Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Na Me 05. The safezone



Mel," Haha, actually we went to bank for a while."

Martin," Martin, dunno how to call and tell properly ah?"

Jey," Oh yea, sorry about that. I was trying to run away from the zombies at that time."

They then went and wash their face then went to the hall.

Kevin," Why did you go to the bank for? Next time You guys just go off by yourselves again I will never take you out to do anything."

Mel," Sorry la."

Jey," Mel was the one who wanted to go, I was against it but she kept forcing me."

Luke," You should act like a man and stick to a plan."

Jey," Eh, I said its not my fault right! She was the one who force me! Can You Just not blame me For everything!!"

Luke," You are a Man! even if she force you, You should everything to follow the plan!"

Jey," Can You just Shut UP! I Tell you,.. You are damn freaking bossy !! you know that?"

Martin," OI oi oi!! enough! Jey, chill,.. Luke enough la.. He already came back right?, then just drop it la.." Jey, everyone is angry la, and its not because you din't follow our plans but its because we were worried that anything could happen to you guys. There are only eight of us here left, i don't think most of us would bare losing one of us."

Jey," Whatever la.. Ish.."

Martin," Jey, go take you bath.. i want to take you somewhere later."

Kevin," Martin, Where you think you going?"

Martin," Don't worry la.. Its a safe zone so yea.."

Luke," Mel, Why did you go to the bank for?"

Mel," We went to the bank for this.. Ta~Da~"

Mel then took out 10 blank cards. The cards had a chip on it but there were no wordings nor carvings on it. The card was black in color and had a serial number on it.

Mel," I went and transfer money from 2 different banks into 1 account where this 10 cards can draw money from."

Kevin," Why you do that for? Where did you get the money from?"

Mel," Since we gonna be travelling, we need to pump petrol ma.. Petrol station all only accept cards ma.. so I make cards for use all just in case la.. And the Money ... Er,.. actually is from the other accounts from the bank."

Luke" How much is there?"

Mel," RM. 385 635.00."

Kevin," Why the hell you go and take so much? Somemore you stole the money!"

Mel," A lot meh? eh... what de.."

Everyone was feeling moody that night. Sarah could'nt get anything while the rest were angry at one another. Once Jey got out of the bath room, Martin quickly took him out of the house and drove off.

After a while, they reach a small shop that was locked. Using the pistol that he had, Martin shot open the lock and went in the shop. since the shop was locked with a glass door and an Iron sliding door out of it, the room was not contaminated and everything in it was untouched. Martin and jey then took out the mask and switched on the lights.

Martin," I used to work nearby this place and know that it was always close on friday. Oh and i know that this shop has lots of chips and buns."

They both then took some potato chip packs and sat at a corner while they ate the chips.

Martin," EH, whatever Luke said just now,. just forget it k? I know luke don't really like you. And i know You don't really like him. But he would rather have you alive than dead, you know.."

Jey," YEa.. I know you don't like him too. He's the type that wants everything to be his way. Its damn annoying la."

Martin," Haha, True true.. but still, because of that only I learn how to control myself and to see things through other people's eyes."

Jey," Ish, Don't want to talk about it la.. "

Martin," You know what?"

Martin went and took a bottle of black labeled liquor and gave it to Jey.

Martin,"Drink only... Its not like you underage or anything."

Jey," Very Funny.... ... "

They sat there drinking and eating while chatting everything out of their mind. After a while Jey suggest that they took some back for the rest at home. They then took a few boxes of beer and liquor and as many chips as they could and went back home.

Upon reaching home, Mel and Luke were sitting near the entrance waiting for them. Jey and Martin then went out of the car and took the things in. Before Luke could apologise, Jey quickly took a can of beer and gave him to avoid the conversation.

That night, they drank like there were no tomorrow. They drank and drank to quench their emotions, drank to slake their fear, drank to forget everything unwanted.

The Next Day.... (Morning)

Martin," Ahhh.. Morning everyone!~!! Woi ! Wake up la!!"

