each carrying the same memorries. The memorries that keeps them fighting to live for.

Sorry for the lllllaaaaaaaatttttteeeeee pose.... i dam lazy online d... summore just finished exams!!

-Azgard = Jeyshaan
-Sev = Larry
-Elie = i hav no idea
-Sora = Kean weng
-Baron = Juen sern
-Mela = Zyu Wenn
- Vin = winnie
-Xiles = Lip yong
Vincent = victor
Teong Guan = Jaker Ganz
Darren = the baberrian ...
zi hang = Zybuza aka baby face
Caleb = kai siang
Drake = ME :)
OH YA Valkjaria's j is silent so it sounds the same as valkaria ...
i use this name bcos it starts with v= Vanita.. lol


Sorry this pose very short.. i just needed something to recover the last whole month... lol

до свидания(do svidanija)
= goodbye
{a word a day.. lol}