Monday, June 22, 2009


1. Answer the questions as honestly as possible.
2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 10 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have Fun!!!

1. What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
Ignore it.. but if it disturbs me, KILL IT!
2. What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?
turn on the sub-woffer!! Volume MAX!!
3. You want to speak to your crush badly. What is your pick up line?
hello!! LONG time no see! [ im bad at making conversations]
4. What do you do if all your friends hate a particular band that you love?
Kill them!! no la.. just ignore them.. [ they dont understand real music] XD
5. What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
ASK FOR HELP.... lol... just make sure i'm ok, then walk off as if nothing happened
6. You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homeworker..
DO it now la... haiyo.. like that oso dunno ah?!?
7. You have bad breath and someone speaks to you. How do you react?
just nod my head as if i understand everything [he/she] say and not say a word.
8. You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your underpants on the wet floor. What do you do?
== ... sure la i would pick it up.. then what? stare at it and scream like a little girl?!?
9. What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?
encourage people!!! -> not to take the quiz ... hehe
10. Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks:
Do you like it? How do you react?
i would be dam happy... and i would take it!!!
11.(Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?
yay... 1 more thing to fill my room with!!!!
12. A hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?

OK..... HMMMMMMMMM... I TAG JEYSHAAN, MEIYEEN. ahh... lazy tag ppl.. lol

What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it ... Dad


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


HahA... i updated my blog by telling that i have exam so will continue after EE.... lol...

Friday, June 5, 2009

sesat.. =.=


I'm so dead!!! physic gone!!!!! T.T

anyway. i just cut my hair not long ago...

1st day.. look dam cool
2nd day.. look dom weird...
3rd day... ignore my hair adi...

jeyshaan wanted to highlight his hair but dint...

1st bcos the colour he want is not lasting.. ( oni for 1 week - month)
2nd bcos min need 2 hours... so no time..
BUT he cut his hair... but look weird too...

HAiz.... miss all my frens from school....
want to go out wif them oso cannot... no time..

EXcEpT fOr JeY.. =.=

^ my band ^


^ Esther & I^ ops XD

^ MEl & I, getting ready for charoling after my drama^

HAIZ!!!!!!!!!!! the OlD days.... hmmm..... those were the good old days.. ya... XP