Mel," 5 more minutes la. "

Jey," Ooh.. I feel Sick. Hwg... I feel like I gonna vomit."

Luke," Eh, shaddap LA... i Trying to sleep!!!"


Martin," Eh.. ..."

Mel," 5 More minutes la please."

Jey," Ooh... i still feel sick."

Luke," Look la.. you woke me up.. now i cant sleep adi!"

Sarah/Cherie/ Sofy," Zzz ..zzz"

Martin," what the hell la.. its adi gonna be 12!!!!"

While Martin was kicking everyone butt to wake them, Kevin was searching the net to find any new site that was put up. Jey was in the bath room while Luke was stoning at the wall.

Another Hour Later...

Mel and Sofy started cleaning the hall while Jey helped Martin cook lunch. After cleaning and cooking, they all sat in the hall and ate.

Kevin," So far, I found sites about a gathering in Singapore but it would be best to find one that is near."

Sofy." Cherrie is getting frequent fevers, something it not right."

Martin," Should we Make a move now or do you want to search the site a little more?"

Jey," I think we should wait a while more and see."

Luke," Yea, if there is a gathering in singapore definitely there would be one in Malaysia too."

Kevin," Hmm.. Then we wait la.."

Sarah," But if we wait too long, the place would surely be full of people. they might not take us in."

Kevin," Nevermind about that, Surely God will help us. Oh yea, Luke, what did we get from yesterday?

Luke," All togather from 3 station, we got 15 pistols, 3 shotguns, 2 MP5, 5 bullet proof vest, 40 pistol ammo clips, 20 small boxes of 10 mm cartridge, 3 big boxes of 10mm cartridgeand 5 boxes of 12 gauge shotshells."

Mel," What is Car-tige?"

Jey," Cartridge... its the bullet."

Kevin," Ok... Thats a lot of stuff.."

Luke," lets split it."

Martin,"But even if we split, I don't think we can carry all of it."

Luke," whatever la... lets just split, then later when you cant carry you just keep it somewhere la.."

Jey," Kk.. fine.."

And so they started splitting the firearms. Firearms were given to ones capability and physically. For Sofy, 2 pistols and a vest were given to her but since she was to help cherrie walk, no heavy weapons were given to her. Cherrie's condition did not allow her to carry any weapon but Kevin gave her a pistol for emergency purposes. Sarah may not look like it but she is a really tough girl, knowing her well, Luke gave her a shotgun a vest and 2 pistols. As for Mel with her skinny body, at most she could only carry 2 pistols and a vest. Luke took for himself 2 pistols, 1 MP5. Kevin took the shotgun and 2 pistols with him. Jey then quickly took the shotgun and 2 pistols. Martin then took the remaining MP5 and 2 pistols.

Martin," Eh the other 3 vest you all take la.. i don't want. I don't think i can run properly with it so you guys keep it."

Luke," hmm... ok ok.. the smoke granade all the guys will carry one. the last one Mel will carry la.. Since she only carrying 2 pistols."

Kevin," since we have 40 pistol ammo clip, each person gets 5 clips. Luke how many MP5 clips did we get?"

Luke," Er.. 6 clips... so I guess I and Martin each take 3 la.."

Martin," eh all don't go out "testing" the guns i tell you!"

Sarah," how are we gonna carry the clips all huh?"

Luke," Aiyah!!!! that one all you find out yourself.."

Mel," Mel.. Chey.. then I carry bag la.."

Sofy," yea.. i think i also will carry bag le.."

After hours of talking and filling the clip, they finally went to the study room to help search online for any possible safezones in Malaysia.

2 days have passed, but nothing was found. Everyone was getting worried and some were even losing hope in finding. It was already the fifth day since they made the plan, Food supplies were running out, water supply were also running out. Everyone gave up searching except Sarah, She felt that it was her responsibility to continue searching.

