Monday, December 20, 2010


Kevin," What the hell is this? You want Jey to what?!?"


Martin," I mean think about it... OK ok.. wait.. Let me tell you about the rest first."

Martin then took the notebook and pointed at Luke's name.

Martin," Look, the [point man] position. The captain says that its the most important position, and think about it, you know Luke longer than i did, you know how he fight during those gangster fights he used to had. He can take down 10 guys twice his size!! He is fast, strong and is fully alert of everything around him. I think he is perfect for this."

Kevin," Yea, i was thinking of the same thing."

Martin then pointed at Sarah's name.

Martin," OK. Sarah... She is though and good.. but, when things get serious, she panics easily. During hard time, she gets emotionally disturb. I don't know what will go through her mind if we let her out in the field. And so yea, i was thinking of putting her in charge of navigation, communication and our data manager."

Kevin," What the hell is a data manager?"

Martin," Er.. actually, i dont really know what they call it, but its the person who keeps all our data that we received as well as data we find and all. you know what i mean or not?"

Kevin," yea yea.. So Sarah will stay here and guide us during any mission and all la."

Martin," Exactly!"

Martin the points at Mel's name.

Martin," Hmm... for Mel, i was think of putting her as the suppressor.

Kevin," No, don't. Mel cant do that.Come on la, she cant even carry the shotgun properly. I need Mel for something else. Mel's job is almost the same as Sarah, Just that she will be in the field and that she will be receiving the data from Mel. Any new data, map, location and all will go to her. she will be our main navigator. And the suppressor thing you should put Cherrie."

Martin," OK ok.. so.. er... C.h.e.r.r.i.e as suppressor and M.e.l as navigator."

Once finished changing, Martin points his pen at Jey's name.

Martin," Jey, clumsy, slow and panics easily... But, he is a guy, willing to learn. Jey is a smart guy, he thinks fast and logically. he has that forensic feel in his character. All he need is just training. Give me 3 months and i can make him lose all the weight and with some help, we might even make him go beyond our expectation."

Kevin," You sure he can do it in 3 months? hmm... I'm not sure..."

Martin," Hey, Look, I know Jey better than you, ok. If you ask him catch a fish with a spear, he might not be able to do it but he will be able to make up a net and catch more fish than you can with a spear. Jey is able to apprehend and comprehend things. He can do it, just trust him."

Kevin," ok la ok la.. then let it be. Jey, an infiltrator. But i don't know what is the point of that though. We are fighting infected people, why do we need an infiltrator? "

Martin," Well then, that is the main thing the captain wanted. So its just left me. That i'll let you decide."

Kevin," Hmmm.. you forgot one more."

Martin," I did? what?"

Kevin," We need a sniper."

Martin," The captain dint say that."

Kevin," He dint, but he wrote it on a note and pointed out the door during the meeting."

Martin," Why do wee need a sniper for?"

Kevin," You are my backup. During any mission that requires entering places like building and all, your job will be clearing up the place from a distance. Oh, and I am putting you in charge of planning all the operation and dont worry. you wont be sniping most of the time, so you are gonna be leading the team during mission."

Martin," No no no no no. You are suppose to lead the team. "

Kevin," Yes, I will lead the team, but you will lead the operation. Understand?"

Martin,"Then what will you do during any mission?"

Kevin," I will do whatever i need to do and whatever i want to do. So dont ask me all that."

Martin," Why suddenly want me a sniper? and where the hell are we gonna get a sniper in the 1st place??"

Kevin," The captain will supply us for now. he is giving us weapons that were meant for his team, they wont be using it."

Martin," When did he say that?"

Kevin," Nah, read."

Kevin digs in his pocket and gave Martin a crumbled-up paper. Martin then opens and read it.

Martin," Supply of 2 M40A1 Snipers, 5 M-16, 2 revolvers and 3 magnum revolvers. 3 boxes of Rifle ammo, 12 boxes of submachine ammo, 6 boxes of magnum ammo, 6 bullet proof vest, a GPS, and some transmitter for communications. Waow.. Thats a lot of stuff. So who gets what?"

