Saturday, May 5, 2012

NA ME 10. The Separation

Kevin," Captain, Where is my brother?"

Captain," He has gone away for 6 months."

Kevin," What?"


Kevin," What the hell you mean gone away? Where is he!"

Captain," They are heading to some rain forest. Come to my office and i'll explain the rest, too many eyes out here."

The guys then went to the office and shut the door. In there were 6 other guys in black suits.

Captain," Guys, meet the REAPERS. This is my black ops team, there is one more, but he is with Martin. Now, the reason why I sent Martin and Jey off is to help me spy on the US military force. To see that they are doing, planning, and aim of their operation in the forest."

Kevin," But aren't you from the US military force? why are you spying on your own people?"

Captain," We are from USSI, United Secret Special Intelligence. We were sent here for an undercover job to receive intel on what the US Force are trying to pull out. Do you know why i'm telling you such intel?"

Kevin," No, I don't really care. I just wanted to know why you sent my brother away and not you team.."

Captain," The reason I sent your brother is because my guys are too suspicious, especially when they were known for capturing the leader of the greatest terrorist group in Brazil. 8 Men took down almost 200 soldiers, an achievement never to be forgotten. Anyway, the main reason i'm telling you this is because we are appointing you as part of our team. We will train you, guide you, and keep you safe as long as you help us make sure nothing goes wrong in any mission."

Kevin," And if don't want to join the team?"

Captain," Well then, i guess you wont be able to help your brother if anything ever happens."

With deep breath Kevin looked at all the guys in the room.

Larry," I don't really know whats going on, but it sounds cool to me."

Captain," Well then, there is one more thing. One month from now, there will be 5 packages in metal containers place within 1km radius from here. I will need you to find it and retrieve it here. There are a few conditions, 1, during the search, no two of you may be in the same place. 2, you will have to bring the packages within 2 weeks. 3, you may discuss, plan, or work together only within this building. 4, friendly fire will not be tolerated. And 5, Don't die."

Kevin," How the hell are we suppose to find such thing in such a big radius?"

Captain," oh, I almost forgot, I will give you a device which can search about a 10-15 meter radius for the packages. oh, when i said 5 packages, i mean 1 from each of you. which include Luke, Cherrie, Mel, and that guy."

Larry," The name is Larry."

After the meeting, Kevin and Larry went back and told the rest about the news.

Luke," In a month? i don't think my leg will heal in time. Why are they rushing us in this?"

Kevin," I don't know. but this is the only way i can make sure I know whats going on with Martin."

Luke," Jo, he can take care of himself la. Stop worrying."

Kevin," Even though he is annoying, he is still my brother. I wont let anything happen to him."

Cherrie," Hey, do you think I'll be ok in time for the hunt?"

Kevin," I don't know. Since we will be splitting this time, I want you guys to be really careful. We don't know how many infected are out there, and we don't know how badly mutated are they. Next week I'm gonna drive around the place, see where is the safest and I'm gonna try to make a Safe-zone in each area. Larry, Luke, Mel, you guys are gonna follow me."

Mel," Okey... so how do we escape from the safe-zone?"

Kevin," I was thinking...  The sewage."


Martin," why are we stopping?"

Ghost," Shh.. not so loud."

A soldier," Alright!, you guy get down. Get whatever you can find useful or important from the warehouse. We have till morning so take your time."

     Martin, Jey and Ghost got down from the truck only to find themselves near a warehouse surrounded by trees and no roads. As everyone was entering the warehouse, Ghost pulled Martin and Jey back by the collar.

Ghost," From here onwards till this mission ends, every detail about yourselves should be hidden. Your name, age, birth place, family, connections, friends, everything. Never give your enemies a chance to destroy the lives of people you may know. Trust no one, not even me."

Jey," What? you want us to change our name and age?"

Ghost," I want you to change everything about yourself.  Hurry and give yourself a pet name."

Jey," Dammit, im bad at names... "
Ghost," If you don't think of one soon, i'll start calling you pussy."

Jey," What the Fu..."

Maritn," What about the name Azgard."

Jey," Azgard? Hmmm.. Sounds cool."

Ghost," What about you?"

Martin," I was thinking Artheus."

Ghost," What kind of name is that? You better remember that name! Make sure you burn that name deep into your head, never make mistake and never reveal yourself to anyone."

Jey," So Er... what are we looking for here?"

Ghost," Try to find anything useful. Knifes, blades, nails, and stuff."

Martin," anything else?"

Ghost," Hmm.. OK.. Er, Azgard, go find some metal pipes with a 2inch diameter. Artheus, bring me some Cleaning fluid with high concentration of sodium hydroxide and some anti burm gel with picric acid. Also find me some fuse wire, magnesium pipe and iron fillings."

Jey," What is it for."

Ghost," Haha, we are gonna make ourselves some pipe bombs. Think of it as your first lesson under me, and later, we are gonna make some really cool stuff."

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