Thursday, January 22, 2009


Without the sun
there is no light,
without the light
neither can the moon nor star be seen.
Without the moon and star
night is just a shadow filled with darkness.

Without God
there is no love,
without Love

neither you and I can be seen nor can we see each other.
Without you and I
my heart is an empty shadow fill with darkness and sorrow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The keeper of my heart

I fall in pain where my heart is placed,
griefting of my weakness for i could'nt say,
the three simple words to the keeper of my heart.
Now that i know for sure,
She is my one true love,
May this word from my mouth,
reach up to her ears:

Give me one more chance
to mould myself up,
For i know you truely are
the keeper of my heart,
your love is greater that the Sun,
Not even the seas will keep me away from your side;
And with love from my heart, i say,
My heart belongs to you.