Kevin," The sniper is for you and me, M-16 for Luke, Jey, Cherrie and me. Revolvers for Luke, 2 Magnums for me, one for you, the others we will keep for emergency."

Martin," What about th-"

Jey," Martin!! Kevin!! Open the door!!.. Faster open!!"

Kevin," What what?"

Quickly Martin went and unlock the door. Just as Martin was about to open the door, Jey bang open the door shouting," LARRY is alive!!!".

Martin," What?"

Jey," Larry is alive! i was trying to call everyone on my phone list to see if anyone was alive.. but most of my calls were blocked and those that were within KL and Selangor kept ringing but no one picked up except for Larry."

Kevin," Go call everyone here!."

Martin ran can called Sarah, and Sofy. Jey went and woke up Luke and Mel. They then went to the Meeting room and sat down.

Kevin," Jey, try call Larry again and see."

Jey then takes out his phone and starts dialing Larry's Phone number. As soon as Larry picked up the phone, Jey switched on the Loud speaker."

Larry," ...... Hello?"

Luke," Larry? Eh where are you?"

Larry," Er... What? Who is this?"

Mel," Larry, Its us, Mel, Kevin, Luke they all!."

Larry," Oh.. er... hmmm.... i see.."

Martin," Larry, Martin here.. where are now?"

Larry," I am in my hostel right now why??"

Kevin," Larry, you ok or not? Are there any zombies out there?"

Larry, Yea yea im ok. There is *BANG*... oh shit... *wisper* Sry i can't talk now. I cant let them find me. *Screeching* .. oh shit... * Gwaa*.... "

Kevin," Larry what the hell was that?!? Larry!! Where is your hostel!?? Larry? LARRY!!? Shit.."

Kevin," Anyone know where is Larry's hostel??"

Jey," I don't think so, never really talk to that feller in a long time now.."

Kevin," Jey, don't call him now. If he is trying to hide from something, we should not do anything or it will make things worse. Call him tomorrow morning, if he picks up, we go find him. If he don't, Then there is nothing that i can do."

Mel," What you mean!! we should call him now can ask him!! come on la.. "

Luke," Mel, use your brains and think first. If we call him now, he will either not pick the phone or he would be cought by then. Please don't make things harder than it already is."

Kevin," OK ok.. everyone go sleep. tomorrow after 10.00am, we will call Larry every 30 minutes interval. I hope he picks up and I hope he's not sleeping the whole day."

Jey," Eh eh... i tell you ah. that feller very seldom onli pick up the phone wan la."

Martin," OK OK... I am Freaking TIRED right now. sooooo.... Im gonna go sleep 1st... Ahhhh... my muscle pain~! JEY!! wake me up tomorrow.. "

Martin then walks out of the meeting room and went to his room, he took off his shoe and jumped on his bed. After turning left and right a few times, he fell fast asleep.

Luke," Yea I oso tired actually. And yea, i really need to take a bath right now. Jey, don't forget to wake me up oso."

Sarah," I also wanna sleep now... wake me up also ah Jey.. Thanks.. *smiles*"

Mel." Thanks Jey!"

Quickly Mel and Sarah ran out of the meeting room.

Jey," WHat the Fudge!!!!! EH! Why must I wake you all up. I'm so not gonna wake you guys up!! "

4 April 2010. Sunday

The time was almost 12.00pm noon. Martin was still asleep while Kevin and Luke were keeping the food and water in the L2 (Food supply room). Mel was helping Sarah arrange some of the documents the Captain gave. Jey was in Cherrie's room calling Larry every half an hour interval.

Martin finally woke up. He took his phone and saw the time.

Martin," Oh SHIT!"

Martin jumped out of his bed and ran to the meeting room, Seeing no one there, he ran next door and saw Kevin and Luke hiding and eating chocolates at a corner.

Martin," What happened? Is Larry here or what?"

Kevin," Er... he havent pick up yet."

Luke," Jey is in Cherrie's room making the calls and we are not stealing chocolates."

