Thursday, February 11, 2010

My valentine.

You are like a flawless dimond, ready to shine.
You are like the moon, clearing the dark shadow of night.
You are like the a bird, singing the song of beauty in the morning.
You are like a tree, giving breath to our lives.
You are like a lion, ready to do everything for what it wants.
But most of all, you are the rose soft and tender like the petals
loved and adored like its fragrance was.
Strong and couragous like the firm stem.
And of all things, an eye catcher.

Even with the 1st glimpse, I have already fallen for you.
Everytime i see you my heart keeps pumping harder and harder.
Whenever you smile, all my problems would just disappear.
When i look at you sleeping, a calm feeling would reach my heart.
As i fill my fingers with your hair, the smooth feeling would soften my heart.
And when i touch you hands, those soft, tender hands would make me filled with comfort.
The moment we hugged, i Just din't want to let go.

No matter how hard we try to hold on to each other,
Something just keeps pulling us apart.
I Don't even know if we are still holding on,
Or have we been apart.
I wonder how you are right now,
I wonder if you are smiling or crying,
I wonder what you are doing right now.
And I wonder if we will ever see each other again.

If God can give me a chance or a wish,
I just wish that you would be happy forever.
And if i could, I hope to see you soon,
My lovely valentine.

Monday, February 8, 2010

ACT I. The Recruitment

Micha," Hey Jackson, my men are on a mission in Germany, I need some extra men for another mission. How many do you have to spare?"

Jackson," You're just in luck mate, I happened to gotten some new members today. I'll send you my best five, if thats enough for you."

Micha," Rookies eh? I guess I've got no choice, that will do."

Jackson," Same place?"

Micha,"yea, i need them by tomorrow."

Jackson," Sure thing mate."

The next day.....
Place - unknown

Micha," You are late Jackson!"

Jackson," Sorry mate, the storm was a lil rough today."

Micha," Now that you are here, let's start."

Jackson," Well then, let me introduce the best five I've got so far. From left to right, Bob, Crow, Drake, Wolf and Coke."

Micha," What kind of bloody names people use these days. A kid, a bird, a duck, a puppy and a soft drink. Is this a joke? Where's the hidden camera?"

Jackson," Sorry mate, no games here. "

Micha," Fine, hey rookies, beside you is a course where you are gonna show me what you are made of. Those who finish it in time will I recruit into the special op. for missions based on your capability and your specialty. Now then, the time limit for this course is 3 minutes not more. You can make a second attempt only after everyone has finish. ONE more thing, you need to hit all targets and avoid shooting the hostage. Hit more than one hostage and you are out. Do I make myself clear?"

all five," Yes sir!"

Micha," well then, we will start with Bob. Go to the starting line and pick a rifle."

Bob then went towards the starting line and picked a M4 carbine rifle with a M1911 handgun.

Micha," the course has 4 blocks, block A, B, C & D. Before entering part B, you are to throw a stun granade there and don't forget, you only have 3 minutes.

Jackson," Go easy on them mate."

Micha," During my time, we were given only 1 minute and 30 seconds and i'm giving them 3 minutes. Am i not going easy on them?"

Jackson," Those time has passed mate."

Micha," Ready? the time ticks the moment you pass the red line. Hey Dave, take the record for me."

Dave," Sure thing."

And so Bob ran towards block A and targets started poping up. He dashed in too fast and spread his bullets everywhere. " Aim down your side!" shouted Micha. Hearing that, Bob became nervous and droped the magazine while reloading. He then threw the stun granade and got himself stunned as he dashed in too early towars block B. After a while, he recovered back and continued. As he was about to enter block C, a target suddenly appeared infront of him and he started shooting out of shock."USE YOUR KNIFE!!" Micha shouted. He then stab the target and went to block C. As target poped up, he started shooting it and ran out of bullets. Just as he was about to reload, more targets poped up." Hey Kid, switch your guns! try using your brains for once!" Micha shouted again. And so he quickly ran to Block D shooting the targets while avoiding the hostages. Dave stop the watch as soon as Bob passed the green line.

Dave," 3 minutes and 12 seconds."

Micha," I'm sorry kid, I was just seeing how well you would work while being stressed. You can have another go once the rest has finished."

Jackson," well then, next will be Crow, go to the starting line and pick a rifle."

Crow then went to the starting line and took a M16 rifle and a TMP machine pistol. He then crossed the red line and dashed towards block A and started taking down the targets. He then went to block B, C and then D. He then ran across the green line.

Dave," 2 minutes and 8 seconds."

Micha," Now that is what I called a good start. Seeing you not being influenced by stress reminds me of Jackson.

Jackson," I was nothing like that please,.. anyway he was an ex-marine so things such as stress and pain has he already got used to."