Martin and Jey started making suggestions on how and where they were gonna go get food and water while Luke and Mel was deciding what route they might take if they had to do for plan B. Cherrie's fever was starting to get worse and more frequent, Martin was begining to worry that she might have other injuries inside her. Just as Kevin was about to change plans, Sarah Ran to the hall shouting.

Sarah," I FOUND IT!!!!! I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!!!!!"

Kevin," What??"


Sarah," I've found a safezone!!"

They all then ran into the study room. On the monitor screen, there was a pose about a place where people were gathering and that the US army was taking care of the place.

Luke," Where is it?"

Sarah," Wait ah.... Er..... its in... eh? oh! Assunta Hospital. Er... Where is Assunta hospital?"

Martin," PJ. its directly infront of the main street. You cant miss it."

Kevin," Thank God."

Sarah," But we have to hurry. It says that there are already many people there. So if we want to get in we need to get moving."

Jey," Finally, But are we still gonna carry the guns all? they all Us army some more wei."

Luke," Just take only la."

Sofy," want to take the medicine and all ah?"

Martin," take it just in case."

Luke," Ok.. we gonna take 3 cars and drive it in a line. Kevin, Sarah and I Will take the 1st car. Mel, Sofy and Cherrie will be in the middle car. Martin and Jey take the back car. This way Sarah and I can clear the road while kevin drive. Jey can cover us from the back while Martin drives. Sofy can take care if Cherrie while Mel drives."

They Quickly went and took everything they need and packed it into bags and luggages. after filling the bags and luggages they put on their mask and goggles and put everything into the car. Once finish, they entered the car and started driving.

Eventhough it was a short journey, it felt long. Every turns they make, every road they take, there were always zombies everywhere. Using Kevin's Shotgun, Luke cleared the left side of the road while Sarah cleared the right. Trying to protect the middle car was hard and tiring when zombies kept coming from everywhere.

Jey," ShIT!!!! Why Are they Moving so SLOW!!!!! Stupid zombie!! Stupid Shotgun!!!!! "

Martin," Nah.. Take my gun."

Jey Getting fed up with the 4-round shotgun quickly took Martin's MP5 and shot the mass Zombies that was chasing them from behind.

Jey," Wow... this gun like got no recoil only.. compared to that Lousy Grandpa shotgun!"

Martin," Would you STOP Talking about the shotgun and shoot this zombie at my SIDE!!!!!!"

Jey," Ops.. Sorry.. dint see."

Martin," I'm gonna freaking kick you ass man!!"

Jey," Shit... theres too many of them!!"

Martin," Call Luke And ask him to move faster!!"

Jey,"(Luke)... Eh!! Ask Kev Drive Faster! Theres too many zombies at the back, and they are catching UP FAST!"

Luke," Kevin, Jey ask to go faster! Zombies from the back catching up"

Kevin," Shit la.. Theres so many cars blocking the road.. Ahh!! Forget it la.. bang means bang only la!"

Kevin started speeding up the car. Eventhough he hit the zombies and some of the cars, he still did not slow down. After awhile of driving, the zombies could not catch up with them. An Half an hour Journey became a 2 hours journey. When they finally reach the hospital, they saw 4 solders guarding the entrance.

As they move towards the entrance, 2 of the soldiers stop them.

Soldier," Halt. Who goes there?"

Kevin," Huh? I'm Kevin. we want to get in."

Soldier," Where are you from and how did you know about this place!?" He said as the other 3 went and search the cars.

Soldier 2," The're ARMED!" They then raised their rifle on them.

Luke," Wow wow wow.. we're not here to fight or anything! please!.. we're just civilians!"

Soldier," Why are you armed then!!"

Luke," We took it from the police station!! its the only way we could survive coming here!"

Soldier," This Place is off limits! Leave immediately or we will shoot you down!"

Sarah," THAT NOT FAIR!! how can you keep people in there but not let us in!!!!"

Soldier," Im Warning you! Leave NOW!"

A man suddenly walking towards the car from the hospital.

Man," All of you! Disengage!!"