Martin's heart was beating really heart that time thinking the they went and brought back Larry without him. He then slowly walk back to his room, he locked the door and took off his clothes and went to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and looked up as the water showered onto his face, he rub the soap with hand and then he rubbed his hands and his chest. The water was so cold but Martin just stood under the shower and tried to clear his mind. After a while, he sat down on the floor under the shower. 30 minutes later, he comes out of the bathroom takes a tower and wipes his face. He then kept looking around the room as he wipe himself, he wakes towards his bag took out some clothes and wore it. He walked towards the door, unlocked it, open and went to Cherrie's room.

Martin," Anything?"

Jey," Haiz... no.. the feller not picking up. Hmmm, you ok ah?"

Martin," Hmmm. Cherrie, hows your hand?"

Cherrie," Its O-k la... not much pain but cannot moved the hand too much lor."

Jey," Move not moved.. "

Cherrie," WHat ever laaaa.."




Jey," HUH? Hello?"

Larry," Eh you called me ah?"

Jey," LARRY! Why you din't pick up just now!?! Where are you!??!?"

Larry," Er. i just woke up.. i'm in collage la now Why?"

Jey," You Just what!? At least tell me your collage's BLOODY name LA!!!"

Larry," Er.. TAR-C"

Jey," OK OK!.. we coming to get you right now."

Larry," Riiiiiiiight..."

Jey turned off the phone and quickly went to Kevin's room. He told Kevin that Larry called and that he was in TAR-C. Kevin then called everyone to gather in the meeting room. Once everyone was there, Kevin told them all that Larry called.

Kevin," Ok, so now Jey Luke, Martin.. You guys follow me go bring Larry back. Mel and Sofy, you all go help cherrie la. Sarah! Go ask the captain if they have internet or anything, google the map and keep the walkie-talkie with you at all time. If we get lost, we will call you ok?"

Sarah," Ok."

Kevin," Oh and Sarah, give me your Shotgun and the vest. Mel, give yours to Martin. Eh Jey, Luke, don't take too much ammo with you. We have to save as much as possible. We are just gonna go in and get out straight with Larry."

The four guys then went to the next room (weaponry room). Martin took his bag from his room, went back to the weaponry room and put 5 clips of ammo for his MP5, and 4 clips for his pistol, he then went to his room again, put on the vest and the gloves and took his gas mask. Jey went into his room, took his bag and dropped all his things on his bed and just before he open the door and went to the weaponry room, he made a small prayer to life up his hope. he then threw is some shotgun shells, a few clips for his pistol. Luke took a few clips of ammo and kept it in the Pouch he always carry around. Kevin put on the the vest and took the shotgun shells and stuffed the pockets on his vest. He made sure both the shotgun was fully loaded and he took a few clips of ammo for his pistols and kept it in a small bag.

Once Kevin was done changing and packing his ammo, the took the team and went down to the ground floor. When they reached the front entrance, Kevin told then to wait as he made a turn to the left. he kept walking straight down the hall and made another turn to the right. He went to the 3rd room on the left knocked the door and entered the room.

Kevin," Hey captain, do you have any Cars? We found one of our friend was alive and we need to go get him."

Captain," Do I look like some Bull-assed car renter?"

Kevin," Do you have or not?"

Captain," Yea yea.. there is a car and 2 bikes outside.. Cant give the jeep, its a personal thing. Hahaha."

Kevin," Errr.... I'll just take the car and the a bike lah."

Captain," Ah.. Keep it. Its not like I'm gonna use it anyways."

The captain throws the Keys to Kevin. As soon as Kevin caught the keys, he quickly ran back to the entrance.

Kevin," OK! Martin, you can ride motorbike right? take the bike and go 1st. Come back to us the moment you see lots of those zombies. And don't do anything Stupid. Luke you drive."

Kevin then passes the Keys to Martin and Luke while they all put on their mask. Martin went out to see which bike the key belongs to and found a Sport-ish Black Toyota bike. He sat on it, started the bike and went off. Luke then went towards a Green Kancil and opened the door.