Micha," Impresive, but lot of rooms for improvement. Well then, next up Drake."

And so Drake went and took a UPM.45 and a pair of mini-Uzi. He then went through the course and finished it very fast.

Dave," Wow, 55 seconds. Thats a new record."

Jackson," Haha, I guess he beat your record 5 seconds faster. You know, I've just received words that he Raven's brother."

Micha," So he is that bastard's brother."

Jackson," Well then, Next is wolf."

Wolf then went and took a Acr rifle and a Winchester 1200. He then finished the course in 1 minute and 34 seconds.

Micha," Not bad for a rookie. Keep up the good work. By the way Jackson, where did you pick up a guy like him?"

Jackson," Just two words for you mate, Hit Man."

Micha," next coke."

Coke took a M4 carbine rifle and a M9 handgun. he finished the course in 2 minutes and 40 seconds but he hit 2 hostages.

Micha," Coke, you are just too reckless, I'm sorry but as I said just now, more than 1 hostage and you are out. There is no second chance for you. Bob, you wanna give it another go?"

Bob," yes" And he then tries the course again but he still could not handle the stress Micha was putting on his and made it a little late the the time given.

Micha," sorry Kid, better luck next time. Well then, Crow, Drake and Wolf, welcome to my team."

Micha then took them to a room below the course. "Well then, lets get to main point. Our next mission will be in a country called Malaysia. It is located in south east of Asia. We will be heading to the state of Sarawak where a private land was bought by a British man named Aaron brooke Laguida. This man has been seen working with many drug dealers and weapon smugglers, but he has a good relationship with the highcourt thus giving us no power to arrest him. There is also no black and white proof to support this. But recently, there were deliveries made to this place in large crates. It is possible that weapons are being smuggled. Our duty is to sneak behind enemy's line and get a hold on the smuggeling records. This place is within a forest and is far from the local housing area. This could be a good chance for us to catch that man." said Micha.

Crow," Since its deep in the forest, how are we gonna go there?"

Micha," a chopper will drop us half way there, then using the satellite, i will map our way there."

Wolf," Are our weapon choice limited?"

Micha," yes, only compressed weapons are allowed. We don't want them to know that we are then, now do we?"

Drake," What if our mission has been compromised? is there any plan B?"

Micha," Good question. Well then, if anything is to happened, i ws planning to set up C4s to blow up the fuel pipes here, here and here" as he points on satellite captured picture.

Wolf," Won't the local people hear the explosion?"

Micha," No, this place is too far from any towns and cities."

Crow," Well then, when do we leave?"

Micha," We will leave tomorrow morning, we will reach destination the day after."

2 days later...

Crow," The rain is getting heavier..."

Drake," Great, this way it will be much easier to bypass them."

Micha," don't get ahead of yourselves."

Wolf," Lets do this.."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part 10. Azgard's gift

"Hahaha!" laughed the old shaman as he got back on his feet.

"what you think? not bad for a hopeless, talentless, stubborn fool. huh?" said Azgard as he was panting due to the exhaustion.

"Well then, as promised. Meet me in the Fezra forest tomorrow, but do prepare yourself for tomorrow onwards, my teachings may be as hard as hell and this time you might even die if you don't do well. And yes, starting tomorrow, we will be staying in the forest." said the old shaman

"Haha, thats no problem, i got used to living in the wild."

" On yes, there is one thing i forgot. we will be moving deeper into Sul vi Fezran forest." [ 1 ]

"What! but that place is forbidden for humans to enter!"

"That place is forbidden to faithless humans! And who ever said i am a human?" Shouted the old shaman

" What!! you are not?!? anyways, even if you are not, i still am!"

" I am a Shaman, my very soul is nature itself. And who ever said you are a human?"

"What!? What are you tal-."

" Shh.. Speak no more. More shall be revealed to you as time allows it. For not go and rest, much will be awaiting you tomorrow." said the old shaman as he walk into his room and repaired it with the power of nature.

Azgard then went to his room and was fast asleep as soon as he fell on his bed. Emma became even more worried after watching the match. She could'nt sleep and kept thinking waht the old man was going to do to Azgard.

" Ahhh... its so fustrating just thinking what that old man is gonna to him! Oh no, what if he tortures poor Azgard to death! I must stop this!! NO! wait, if i do that Azgard will never tal to me again!! AHH!!! WHAT am i gonna do!~" She kept mumbeling to herself.

And so morning came and Azgard started packing all his equipmet as well as some clothes. He then went into the forest and found the old shaman chanting something. As he walk towards the Shaman and was about to sit near him, the old shaman said," lets go"

And just as they were about to go, they heard a voice," STOP!! " they turn around and saw Emma running towards them.

" whats wrong Emma? Did something happened?"