All the soldier then put down their rifle.

Man," Whats the situation?"

Soldier," 8 hostile armed with heavy weapons."

Man," what are you guys doin here?"

Kevin," We were told that this place was a safezone and that we could gather here."

Man," Why are you armed with weapon?"

Luke," Like I said, Its to survive coming here. It would be impossible to get here without anything! Please.. you need to let us in. our friends are injured here! Please.!"

Man," I'm Sorry... but we dont have any more supplies to take you in. In fact, we dont even have enough supplies for ourselves. I'm sorry, but you will have to find somewhere else."

Sarah," This is not fair!! We dint come all the way here just to get kicked off you know!!!!!"

Kevin," Sarah, Calm down.. All you lack is supplies right?"

Man," Yea."

Kevin," Then what if we bring our own supplies?"

Man," That would be good but that would cause a havoc in here since you guys will be the only one with enough supplies."

Kevin," Fine.. Then we'll bring lots of supplies."

Man," And how many are we talking?"

Martin," How does 3 trucks full sound to you?" as he walks towards the front car.

Sarah," Are you Crazy??"

Man," Fine.. If you can bring us 3 trucks full we'll let you in and we'll let you have the whole 5th floor and you may keep all you weapons with you."

Soldier," But Captian!"

Man," What i say is final. Understand?"

Soldier," Sir yes Sir!"

Man," What is this 1 more thing you were talking about?"

Martin," You let 2 of us in and provide medication."

Man," Not a problem! we have good Doctors in there. everything will alright."

Martin then ask Sofy to go in with Cherrie and make sure that She was given proper medication. The Soldiers ten help took in the luggages and the bags.

Man," 3 trucks of supplies as not that easy to get. I dont have enough men to send out to help you nor am i allowed to provide firearms. but least i can do is giv you this."

The man then took some Gas Mask and gave them.

Man," This mask is use in the Militery against poison gas and etc. so it would work perfectly in this condition. And this mask is definitely better than the one you are using. But the filter can only last 48 hours, so you'll need to change filter every 2 days. Our supplies of fileter will only be goming in a week so you guys only have about 2 days to get the supplies.. Good luck. and by the way, i'm Captian White. Christopher White.. "

Captian White then went back into the hospital while Kevin and the rest drove away.

Luke," Where we going now?"

Kevin," Call Martin."

Luke," (Martin)... Martin, So whats your plan now?"

Martin,"(Luke).. Lets go back home."

Luke,"(Martin).. You serious? kk.. Nevermind."

Luke," He ask us to go home 1st."

Kevin," OK then, I'm gonna stop for awhile, you go ask Martin and jey go with mel.. "

Kevin then stop at the side of the road. Luke then got down from the car and went towards Martin's car.

Martin," Why we stopping?"

Luke," Kev ask you all go with Mel."

Jey," Then this car?"

Luke," Just leave it."

They both then got out of the car and went to Mel's car. They then drove back home using the same way they came. Just as they expected, the zombies that was chasing them a while ago was still there.

Luke," Damn.. we should have just killed them just now."

And again they had to use the guns to shoot the zombies. And again Jey was Cursing the shotgun.

Martin," You do know you dont need to reload all 4 Shells to use the shotgun right?"

Jey," Huh? really?"

This time, Martin was there using the Mp5 to support from the back. They bang their way through the road and reach home 1 hour later. They parked their car and quickly took their things into the house.

Luke," Its already 7 P.m. ... that was big waste of time going and coming back from there."

Kevin," I dont care adi!! Im gonna go take a bath.

2 hours later, they sat down in the hall and ate some Magi Mee.

Jey," i'm getting fed up with this mee adi."

Mel," ANYWAY... Martin.. what are we gonna do?"

Martin," OK... 1st we need to get 3 trucks. Sarah, Mel and I will Drive since its Manual. We can get it from the factory down this area. Its near the short cut to Jey's house from here. Sarah will drive the 1st truck, 2nd Mel and 3rd I'll drive."