Kevin," What the hell. Of all things a kancil."

Luke," Eh! Dun insult the kancil. I Love kancil.. Especially my Betty."


Luke closed the door and started the engine, Kevin sat at the front seat while Jey went to the back. once all the doors are closed, Luke drove off like a mad man.

Kevin," Martin, hows everything?"

Martin," I'm speeding, the zombies can chase me.. oh and you guys should slow down near the highway. lots of cars there. Oh and keep to the right, the left area are totally blocked."

Kevin," KK"

And so they went on their journey to get Larry. Luke kept to the right but he did not slow down. Making sudden turns and stop, Jey was getting bang by the door and the driver's seat.

Martin," Luke, slow down... the red smoke here is very thick... seriously.. i almost bang a Lori. I'm gonna use a short cut"

After one of the junction, Luke started to slow down. The Red smoke was getting thicker and thicker. Luke was Driving at around 20 to 30 Km/hr just to make sure he doesn't bang anything. Kevin hold out his shotgun and look out the window. While Kevin was looking on the left side, Jey kept an eye on the right side. Suddenly a Zombie Bang the door on the right side while screaming. Jey Got to Shocked the he shot the zombie to the head through the window..

Jey," Go GO GO!!! FUDGE!!"

Luke then speed up the car.

Martin," Er... Kevin? i Think there is something wrong..."

Kevin," What? Whats wrong?"

Martin," There is no zombie here at all. I got try to press my hon, but still nothing."

Luke," Maybe theres no zombie la.."

Kevin," Cannot be, i remember some noise went we called Larry yesterday. In any case, Martin, Be extra careful."


(20 minutes later)...

Luke finally reached the collage. He parked the car at a corner of the building. The three of them then got down from the car. They slowly closed the door and tiptoed their way to a door in a small corner east side of the building. Luke slowly open the door and pointed his gun inside, Jey followed in while Kevin kept watch outside. While Jey was looking at the left side, Luke was looking around the right side. Kevin the closes the door and looks in front.

Kevin," Theres no one here."

Luke picks up a stone from the floor and threw it far in front of him, but there was still no sound and no one there.

Luke," Impossible, There no bodies on the floor."

Kevin," Martin, where are you?"

Martin," Shhhh..."


Martin got down from him bike near an apartment. He crouch and walked into the apartment. Quickly he pointed the gun to the left then to the right. Making sure there was no one in the ground floor, he tiptoed up the stairs to the second floor. He slowly open the door, peep into it to see if there was anyone then tiptoed around the place. After walking awhile, He heard something from a room near him. He slowly open the door and saw more than 50 zombies in there staring at the wall. Just as he was about to lift his gun to shoot, A hand grabbed him by the neck and another hand grabbed his mouth and dragged it out of the room. " Shhh..."

It was Larry! putting his finger on his lips, he slowly closed the door back. He took Martin and went to him room.

Martin," What the hell was that!!? Don't sneak on me like that!"

Larry," I had to, if not you would have been dead."

Martin," Kevin, I found larry. in the Apartment south east of the Coll. second floor, room number 16. Careful not to make any noise."

Kevin," Ok, coming now."

Kevin, Luke and Jey then slowly made their way towards the back door. They open the door and crouch their way to the apartment. Slowly they walked up the stairs and enter Larry's room.

Jey," Larry! you ok?"

Larry," Yea why?"

Luke," OK the place is too quiet. Lets get out of here now."

Larry," NO!."

Larry quickly went and lock the door. he then took a towel from on top of his bed and covered the space below the door. He shut his curtains and off the lights.

Luke," What the hell you doing!"

Jey," Larry, whats going on?"

Larry quickly ran toward a corner near his cupboard took a knife and sat on the floor.

Larry," Get down and hide!! Faster!!"

Jey," Larry! What is going oN!?"

Larry," They are coming."

Martin," What? what you say?"

Larry," They are coming (wisper)"

Kevin," Whos coming? Larry? Who is COMING?"

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