"N-no, its just that i-i'm coming with you!"

"No! you can't!" he shouted

"Why not? I know i can be useful to you all. I am good at using medicine and healing spells! I really can help you!!"

"No, its too dangerous!! And I know I wont be able to do my best if i am worried about you all the time!"

"Nevermind, let her. Its true, her healing will be needed."

"But Grandpa!!..."

"Shhhh.. Don't disturb the spirits. Anyways, as long as i am here, there is sothing to worry about." said the old shaman as he walking deeper into the forest.

"Yay!! Haha, not you cant stop me!! " she smiled and dance around.

" Hurry up or you will get lost!" shouted the old man

"YES!!~" she shouted back and ran after the shaman.

Without being able to fight back, Azgard follow them with a unsatisfied heart.

After five hours of walking, they came to stop by a river. The young girl Emma went off looking for ingredients and poison mushrooms while the old Shaman went and meditate by a large boulder. At the same time, Azgard went to catch some fish as he was getting bored and hungry.

Azgard was surprised to see the number of fishes he caught using a net that he bought not long ago, he then started a fire and cooked the fish. Just as the fish was done being cooked, Emma came back, the old shaman too finished meditating. They then ate the fish togather and sat down for a while.

"Azgard, you still don't know what is your elemental powers do you? " asked te old man.

"No, no one told me anything about it till one day i was my friends praticing their elemental powers such as fire and water. And worse of all, I don't even know what elements are there in this world."

"well than, today i am a good mood so i will teach you about elements. Every living beings are given a gift at birth by God. This gift is one the elements that creates the universe. As time pass by, many never made use of their gift and it became dull and weak. And as time continues, many could not remember it and many was not told about it. Now in this era, almost three quarters of the human population do not know about the gift of God and many think that those who posses such powers are chosen ones to fight either for the good or the evil. But i think it is better this way, where many don't know about it. If they knew, many will use it even for the slightest arguement. Don't you think so?"

" well, when you put it that way, i guess so."

" Haha. Good. Now, the second this you need to know are the type of elements. The most basic and common elemants are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning and Nature.Every element have strong and weak points, like Fire is weak against water, and water is weak against lightning, and lightning is weak against wind, and wind is weak against earth, and earth is weak againts nature, and nature is weak against Fire."

" So this whole thing is like a circle, one against another. But what about elements such as lightning against fire?"

"Haha, good question. That all depends on the master. If the fire master is stronger, so is his elemant which makes it win against lightning, and also vice versa. Not only that, sometimes an element also can make another element stronger too. Like when fire and earth are put togather, it forms molten rocks or magma. And the stronger master between these two will be able to control it. There are also many other things that could happen between different elements, most of it are not known even to me."

" I see, are there people with morethat one elements?"

" Yes, many among those who can use it actually have more that one. But only very few of them are given two gifts during birth. Most of them obtain it through harsh training or with the use of artifact. But there are also people that are given a second gift after a certain age in life."

"Are there people with more that two elements?"

"yes there are, but only one in every hundred million people. Anyways, there are also rare elements in this world such as Metal, sound and animal."

"sound and animal? what you means animal? and whet is so rare about metal?"

"yes, sound and animal... these three elements are different from common elements because only few has it and unlike common elements, those who posses these can only use it to a given way. For example Metal, is split into three ways which is - to become metal, - to produce metal and - to manipulate matel. So far i have never seen anyone capable of using even two out of these three ways. As for Sound, or i could say, wave, is split into these, - to displace sound, -to produce sound(wave), as well as -to manipulate sound. And animal, is actually the ability that concerns animal, it is also known as the element of the wild. This does not allow you to produce animals in anyway. Element of the wild is split into these, - to communicate with the wild , -to tame the wild, - metamorphism as well as - recreation."

"I still don't think i truely get it."

"Nevermind, leave it for another time. Right now, its time for use to find out your element!"

"YES!! but... how?"

The old shaman then took a metal cup and left it on a small rock, he filled it with water and place a leaf on it.

"come sit by the cup. Place your hands near the cup and meditate. Put all your feeling into it, anger, happiness, fear, sadness and everything else you have into your mind. Let your body be filled power, let the spirit run through your veins and let your blood rush as fast as possible! Feed yourself with emotion!! And release your emotions!! Let everything OUT!! scream, shout!! do everything you want!! go mad and berserk!!"

Azgard did what was told as the shaman kept shouting on an on. Suddenly Azgard Shouted and ....

to be continued..


[ 1 ] *The Underworld forest of Fezra*
- known to be the place where the sacret beasts dwell
- Also the place the dimension of hell and earth meets { thus, many demons escape to feed on the flesh and blood of all living that falls as their prey}
-*note* this is a place of great evil