Jey," Oh, I know that place.. Yea they have many trucks there."

Martin," As i was saying, Kevin will ride on the 1st truck while Luke on the 2nd and Jey on the 3rd. From there we'll go a mall or something to get the stuff. I suggest we either go to 1o1 Mall or Sunroad Mall"

Jey," I think we should go to Sunroad. Because from there we can take the the direct route to Assunta hospital. And that route should be clear for us to go through since the virus started spreading on Friday night around 12 a.m thats the time where it has the list cars and all. "

Luke," Hmm.. You talking about the LDP right?"


Martin," OK then.. we'll go to Sunroad Mall to get the supplies. There are 3 main entrance from the front of Sunroad. Each Truck will go to 1 entrance. Sarah will go here while Mel here and i will go here." HE said as he point at the laptop screen where a pic of Sunroad Mall was.

Martin," Once we reach there, Sarah, you will cover the the 1st truck as well as that area. Mel you secure the 2nd truck while Jey, You secure the 3rd truck. Kevin, Luke and I will go and clear Mall. Make sure all phones are in silent mode but have you vibration on. Those securing the Trucks Make Contact to us every 10 minutes ok? Once we finish clearing the mall we'll call you guys ok?"

Sarah," why we have to secure the truck for?"

Martin," Lets say if things go out of plan, and that we all went in to clear but out numbered. And lets say as we run towards the truck and found more zombies coming from that area. ... ..."

Sarah," OK oK.. Forget i ask."

Martin," One more thing. We'll be leaving at 4 a.m. so yea."

Mel," 4???!! WHY!!!"

Martin," By the time we get the trucks and enter Sunroad, it would be 5 a.m. giving us 1 hour of advantage to clear the place. When Jey and I was in 1o1 Mall, we found out that the zombie cant see in the dark. They might be attracted by the sound from the gun but if they cant see they cant catch you."

Luke," But then we also wont be able to see right?"

Martin," Actually, 5a.m, the sun would start to rise. So we can see a little. But the zombie's eye ar'nt that sensitive, they cant even see clearly under the moon's light. So we much get up early. Anyway, once we get in The Mall, Kevin will follow me down to the lower ground floor and switch off all the power. Luke, you try and clear the lowest floor 1st. Once The power is off, We will clear the Lowest floor and make our way to the upper floor."

Kevin," Why not start from up? we would have a better adventage clearing from up."

Martin," hmm... ok Fine.. then you and luke go clear from up la.. i'll go down and turn off the power myself then i'll clear the lower area 1st. Os is everything ok?"

Mel," I guess so."

The next day,

0300 a.m.

Martin," Jey!!!!! GET UP!!!!"

Jey," Gwuaaaa....."

Luke," I hate waking up so early."

Sarah," Do I really have to go??"

Martin," Just shut up and get up la..."

0400 a.m.

Martin," Finally got you guys ready."

They quickly fill the clip with ammo and drove off to the factory. Upon reaching the factory, Martin and jey quietly got down and ran into the factory. After Making sure there was no one in the factory, they quickly search the rooms for the Keys. After a while, they found a room where the keys were. Martin took 3 keys and ran back out of the factory. While Jey went and open the main gate of the factory, Martin gave Mel and Sarah a key.

They got onto the truck the key was assign to and started the truck. Martin told them to not switch on the light as they drove thr truck. Sarah then Drove the truck out of the Factory while Mel and Martin followed behind.

Martin," Task 1 Accomplished."

Jey," Hope everything goes out well."

Martin," Yea.."

They then drove through the LDP and just as Jey said, the Road was almost empty. Soon they pass the toll and head towards the Mall. After a few minuted, they reach the mall and parked the truck with its back facing the entrance. Slowly Jey, Kevin and Luke started clearing the area around the entrance.

Jey," Area Clear."

Martin," KK.. "

Martin makes a call

Martin,"(Kevin)... Tell Luke, Its time to go recon."

to Be continued........